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Anne Frank was not only a Jew that had suffered in a war, but she was a writer, and her writing had inspired many people, and is always a big reminder of what happened during the Holocaust. Anne Frank could have lived like a normal young girl, surrounded by loving friends and family, but the only thing that stopped her from having such a life was the fact that she was a Jew. She was one of the many that went into hiding, one of the many that was discovered, and one of the many that died in the concentration camps, but was one of the few to have such writing talents, and show it to the whole world. This is what Anne Frank meant when she was talking about living after her death. Anne Frank was also an optimist. Despite the fact she was cooped up in an annex like an animal in a cage, and her rights taken away from her, she still believed that people were good. “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” The body of Anne Frank may be dead, but her writing stays alive, just as she had hoped.

Hans Christian Andersen #6

Title: Hans Christian Andersen, The Life of a Storyteller
Author: Jackie Wullschlager
Pages: 427

Rotation 6:
Hans Christian Andersen is the greatest human that ever lived on planet Earth. Instead of all the other writers that only wrote to adults he first able raised the level of literature a lot higher than it was at the time. He also focused on children and wanted them to start reading literature. Andersen spent most of his life on travelling and writing, he wrote about most of his travels as travelogues. He incorporated children to the world of literature by writing books for children so they could read for themselves and didn't need their parents to read it for them. The fairy tales he wrote was stories from his own life about events that happened. He was obtained in two orders, one by the king of Prussia and one by the king of Bavaria. He also became an honorary citizen of is hometown Odense.  

Walt Disney post 6 (final one)

Title: Walt Disney

  OK, so it is over. This is the last blog post this year. It has been quite an experience. I am glad that I chose Walt Disney because in my opinion he was a great person. He was a great person because he made a huge contribution to the world.   He made the lives of most of the population happier by making some of the best cartoons ever made. Also, he began with cartoons in black and white without sound and he ended up with color cartoons with sound. Walt received more Oscars than anybody else has ever received. He won 26 Oscars and he was nominated for 64.  The third reason he is the greatest is the is because he built and came up with the most famous amusement park which later, after he died turned into a chain of amusement parks. Yes, it was Disney Park.


Marie curie and her husband Pierre Curie have sacrificed their whole lived to help others and to the advancement of science. 
The young Manya Slodowska that was scared of presenting in class, became the first woman to:
  •  win a Nobel price 
  • the first woman to have a doctorate in France 
  • the first person to ever have two Nobel priced. 

She was a good mother, as she always did all she could for her children and a great scientist(Her daughter Irene got a Nobel Prize)
Without her thousands and thousands more people would die every year of Cancer and other sicknesses.  

Marie Curie showed all that one person could give to others. And especially how one woman could change the world.

Eileen ollins Post 6

Eileen Collins


About the video:

Pioneering astronaut Eileen M. Collins talks about her experiences as a rare woman in the Air Force, the good things and the difficulties of her job, NASA's lessons from the Columbia accident, and what she likes about space travel. Colonel Collins explains the distance from Houston to Mir in recounting scenes from her career. She projects the future of NASA, considering several possible space adventures from her travels, including space tourism and the interplanetary experience.

1. Persuade us to consider your figure as the “greatest” human being who ever lived.  Give is 3 reasons with evidence. Use persuasive language.

My hero is Eileen Collins. As a pilot, Eileen Collins has logged over five thousand hours in 30 different type of aircraft. She definitely had the qualifications of piloting the space shuttle. In the years between her acceptance into the astronaut program and her actual first mission, she was busy doing a lot of other crucial tasks for NASA. Initially assigned to orbiter engineering support, she also served on the astronaut support team responsible for orbiter pre-launch checkout, final launch configuration and landing and recovery systems. She also worked in Mission Control as a spacecraft communicator and served as the Astronaut Office Spacecraft Systems Branch Chief. Eileen Collins has wanted to be an astronaut since the age of ten. She accomplished her dream and in doing so accomplished the dreams of many other women and inspired young girls to dream the impossible. And now as she passes the torch to other women, she becomes and idol whose steps the future astronauts will follow. Colonel Eileen Collins is not only a hero for women but an American hero as well, and she will surely be recognized as one.

Lorenzo de Medici

(read book no heading)

By writing all these blog posts about my living history person it was to somewhat persuade my audience that this is the right person for me. All of the things he accomplished while leading his people too victory was just amazing. Something very persuasive he did was keeping peace within to states in Italy, which had a big feud for a couple of years until he came to ruling. Not only did he stop the people from fighting but by using his charm which went with his high voice (at least that's what I got from my source) people didn't even have problems with one another, at least nothing big that was recorded in history. At it lasted this way until his very death. As soon as he passed the two states that he so hardly fought for started their war once more, and even though he was great and magnificent for helping them his power was only alive when he was.

Not only did he do this but he kept on ruling after they planned a assassination plot against him taking the life of his brother. He did not back down but ruled fiercely righting any of his wrongs and making history

He also gave artist a somewhat home to where they also worked with the best tools arriving from different continents if needed.

I was suprised and a bit disappointed to report that I found very little quotes by this wonderful and great man

"How beautiful is youth, that is always slipping away! Whoever wants to be happy, let him be so: of tomorrow there's no knowing."
~ Lorenzo de' Medici

Helen Keller: Blog Post 6

Title: The Miracle Worker
Pages: None it is a movie
Genra: Biography

1.      Persuade us to consider your figure as the “greatest” human being who ever lived.  Give is 3 reasons with evidence. Use persuasive language.

Helen Keller was a strong, innovative, intelligent, courageous, determined human being who served as an inspiration to a lot of people. Helen Keller helped raise enough money to build schools to educate deaf, blind, and mute students. She wrote books to tell blind, deaf, and mute people that they are just ordinary people. She wrote books to tell people not to tease or hurt people who had disabilities because they were not any different from them. Helen made sign language better and easier to understand by re-doing it using her own ideas. If it weren't for Helen Keller, deaf and blind students wouldn't have as much education as they do today. Helen's life was so different from others but she accomplished so much.

Summary of Helen Keller The Miracle Worker Movie  
When Helen Keller was a young child, she contracted a high fever that left her sightless and unable to hear. Being the parents of a non-seeing and non-hearing child was a hardship on two loving parents who did all they could but seemed to do it in the wrong way. Out of desperation, they hired a young educator, Anne Sullivan, to teach and train the young Helen. Much to the parent's dismay, Sullivan was a strict and firm disciplinarian with the young, spoiled Keller girl. Sullivan and Helen Keller moved into a house not far down the lane from the main Keller house. There they began to develop a trust and relationship of love and respect for each other. This soon turned into an atmosphere that was ripe for learning without the interference of the Keller parents. Once Helen Keller began to put meaning with the finger spelling that she was doing, she began to learn many words at a rapid rate. Her world began to open and she was able to complete her education and continue advanced training at the university.

Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft in The Miracle Worker

Cleopatra #6

Persuade us to consider your figure as the “greatest” human being who ever lived.  Give is 3 reasons with evidence. Use persuasive language: 

Many people will disagree, but I will prove everyone wrong. Why wouldn't Cleopatra be great? She was a great emperor and a powerful woman for her time. Three main reasons why she was great are: First she was very beautiful but stayed well mannered and didn't use it for her own good. Second, she was a great emperor and helped Egypt and the Egyptian people and last she had good marriages and 4 children. Although she did so many things at the same time, she stayed strong and never give up no matter what she had to go through. That's why I think she is great. 
Title: Popular Mechanics
Author: Popular Science
Pages: 97
Genre: Science- Non fiction

Blog Post 6

Recently, I have been reading a magazine called “Popular Mechanics”. It is a magazine that discusses new interesting technologies and also inventions that people made on a tight budget. For example, they talked about a New York School that constructed a giant working airplane made of balsa wood and special papyrus. They also talked about a mechanic who worked at an auto shop and he managed to create the fastest go kart, which went over 100 mph.

1. Persuade us to consider your figure as the “greatest” human being who ever lived. Give us 3 reasons with evidence. 

Well there are many reasons why Charles Darwin deserves to be the “greatest” human being. The first thing that is a good reason was because he was not afraid to express his beliefs and thoughts. After doing his voyage on the HMS Beagle, he decided that the Anglican Church was wrong. The majority of English citizens are Christian. He knew that if he were to disagree with the Anglican Church, the majority of people would be upset with him since his thoughts and beliefs are against the Anglican Church.  Yet, he still was brave enough to stand up for his opinions. Many people in the world would not be brave enough to do this. The second reason he deserves the title the “greatest” human being, is because of his contribution to modern biology. Thanks to him, we know understand why and how animals change and new species develop over long periods of time. His theories and predictions of natural selection and evolution. Even up to today, 150 years later, we still believe and use the evolution and natural selection theories.  The third and final reason is because his many studies and research experiments helped humans better understand the biology and development and similarity of different animals. With Darwin’s evolution experiments , we now understand what and which animals evolved from each other.

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Enders Game/ Rachel Carson

Title: Ender's Game
Author: Orson Card
Pages: 324/324
Genera: Sci-Fi

I have just finished the book; Ender's Game. This is one of my favorite books because it was so exciting, interesting, and futuristic. This book takes place in the future where we battle distant life forms. In this book they were fighting the buggers. We being humans. Ender was trained to be the commander. He was being taught at command school even though he was only eleven. Then he trained his old friends from battle school in simulations. They were his squadron leaders. Ender's teacher told him one day if he won the battle all of his training was complete. The "simulation" was very unfair, it was one thousand buggers to one person, also they were fighting by the buggers planet, but what Ender did was he dodged every bugger ship to get to the planet and blew up what keeps them all alive. At this point Ender did not care about anything he was past his breaking point, he was insane, "Nights were so real that days began to seem dreamlike to him" (Card 283). During the night Ender could not escape his nightmare, and they were about to get even worse. Right after Ender's last battle, his teacher told him that that battle was no simulation. He said the last five days of simulations were actually real, he was fighting the buggers. His last battle was the last of the buggers, he killed them all. Others were happy, Ender went to his room and slept. He was in such poor health that he was in a coma like state which could have lasted months, he was not allowed to go back to earth because it would be to dangerous for him, even though he saved everybody's life. Instead Valentine took him to the planet that was once home to the buggers and made it their new home with some other people. At the very end of this book Ender finds and egg and inside is a bugger queen, however they are both calm. The queen forgave him since the humans were fighting back. Ender made peace with her and took her to a new planet were they could start over. Everybody was at peace. The end of this book was very creative, I recommend this book.

Rachel Carson

1.      Persuade us to consider your figure as the “greatest” human being who ever lived.  Give is 3 reasons with evidence. Use persuasive language.

Rachel Carson was a fighter. She fought sexism, business men, and the depression. Rachel was born in the May of 1907, during the early to later mid 1900s the world was still quite sexist towards women. However Rachel wanted her opinions heard. She wrote books and articles for newspapers and magazines. She would always sign it; R. Carson. She did not care about the credit she just wanted the world to know her perspective of different crises'. If her name was not signed as R. Carson, then people  weould have known it was a woman writing it and it would have already been thought of as some insane theory. Businesses men did not care about the earth they cared about the paycheck they got every week. Rachel fought to have their ways changed. Business men would promote the use of pecticides even though it was killing birds, because it meant more money. She got these pesticides banned. Rachel wanted to get a masters in college maybe even a doctorate, however she could not, when the depression came, she had to quit college for her family, she was the only person with the ability to make money, because everyone else who could, was dead. Rachel put everything else in front of her; her family, her friends, and most importantly nature. All of these reasons is what makes Rachel Carson "The Greatest Human Being".

This is a link to Rachel's obituary. I am going to make a newspaper for my display with this as the front page.

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Alex's Blog Post Week 6

The (Possibly Bias) Reasons that Stephen William Hawking
is the Greatest Human that Ever Lived (So far)

Quick, who is the greatest human that ever lived?
Nikola Tesla?

"He's just a physicist"                 "He only found out about black holes"
"He's more of a celebrity than a physicist"


Let's give you some examples of some of his accomplishments, so you can comprehend how great he is

48 Years living after his life expectancy and continues to this day
194 Publications that he has written/co-written
1000 Hours of studying at Oxford University
And that is lower than average, and he received FIRST CLASS HONORS DEGREE

Well, guess what? We're just getting warmed up. It's time to show you all the times he's been on T.V and who he's met.

That's right, Hawking met the President and got awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Yep, Stephen Hawking allowed the cast of the Big Bang Theory to gaze in his awesomeness

Stephen Hawking has been in several Simpsons Episodes to let people laugh at others

Stephen Hawking made his own T.V movie and was a part of Discovery's "I Love the Whole World" song


If you want to know more about this awesome human, look at the link below or search him up.

Blog Post number 6: Gandhi


   Rotation 6:

1. Persuade us to consider your figure as the “greatest” human being who ever lived.  Give is 3 reasons with evidence. Use persuasive language.

   I believe that Gandhi was one of the greatest humans who ever lived because not only did he accomplish things that were great for all human kind but he did it comming for a point of having no skills and no talent and struggling. For example when he was a kid he was so shy he could simply NOT talk to people and would often run home and he also couldn't sleep without a night light becuase he was teribley scared of the dark. Then he was a below average student becuase school came hard to him and he didnt understand much. Then he went to medical univeristy in India and he coudlnt understand the lessons so he dropped out. Then he went to England to study university to become a lawyer and then once he finished went back to India but couldnt find work becuase the law was different. Then after a while he went to South Africa becuase he got a job there and over time he slowly developed a good following of people and was barley a succcessful lawyer but he made a very good amount of money. But Gandhi never knew what to do with himself and was lost completly until aboutthe age of 30 when thr Gandhi that we all heard of today actually began to develop. Because of Gandhi not only is the world a better place but he has taught people a new way of fighting; by not fighting. He taught people that you CAN win with persistene and non violence and civil disobedicane. For example when the British put taxes on salt Gandhi took hundreds of his followers to the sea to collect their own salt and when he did this there was so much violecne from the british they would hit and hurt people and it would often end in death, but Gandhi and all his followers be peaceful the entire time and respectful and polite but they did not particiapte in any non violence and in the end he succeded. The final Reason I believe that Gandhi was one of the greatest people in the world is becuase he managed, one man, to free an entire nation with 1/6 of the worlds population from one of the greatest empires.

ORR #6: Eva Peron

Title: Evita: The Real Life of Eva Peron
Evita: The Real Life of Eva Peron
The cover of the book I have read.
Author: Nicholas Fraser
Genre: Biography
Pages: 198

The story begins in a dusty village lost in the Argentine pampas, where a girl, born out of wedlock, scrambles her way to the capital city of Buenos Aires by the time she is fifteen. It ends with the embalmed corpse of Eva Peron being hidden away by nervous politicians for fear that if the working people of Argentina knew where it was buried, it would inspire them to revolt. In between Eva Peron first became the actress Eva Duarte, then the love interest of Juan Perón, then, in October 1945 after the "shirtless ones" had swept Peron into office, the president's wife. In the colorful, setting of postwar Argentina, she wielded a power--spiritual and practical--that has few parallels outside of hereditary monarchy. She was literally idolized by millions but was hated and feared by many as well. She became Evita, the legend. 
Eva and her husband Juan Peron
Why is my figure the "greatest" human being that ever lived?
Eva Peron was so famous that her legacy has extended even to today. In Argentina, masses are still celebrated for their famous leader, although she was never official designated as a Catholic martyr. And throughout the world, Eva’s legacy is being carried on by a famous musical, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, and a new movie, which can still be found in some theaters. Although Eva Peron has been called the most powerful Latin American woman of her time, perhaps ever, many people in North America and Europe had never heard of her. In 1973, renowned lyricist Tim Rice, already famous (and rich) from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, was included in this group. Then, one day, Tim Rice happened to be listening to a BBC broadcast while driving his car, which was a radio show on Eva Peron. Since nothing else was on of interest, he listened to the program, and became fascinated by what he heard. He wasn’t sure, but  e thought there was a chance for the story of Evita to be made into another musical. Rice’s next step was to call his old friend, Andrew Lloyd Webber. The two began to work on the musical. The musical opened in London in 1978, despite all the political controversy. Many people questioned the choice of writing a musical about Eva Peron, who was compared to Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. Yet through all the controversy about the subject matter, the reviews of the play itself, and especially the music, were fabulous. When the musical traveled to Broadway, with the opening in September of 1979, the political controversy which had so racked the London stage was prevented. Hal Prince, the director, persuaded the authors to play up the part of Che, Evita’s main counterpart. With her infamous opponent playing a part as important as hers, critics could no longer claim a problem with politics behind the play. Still, some scenes from the musical are touchy. As one person described, the first act ends with a “scene suggestive of one of Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies, in this instance presided over by a beaming Peron”. Still, even with all the controversy, the musical became famous, and can still be found on stages around the world today. She was pretty, famous, and did good during her all-too-brief life, and she remains a legend. 

Jane Goodall 6

Persuade us to consider your figure as the “greatest” human being who ever lived.  Give is 3 reasons with evidence.
Jane Goodall is one of the greatest humans who ever live on this planet. She has all the characteristics required to be considered as a great and wonderful person.She is loving, kind, loyal, honest, and very smart. She didn't just invent something, but she did much more. She cared for chimps, and offered them love just because she wanted to to and felt like they deserved it. No one forced her to do it, and she wasn't doing it for money which really matters. Apart from this she showed how smart she is to the world when she made huge discoveries about chimps which changed the perspective of chimps for people all around the world, as well as scientists. Some of her discoveries weren't discovered by any scientist before her. Jane Goodall spent so many years of her life devoted to making those discoveries and providing love and care for them. To add more to her greatness, she wasn't don't after her discoveries, she continued changing the world. Now she goes around the planet to many countries teaching people all around the world about the chimps, and how saving their environment is vital fro their surviving. She also wrote many books for all ages so that not only adults know about her journey. Lastly she created a Jane Goodall institute where young people who care about he environment an saving chimps get to do what they love, which is exactly that. That is why Jane Goodall should be one of the greatest human alive, for all her accomplishments and care. 

Title: The women who redefined man
Author: Dale Peterson
Pages: 232

“When Louis Leakey first heard about Jane Goodall’s discovery that chimps fashion and use tools, he sent her a telegram: Now we must redefine tool, redefine man, or accept chimpanzees as human.” However when Jane made her first appearance at a conference, she was very shocked by the reaction she got from a chairman to not be taken in by her glamor. Apparently, she was too young, too blond, too pretty to be a serious scientist, and she still had no formal scientific training. However she no one could tell her what to do, not even Louis Leaky because no one before her made a study about chimps which lasted that long. Dale Peterson shows how amazing Jane Goodall is and how it was impossible to do what she did until she came along. He doesn’t only talk about her discoveries, but how she changed the style of studying animal behavior.