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The Horse Whisperer

                                     Title: Horse Whisperer
                                     Author: Nicholas Evans
                                    Number of Pages: 479

This story is about the love between a girl and a horse. However, not just love, but denial, refusal, desperation, losing stability, trust, and through painful learning and recognition, finally regaining it all.
But it is also the story about the motherly love and endless patience. It is a complex account of life in, often, unpredictable and confusing circumstances, when difficult decisions and changes are to be made in order to protect beloved ones and keep the family together.

Grace, the main character, had an accident  when Pilgrim, her horse, got scared  on the road. That resulted in her having a broken leg, and being in coma for two weeks. Although she was aware that the horse got scared of the truck and it was not its fault, she was blocked  and could not ride him any-more. Since Pilgrim became a very hostile and they could not sell it, the only remaining solution turned out to be getting  rid of him. However, Grace's mother Annie, realised that if she go rid of the horse, she could lose her daughter too. Both Pilgrim and Grace had survived, but neither of their souls were ever the same.
Annie realised that she and her Grace didn't get on as well as Grace and her father did. Annie had felt very sad about that,  so she needed to help her daughter.  They moved to another part of the country where she found a specialist for troubled horses called a horse whisperer. However the guy Annie found just couldn't understand the state of the horse. It turned out to be a very difficult task as Pilgrim kept on rearing and shying as if it had never been ridden before.  There was a danger that it could hurt other horses, or even people, so it was kept in the stable all the time. This was so bad, that even the vet who saved Pilgrim's life regretted that he ha done that. However, Tom, the horse whisperer, knew that the only way to help the girl was by helping the horse.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Title: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
# of pages: 391
Genre: Science Fiction

Katniss sit in the woods and thinking about the Victory Tour she going on with Peeta. She wants to forget about the Hunger Games, so she hunts for Gale and his family, but now when she have to go on the Victory Tour she will get reminded of everything again. When Katniss is on her way back, she stops by her old house before she goes to her Mansion in the Victor's Village. She then walks over to Haymitch to make sure that he is a bit sober and ready for the tour. Peeta arrives with some bread and they all share. They talk about how Katniss and Peeta have to be in-loved again. After a few hours Katniss walks home and she notice her mom is acting weird until she finds out that President Snow is in her house.

"A small, white-haired man who seems vaguely familiar is reading a book. He holds up a finger as if to say, 'Give me a moment.' Then he turns and my heart skips a beat. I'm staring into the snakelike eyes of President Snow."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Amber Spyglass

Title: The Amber Spyglass
Author: Philip Pullman 
Genre: Science Fiction

In The Amber Spyglass Mary Malone finds her way into a very different universe from either ours or the universe of Lyra. This universe is inhabited by a sentient race called the mulefa, who are very different in appearance and society than humans. They have no spines, and are diamond shaped. They have a long trunk which they use to manipulate objects, and also to communicate. They seem to live in a pre-tribal setting, with a low technology level and tight-knit communities. They also have a very well-preserved history, however, which appears to be orally passed down. It seems to go back about 33,000 years, to the time when Dust first began interacting with races throughout the universes, giving rise to modern consciousness. They seem to have a very positive interaction with the Dust, with no Magisterium or similar body that is subject to the Authority appearing within their society. They have their own version of the story of Adam and Eve, but rather than viewing it negatively as an expression of First Sin, they see it positively. Perhaps because of this relationship to Dust, or perhaps for another reason, they are able to see the Dust with their naked eyes, and are able to tell Mary about it. Originally, Mary did not set out to build the amber spyglass. She first tried to build something that would help capture the Dust and save the giant trees that the mulefa had noticed were dying. She made a sheet of lacquer from the sap of the trees, and happened to notice that when two of these sheets were held a distance apart and coated with oil from the trees, the Dust could be seen through them. The oil itself seems to have some sort of a relationship to the Dust, as the mulefa use it as part of their relationship with the seed pods from the giant trees, which seem to be their equivalent of daemons or souls. Once Mary has discovered this use for her sheets of lacquer, the mulefa help her make a bamboo tube to mount two sheets in, resulting in the amber spyglass itself. The amber refers to the color of the lacquered sap, and not to literal amber. Mary goes on to use the amber spyglassto study the Dust and to determine that it is leaving the world. Both the alethiometer and Aesahaettr, the golden compass and subtle knife that give their names to the first two books, require a particular state of mind to be properly used. The mind must be allowed to drift slightly while focus is retained, in what is called negative capability. Theamber spyglass, however, does not require any special mental state. Simply looking through theamber spyglass allows Dust to be seen. However, if negative capability is used, the user’s consciousness leaves the body and goes into the Dust itself, allowing the user to actually experience the Dust more viscerally. The quote that I found very interesting was: “All the history of human life has been a struggle between wisdom and stupidity.” I think that this quote means that a very powerful and convincing, yet stupid person can overcome the wise ones whose ideas are accepted when the stupid person fails. 

Pretty Little Liars Series

Title: Pretty Little Liars
Author: Sara Shepard
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller and Romance 
This book is about a group teenagers who were once best friends. It's about Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, and Spencer Hastings who were best friends until their leader Alison DiLaurentes  was murdered. Since then, these girls were keeping their distance, they weren't best friends anymore, until, three years later, annonymous texts came from somebody known to be "A". This person threatens to expose all their secrets, even the long-hidden ones they thought only their best friend Allison knew. Spencer Hastings is an extremely competitive girl who strives for perfection in everything she does. A high-strung over-achiever, Spencer is willing to do whatever it takes to win, often to the detriment of herself and others. She is often quick to jump to conclusions. Spencer was half-sister with Alison and Courtney DiLaurentis, her father had an affair around the time of Spencer's conception; her parents divorce when the affair comes to light. When she attends a summer program at Penn to improve her GPA, she becomes addicted to speed, leading her to frame a friend for possession in order to get admitted to Princeton. She experiences hallucinations and paranoia while suffering from withdrawal and guilt over her actions. Hanna Marin is a pretty, popular girl who struggles with both bulimia and anorexia due to insecurities about her appearance. Occasionally air-headed, Hanna often acts purely on impulse. In Alison's absence, she became best friends with Mona, not knowing that Mona was "A". Hanna's parents divorced when she was younger, after her father had an affair. Hanna dislikes her father's new wife, Isabel, and her daughter, Kate, with whom she forms a rivalry. For a short time Hanna is sent to a mental institution, her father believing her eating disorders would resurface due to stress. Hanna is involved in a car accident, which leaves another girl badly injured; she covers up her involvement with the help of the Liars. Aria Montgomery is an artistic, independent girl whose family moved back to Rosewood after her father took a three year move in Iceland. Prior to Alison's disappearance, Aria became aware that her father was having an affair with a student of his (Meredith); having promised to keep it a secret, she is kicked out of the house after the first "A" reveals the affair to her mother. Her parents divorce and Aria's father marries Meredith, and she becomes pregnant. Aria often feels out of place in Rosewood and tends to be attracted to older, more worldly men, which frequently causes conflicts for her. After a near-death experience, she is overcome with guilt and decides to confess to accidentally killing Tabitha (unaware she was not responsible for Tabitha's death). Emily Fields is a dedicated swimmer and a shy girl with a sweet personality. She is bisexual, a fact which she takes great pains to hide until she is outed by the first "A". Although at first her parents make attempts to "de-gay" her, they eventually come to accept her. Best friends with Alison, Emily was also in love with her, which caused her great anguish and continuously affects her judgement in the present, as she had loved "both" Alisons. It was revealed in Twisted that she had hidden an accidental pregnancy from her family, giving her child up for adoption though she later confesses the truth to her parents. She receives an academic scholarship to attend UNC. Alison is an extremely popular, beautiful, and cruel girl. Alison is best friends with Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna, and in one way or another, she learns all of their deepest secrets. She often used the girls' secrets against them in order to keep them in line, along with "The Jenna Thing", making them promise to never tell anyone what really happened. Alison mysteriously disappears one night at a sleepover, at the end of seventh grade. Three years later her body is finally discovered buried under the gazebo on her family's former property, launching a murder investigation. It is revealed in Wanted that the person the girls had all been friends with back in seventh grade was in actuality Ali's secret twin sister, Courtney, and that the real Alison had murdered Courtney for stealing her identity. Finally, "A" is The main antagonist of the series. A is privy to the Liars' deepest and darkest secrets and uses these secrets to exact revenge on the Liars for (often) perceived wrongdoings. There are three different "A" characters throughout the series. The first "A", Mona Vanderwaal, was able to discover the Liars' secrets by reading Alison's old journal. During a physical confrontation with Spencer Hastings, Mona was pushed over the edge of a quarry and died. The second "A" is the "real" Alison DiLaurentis, who was sent away to a mental hospital in place of her twin sister, Courtney. She later dies in a house fire, while attempting to kill the Liars. A third "A", whose identity is currently unknown, begins tormenting the girls following an incident in Jamaica during spring break, prior to the events of Twisted. My favorite quote from this book is one of "A's" texts to them: “She knew too much. -A” this text was sent when Hanna was in a car accident, she was very close to finding whose "A" but "A" set up a car crash for her and al most killed her. 

Fly Girl

Author: Sherri L. Smith
Genre: Historic fiction

The book Fly Girl is very interesting. The main character Ida Mae Jones is a tough girl who just wants to fly. Just recently in the book Ida had heard of an academy that trains female pilots. Ida did not have a license so she forged her fathers into one. Ida knew the one thing that might be the difficulty in getting accepted was that she was black, but she still had lighter skin. She chose to act and dress like a white woman and it worked. I see a women named Pasty making her way to being one of the main characters. She is a very nice and cheerful person. Ida's mother was worried about Ida coming she said, "'You might be able to fake white, but you can't fake being a pilot'" (Smith 17). I thought this book was turning out to be focused on women's rights but it is not. I think it is showing how people of different races being treated differently.

Mr Stink week one

  Title: Mr.Stink
Author: David Walliams
Genre: Comedy
Pages 62/267

  I started reading a new book. It is a hilarious book. It is about a twelve year-old girl Chloe. Chloe has no friends at school. At home she has to live with her strict and crazy mother, her 10-year old sister Annabelle which tells on Chloe for something Chloe hasn't done and a father who is not interested in anything but is also bothered about his wife.
    In the same town there is a tramp. His name is Mr.Stink. Mr.Stink has not washed himself for 10 years. That's why he is called Mr.Stink. He has no home and lives on a bench at a park. Also, he has a dog called Duchess. She is not as stinky as Mr. Stink but is still stinky.
    Chloe and Mr.Stink don't know each other. Chloe saw Mr.Stink a couple of times passing the park. Her mother forbid her to talk to strangers. Especially stinky ones. Then one day Chloe was alone and decided to approach Mr.Stink. She offered him five pounds but he rejected. Chloe became sad. She asked him if there is a way she can help him. Mr.Stink admitted that he would not mind sausages. Chloe said she will make that happen.
  Dinner time came. Guess what they had, sausages. Chance. Actually, they were not supposed to have sausages that day but dad bought them instead of sea-food which Mother ordered to be bought. Neither Dad or Chloe like that. Chloe decided to hide a couple of sausages and take them to Mr. Stink afterward. Unfortunately Annabelle saw that and told Mother immediately. Mission failed. Luckily, there was a moment that night when she was alone in the kitchen with Dad. He bought another packet of sausages and hid it from mum.
  She took the sausages next morning to Mr.Stink. He and Duchess ate everything in delight and even asked for more, It was time for Chloe to go to school. That day she couldn't focus at all at school. After the final bell rang she ran straight to Mr. Stink. They had a nice chat, Then she looked at the watch. It was four o'clock. Her mother commanded that every day, even on holidays 4 pm to 6 pm was study time. She was dead.

  On her way there she decided to stop at a candy shop and buy chocolate bar. She was obsessed with sweets, The shopkeeper there was a kind man, so she asked him for advice. She asked if you have a friend which is a tramp would he hang out with it. The shopkeeper answered he would.  Chloe started home again. When she came home, her mother started shouting at her right away. She found her maths notebook. It was supposed to be filled with equations and problems but because math was Chloe's least favorite subject it was filled with drawings and stories.

The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins
Pages: 374

Quote:" Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor."

The Hunger Games  is a book about a 16 year old girl called Katniss Everdeen who loves in District 12. Every year there is a 'game' called Hunger Games where 2 people, one male and one female, are chosen to take part and represent their district. The capitol created this games to take revenge on when the districts rebelled and they destroyed the 13th one. The purpose of these games is to have only one survivor. This year, Katniss's small sister, Prim, is chosen to take place but Katniss volunteers instead of her. Her partner is called Peeta Mellark and he doesn't like him that much but they need to act that they are in love. Throughout the whole book it shows how they survive in the arena, how Peeta was part of the 'carriers'. A team in the arena that tried to kill everybody but Katniss turn out to be smarter than them and kills them all except Peeta. At the end Peeta and Katniss are the only ones left so they decided that they would both die by eating poisonous berries but the Game Master decided that they could but be winners since they are from the same district.

I really love this book. I first watched the movie and then read the book. It is very interesting and it has great description. I really like Katniss's character because she can be very nice but very mean and sneaky from time to time

I know what you did last summer

Lois Duncan
198 pages

Quote: "Well, Mum blamed herself for that. Davy was spending the night with a friend a couple of miles from here, and he and the other boy had a fight. Davy called Mum and she said he wanted to come home and she said no, she wouldn't go pick him up" Morgan to Julie

I finished the book called I know what you did last summer and I think the ending was very intense. It turns out that they ran over a little kid that was riding on his bike and was on his way home. From the part that I left the book,  a new guy moved to the apartment building where Helen lives and they became friends. One night, Barry dies on the field of the University he was going to, when someone shot him. Everybody thinks it is the same person that sents them the letters. Meanwhile Helen went to visit him to the hospital and his parents didn't allow her to go and see him because they think she was the reason that we went on the field. To see her, but it turns out it wasn't her who called him. After that shocking event, Julie and Ray went to visit the child's parents but they just saw Gregg's sister called Megan. Julie starts a talk with her with her and she finds out that her mom is in the hospital ever since the accident and her dad is staying with her for company so she is always alone. When she told Ray these things, he didn't believe it because as he went to look around the house there were many man clothes that were too big for tiny Megan.

This is what happened at the last part of the book but I don't want to spoil it for those who want to read it. It is a very well written book, has very nice descriptive words that 'put you into' the story. I would recommend this book to people that like mysteries. 

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Alex's Blog Post Week 6

Title: Slawter
Author: Darren Shan
Pages Read: 256/256
Genre: Horror, Adventure, Action

Slawter is the third book in the Demonata Series, going back into the mind of Grubbs from the first book. The setting starts off a year after the first book, at his Uncle's large house.

Grubbs is helping his Uncle recover from a mental battle with the Demon Lord, Lord Loss. The battle left him with nightmares and sleepwalking that made him start summoning demons. However, Grubbs has always stopped him before chaos and death came along.

Enter a filmmaker

This filmmaker wants Grubbs and his Uncle to help with designing Demon Costumes, and their help specifically because the Uncle is known for demon drawings. She doesn't know that these are based on real demons, but the realism is what is apparently needed in her upcoming movie "Slawter". They begrudgingly accept the offer and end up going to a remote area where there is a large set and studio. They notice a heavily guarded warehouse, but they decide it's not a priority to explore. They have fun and film and stuff until the first demon scene. Now, no one has seen the costume being made or designed, they have only been told it looks, smells, and sounds like a real demon. Not even the actors in the scene are aware of what the demon looks like. When the scene starts, everything goes to plan. Until the demon appears. The demon is so horrifying and the "effects" so real that everyone pauses for a minute while the effects die away. Now, this wouldn't be as horrifying until something happens on set. No one can find the actor that got "killed", and there is no reply on his cell phone. This makes Grubbs believe that the demon was real and everyone mocks him for it. After that, people start disappearing without a trace

Wanting to get to the bottom of everything, he decides to sneak into the ware house; two of his friends join in, and he finds that he can use magic. He uses his new-found power to sneak in, dissolve walls, and hack into computers until he gets to the middle of the warehouse. They all go down a little lift to a massive cave. Here, they find all the people who have gone missing; dead. They all have holes melted in their back and they surround a stone in a perfect stone. After an encounter with a demon (Grubbs uses magic to kill it), they go back up to the set to warn his Uncle. A de-breifing on the situation later, they decide to escape the set. Then, after a very weird series of events later, they find that the stone underneath will be used to open a portal that will let a ton of demons come in and kill everyone on the face of the planet. They then realize that everything since Grubbs wanting to solve everything, everything has been a "server" dream where several people can be put into the same dream. They all wake up and realize that while they have been dreaming, the evil plan has gone ahead and the portal is about to open. What happens next? READ THE BOOK :D

Pretty Little Liars book 12 Burned

 Pretty Little Liars: Burned
Sarah Shepard
Genera: fiction/thriller
pages: 336

"Hannah Marin got in a crash 
Moved a girl to cover her ass
Hannah Marin fled the scene 
But someone saw it all----me

This is a quote that was in the book that I read of it so far. The reason I chose this novel is because it sounds very cool, but it also represents how A really know everything about them, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Every detail about their lives, from their deepest darkest secrets, to their grades.

What this book is about is 4 girls who have their own person stalker-- and not in a fan sense. These girls are all the begging of collage now, most of he books took place in high school, but when they were in 7th grade their best friend Ali was murdered. The murder wasnt solved until years later. However the thing was it wasn't Ali who got murdered it was her twin sister Courtney. Courtney was actually a little bit menatlly ill so her parents kept her a secret from society, but what Courtney one day did is she convinced her parents that she was Ali and from that moment on, their places were swapped so Courtney was actually the girl was their "best friend" The fake Ali was actually a mean popular girl who wasnt that nice to the girls either, that is what I said "best friend" apposed to best friend. The one day the real Ali comes back and wants to get revenge on the girls and trys to burn them in a house, but doesnt succeede and ends up killing herself. But there were no ashes of hers found or anything which was suspicious. Then the girls all went to Jamaica for a Holiday and accidently killed a girl names Tabitha Clark. She looked unbelivabley a lot like Ali and sent so many messages saying she could be she lead the girls to belive she was and then on a boat Ari pushed her off the edge and she died. They realized it was actually not Ali and now live under that shadow, and of course, A knows about it. Then it goes to the 12th novel. So far in this novel at the begining Hannah Marin was out in the town and went into a bar and met a girl Madison. Hannah lied bout her name and age and where she lives becuase she didnt know this girl. However Madison got so drunk Hannah decided to drive her home. On the way they got in a car crash. Hannah with the help of her friends, Ari, Spencer, and Emily moved her into the drivers seat and feld the scence. The reason they did this is because the police dont like these girls very much. They had a previous A who was actually Hanahs best friend Mona, who actually drove herself off a clif, but when the girls told the police about A and whenever they suspected they saw Alis killer before the case was solved, they were proven wrong, or something about them came up, and they looked silly and foolish, hence their nickname, the pretty little liars. Now that they are on a summer collage cruise A is tormenting them again and the girls are afriad their going to die one day becuase of all this. This is only a little bit I could write about the book there are a lot more unwrittten dramas in then and they are very interesting and good. I really love these books!

Lovely Bones

Lovely Bones
Alice Sebold
40 pages of 328 pages
Graphic Fiction Novel

Quote from the book: “Nothing is never certain.” This quote is mentioned throughout the book. The police officers say it to the parents of Susie Salmon, the girl that got murdered, when they find her elbow and her school textbook. Susie Salmon’s father says it to her mother, and that is what Susie Salmon’s family holds on to, until it is proven that Susie got murdered. Because this book is a lot about death and dying, this quote really suites the book, because nothing is certain when you die. No one knows what happens when your heart stops beating, although people have their theories.

What happened until now: Susie Salmon, a fourteen year old girl, was walking through a corn field on her way from school back home. It was snowing and really cold, and when Mr. Harvey, the guy who lived next to the cornfield, asks her if she wants to see the cave he built, she gladly accepts the offer. What she doesn’t know, is that she will never leave the cave alive again. Mr. Harvey rapes her, and brutally murders her after, by cutting off limb by limb. A dog from a neighbor finds her elbow, and that’s when the investigation around her murder begins. Susie can watch everything from her heaven, where she had everything she desired, except her friends and her family. Susie sees how Mr. Harvey gets rid of her body, but how he leaves a mark on the garage floor, because her blood is leaking out of the cloth bag; she sees how her sister and her family hold on to the thought that “nothing is certain”, because her body wasn’t found, and how they mourn over her, and how they slowly try to get rid of things that remind them of her.            
While on earth the investigation doesn’t move forward a lot, Susie discovers more and more things about her heaven. There is a school, that only teaches art, music and cooking, and there are dogs everywhere. There is always a scent in the air, smelling like a skunk, because Susie liked that smell on earth. She found a friend in heaven, and there is an older woman who cares for them. If she wants anything, she just has to think of it and she will get it, except bring her back to life or make her be able to talk with her family.

This book is very interesting so far, and I know that it has a graphic ending, although I don’t really see how, because the bad thing, her murder, already happened. There is a movie about this book too, and I would love to see it because the book sounds so great already, so the movie should be great too. Thumps up!

The Chase

Author: L.J Smith
Pages: 305
Genre: Fiction, horror.
In this book which is the second of The Forbidden Game trilogy, Jenny and is true and that she was killed by a dark man, a demon. They are also all looking for the game box that got stolen the night they entered the game, because it contains Julian, the demon that is crazily in love with Jenny and whom is very dangerous. Other wise Jenny's life is quite miserable as her boyfriend, Tom, is sure that she loves Julian and that her and her friends keep on having weird things happening to them as nightmares, phone calls, animals passing through legs when everything is dark. Finally the truth comes, during the Senors' prom, julian reappears explaining that the knew game is the monster and the lamb. He slowly kidnapps Jenny's friends one by one until she finds his den and attempts to save her friends. Will she succed ? Will everyone survive? Will Julian give up? Here is a quote to give you a hint : “You see how it is with us? You can't fight it any more than I can. You've tried; you've done everything you can to kill it. But you can't kill my love for you.”

This week :-)

Pages read: (I don't know probable over 100)
What I read: My moms paper for her masters, My book report essay, My book report brochure, My pearl essay, my One World essay and my sisters One World essay. 

Last week has been very stressful. We, (the hole 8th grade) have been studying for our final tests, finishing our final projects and essays before the brake. 

Last week I read a lot of things, but the two most interesting things to me that I read were my moms and my sisters essays. 

My sisters and my essay had the same topic. Plastic in the environment. Plastic island. When I read her essay, it was almost the same as mine, but mine was much more detailed and in depth into the topic. She basically covered all of the basics. 

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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a book while it is also a TV show. First I watched the TV shows and it was so good that I wanted to read the books as well.

Pretty Little Liars is the launch of yet another series about pretty, privileged girls who do all sorts of naughty things. This book has a mystery at its heart. A former friend disappeared one night before the start of eighth grade. Ali's disappearance gives readers something to guess about in between the protagonists' student-teacher scandals and bouts of bulimia. The book basically revolves around the 4 main characters; Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer. All girls were like sisters to Ali who disappeared one summer. The girls have had trouble letting Ali go mostly because there is someone out there who knows all their deepest and darkest secrets and will not let them forget what they did in the past. The girls grew up together and have done many unforgivable things and for some of them they might even have ended up in jail. Through the series the girls get clues that might lead them to their blackmailer so they can finally let go and truly live their life. However every time they get closer the 'A' (their blackmailer) is one step ahead and makes the regret everything they did. Their famous quote is, "Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret." That quote is always somehow proven to be true throughout the series. I love this book and want to read it over and over again. The series are amazing as well but the book is just outstanding.

Ithaka : Final Post

Title: Ithaka
Author: Adèle Geras
Genre: Historic Fiction, Romance
Number of Pages: 360

After talking with Ikarios, Klymene finally decided to speak to Penelope. Klymene said that she saw Penelope with Leodes. Penelope said please keep the secret because if Telemachus finds out, he's going to come back to kill her. Penelope also likes Leodes but she is afraid that if she marrys Leodes Telemachus is going to kill both.

Later, Klymene met Mydon at the seashore. They both were really pleased to meet each other. After that, Klymene brought Mydon to the palace to introduce him to Nana, Klymene's grandmother.

When Ikarios was working at the wood workshop, Amphimedon came for firewood and he ordered Ikarios to leave. He did what he told to. Ikarios knew that they are going to discuss something secret, and decided to eavesdrop.  They were planning to ambush Telemachus's ship, the Sea-nymph when the ship comes back to Ithaka. Right after that, he told their evil plan to his sister.

Telemachus was on his way to Ithaka. While sailing, he noticed a white owl on the top of the sail. The captain said its a bad luck, but Telemachus knew that was a sign of Pallas Athene. Suddenly, pirates came across. It was a ambush. But, the wind blew the pirate ships away. Once again, Telemachus knew that Pallas Athene was protecting him and safely returned to Ithaka.

At the other side of the island, mysterious man came to the island. He was protected by Pallas Athene. He discovered some clothes at the cave and disguised as a beggar. Telemachus and Mydon met the beggar  at the farm asking if Eumaeus (the farmer) is here. "Eumaeus pointed at the beggar and tried to speak. His words came out as though something in his throat had torn them into rags. "Don't you see? It's him! It's your father, Telemachus. . . Odysseus. Your father. . . Your son. . . Can't you see? Both of you. Say your names. Tell them aloud!"" After that, Telemachus told Odysseus everything going in the palace right now, and they were planning to destroy all of them.

Melantho visited Ikarios in his workshop. She kissed Ikarios, but Antinous came from the dark. He accused Ikarios for ruining their ambush plan. Antinous stabbed Ikarios, and he was dead.
After Ikarios's burial, Telemachus came up with a plan. He was going to announce who Penelope is going to marry at the big feast.

After meeing his son, Odysseus came and met Argos, Odysseus's old, old dog. Suddenly, Artemis, goddess of hunt, came and said that she kept Argos alive to have a glimpse of his master, Odysseus. After they met, Artemis took Argos.

It was a big day of feast. Feast this big was never held after the marriage of Penelope and Odysseus. When the feast began, Penelope showed Odyssues's big hunting bow to everyone. Then, she said that she will marry a person who can pull the bow, and shoot through the two lines of axes without touching them. All the suitors wanted to try, but they couldn't even pull the bow. Then, Odysseus came up and pulled the bow, and shot through the axes. Then they killed most of the suitors, but some of them ran away. And they lived happily ever after.

People of the Wolf

Pages: 435
Author: W.Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Genre: Historic Fiction

They went away from mammoth camp and as they were walking Dancing fox was looking at run in the lights and thinking about how it would have been like if they were together and if her father had never promised her to Crow caller. She was constantly staring at the back of his head following him until Crow caller said to her take you eyes of him. She said that she can do what ever she wants. Then he said for her to stop looking or else. After a short argument Dancing Fox was looking down so that Crow caller wouldn't suspect she was looking at anyone else. Then he also said to stop thinking of him but she said that she can think what she wants even though he owns her. Then Dancing Fox desired to escape. She went but they quickly found her and the shaman came and said. Why are you trying to disgrace our clan by running away. She tried to cover it up by saying she got lost in the storm but the shaman knew her too well and knew that she tried to run away.

Quote: "Raven Hunter," Dancing fox pleaded softly."Don't do this. You know what he'll----"


Title: LionBoy
Author: Zizou Corder
Number of Pages: 275               
"never underestimate a cat, or a boy who can speak it's language."
This story talk about a boy who lived with his parents who were really good scientists. And when one is really good at something and well known for, everyone wants to be just like that. And sometimes jealousy brings people to do things that they would actually never think of doing, but their jealousy being so strong they end up doing it. And when they do it, they do it in a very harsh manner. Charlie's parents were great scientists, who were finding a cure to asthma. The time in this story has been moved into the future, because then cars were banned, and all people had asthma to cats, all except Charlie who could even talk to them Cat language. But one day his parents get kidnapped, and it's up to him to save his parents.
Charlie's first clue were the cats. The cats loved his parents because they were curing everyone so they wouldn't be allergic to cats, and their son could talk to them unlike any person. Charlie's parents got kidnapped, and left him a secret note, telling him that he should be 'a good boy.' Charlie knew because his mum and dad never talked to him like that so he just needed to escape from the kidnapper and find them. That's what the quote meant. Charlie was small, but as strong and smart as his parents. He knew that he wasn't supposed to do anything. However on his way he saw a circus boat, which was going to the exact location he needed to go to...Paris! But there he met lions...lions that wanted freedom. And then Charlie couldn't help wondering if it would be easier if he could save his parents with a pack of circus lions or on his own? He decided to take the lions along. After a circus performance he was going to rescue the lions and then his parents. However his enemies were after him, and he needed to act fast. He finally managed to get on a train occupied by a Bulgarian King. Charlie managed to sneak the lions aboard the train  where he was on his way to Venice to rescue his parents...when I turned the last page and it said...TO BE CONTINUED.

Well I am really excited to find out what's happened, even though that was  a really unexpected ending,but I wills search for the second part so I can find pit.


Title: Ithaka
Author: Adèle Geras
Genre: Historic Fiction, Romance
Number of Pages: 360

The suitors, or visitors, were hurting and abusing Argos with no reason and Klymene was so mad about it. After that day, Klymene was about to go to the market to buy some supplies for the palace. and Melantho wanted to follow her to the market. When they reached the market, Melantho wanted to go to Lysander's Tavern where its a bad place. In the Tavern, Klymene noticed a strange man. He was all wet. He told himself that he was god of sea, Poseidon. And some nasty men were messing with Klymene and Melantho was inside. At split second, Antinous came and protected her. Although he protected her, Klymene still hated him and his men. Later that day, in the palace, they had a ceremony in remember of Antikleia, Penelope's mother -in-law's death. After the ceremony, Antinous  tried to rape Klymene. Klymene prayed to the goddess of huntning and virgin, Artemis. Then, Artemis sent a fierce dog to protect Klymene.

Telemachus really wanted to do something about the suitors. He just wanted to kill them all. "We could put a sleeping draft in the wine. They drink enough of it. And when they're asleep, we could kill them." But, Penelope was not very pleased with Telemachus's plan. She thought suitors should not be treated like that because they are visitors, and they have to offer hospitality. While they were arguing, Klymene noticed someone. He said he was Ares. God of war. He said, "The battle is being prepared." 

Melantho was spending lots of her time with the suitors at their tent. And Telemachus was tired of the suitors and Melantho, and he decided to leave the island with the ship, Sea-nymph. He told Penelope that he was going on a fishing trip, but he was on his way to find some news about Odysseus. After Telemachus left, Klymene fainted because of the strong sunlight. When she woke up, she was in the queen's bedroom. Suddenly, she heard someone coming. Klymene pretended that she was sleeping and had a peek. It was Penelope and Leodes. 
Klemene was really frustrated because she thought Penelope would wait for Odysseus to return. And, Klymene met Aphrodite. She told Klymene that Penelope deserves little pleasure because she was waiting for her husband. After Klymene woke up, Klymene told the queen what she saw. Penelope was so scared and threatened her to say nothing. Penelope said she will choose a husband when the shroud is finished  And Klymene noticed that Penelope was unmaking the shroud.

Melantho wanted to marry Antinous and Klymene was really discussed and strongly disagreed. Because he was the head of the rude suitors. And everyone was really tired of the suitors. They made a huge mess to the garden every day, and Klymene had to clean their vomit nearly every day. She often got abused by the drunken suitors.

Leodes and Penelope visited Laertes's farm. Laertes wanted Penelope to just marry someone and get it over with. But, Penelope still strongly believed that Odysseus will return

Klymene's Grandma, Nana, wanted Klymene to marry a man, but Klymene had someone else in her mind. Mydon. He is one of the rude visitors but he is the good one who helped Klymene. After the argument, Klymene was in deep thought. She decided to persuade Penelope to marry Leodes becasue everyone is tired with the suitors. The next day, he brought some bread to her brother, Ikarios who works at a woodshop. While they were talking, Klymene realized that Ikarios likes Melantho.

Pretty Little Liars

Title: Pretty Little Liars Book 6 Killer
Author: Sara Shepard
Genre: Mystery

Its a little hard to explain how this story goes because it is a series, but the easiest way to explain is that there was a girl named Ali who was the most popular in school and she became friends with 4 other girls, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Aria. Until the start of 7th grade summer when they had a sleepover Ali had disappeared forever. The girls then grew apart but then in 10th grade Ali's body is found and all the girls are reunited with the wonder of who killed their friend ALison. They also get very weird mysterious texts from a person called A who they do not know who it is. Through this series they try to solve the mysterious mystery of who killed their best friend.

So right now I have just finished book 6 so I won't tell you what has happened in the past books because then that is too much.

So right now it is the night of a special Benefit here is what is happening to all the girls at that moment:


Right now Hanna is at war with her step sister Kate. Both are fighting for the love of Mike, who is actually Aria's little brother. But Kate has just told Hanna that she did not like him at all it was just a joke to see if Hanna would actually fight for him just because she did. Hanna is really hurt by what Kate has said. Mike has also just overheard that they were just playing him not really into him. He runs away but Hanna catches him and says she sorry that she hurt his feelings, he told her that out of the two girls he always liked Hanna the best. They end up dancing to the music and its very romantic.


Emily has just gone through a tough time because at first she was going to the benefit with him but then she told him how is mother came to her and told her to not go near Issac again. When Emily was at his house she found a picture of them with Emily's head chopped of in it. And at a restaurant his mum approached her to tell her to stay away. But he would not believe anything Emily said. So at the benefit Emily just hanged around and went into an old room where she found a book that had Jason's name in it (Ali's older brother). And this hotel use to be a mental institution so this could be a clue.


Aria just is feeling plain weird right now. First she arrived at the benefit very late because of traffic, and was going to go to it with Jason. But after she showed him the invitation he just shouted at her, "Is this some kind of joke?" and ran away so you could kind of see the connection between what Emily has found. Also Aria's mother has a new boyfriend Xavier, and Aria is trying to stay as far as possible away from him because the other day he kissed her, gross!


She is not going to the benefit instead she is at home doing homework.

But there is more to come there way. So I think people that would enjoy this book are defiantly girls who like mystery. Because this is mainly a girls series, also they have the tv show too. So I recommend this book to people who like mysteries.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Tale of Despereaux

Title: The Tale of Despereaux
Author: Kate DiCamillo
Pages read:155
Quote: "Look,' said a brother named Furlough. 'his eyes are open. Pa, his eyes are  open. They shouldn't be open"
"There is something wrong with him"
"They look like donkey ears, if you ask me."
"Its ridiculous. No mouse has ever, ever been this small"
Ass you can see I choose to put more than 1 quote this time. I did that to make sure you understand how different Despereaux was in comparison to the other mice. He was too small, his eyes were open when he was born, and he has too big ears. All this made him different from everyone else in his group.

 What happened so far: When Despereaux was born, he was different from his family and friends. He wasn't an ordinary mouse and unique, yet his friends didn't like it, they couldn't accept it. He didn't have any friends or family that loved him. The only thing that kept him going was the mysterious music which was coming out of their mouse hole. He listens every note in the serenity of his loneliness. One day he decides to step out of the mouse hole and discovers a beautiful princess singing to her father playing the piano. He instantly felt something he never did and didn't know excised. He fell in love with the princess. However the princesses father became furious, and wanted to kill the mouse and their whole group.When his mouse friends and family found out, they became furious, wanted to kill him, burn him. They decide to throw him in jail. In that jail he meets lots of other mice and different creatures who have been tortured. So do you think Despereaux will be able to escape from jail or will he stay there forever?

I wont give this book a thumbs up because I think it could have been a bit more descriptive. It was written in a very interesting way, like the author is reading the book to you which I really liked. 

The Mystery of Rommel's Gold

Pages: 230
Author: Peter Heining
Genre: Historical Fiction

Peter Fleing is the most intriguing and enigmatic figure associated with the legendary horde. Ex-German soldier and deep sea diver, was involved in an secret mission in Corsica during his serving in Italy in 1943. He hide 6 cases deep down in the see, by the command of Captain Dahal, loyal Nazi, who was in charge to transfer the cargo to Germany. Since treasure might fall into enemy hands, the only option was to hide them and return for them later when things return to normal. But he and his officers were accused for stealing treasure and sentenced to death. Peter Fleing, as a soldier who just had been carrying out orders was sent in Russia, and was the only one alive who had known the exact location of 6 cases. When the third Reich collapsed, he was back in Stuttgart bat his health didn’t allow him to return to Corsica till 1948. He spent two months with French expedition trying to find the treasure without success. He was asking million francs for his secret from the French consul, but all they were paying him while he dived was five hundred francs a day with no promise of a share. So he decided to come back again another time and find them for himself. Thanks to French expedition, interest in the legend had grown considerably due to great international publicity.
Yugoslav Jakov Jovanovic an ex-art dealer, working for the International Commission in Brussels was one more person connected to the legend who was found murdered in a backwater of the Rhone. He was in charge for tracing loot stolen by Nazis from churches, museums and Jewish families, and he was at the track of Rommel’s gold. That’s why he was mysteriously killed.

Peter Eaton, journalist and well-known BBC producer was obsessed with the story of Rommel’s Gold and had been spent a years to discover the secret, until his death in 1963. During this time he produced series of radio and TV programs and shows devoted to the legend, and thanks to him this story was had been broadly spread.
So that is how, American treasure hunter from New York, wealthy Ruth Bond, was fascinated by the stories of the legendary Rommel’s Gold she had read in the press. She had the money to finance search and invited retired British seaman from Royal Navy, an expert on Mediterranean waters. 
45 - ton yacht, which had been equipped with the latest underwater exploration equipment xxxx expedition in the spring of 1957, after 15 years since the six cases had been sent to the bottom of the sea. Although American millionaires had no luck, she financed the second expedition next year, again without success, but it kept alive the interest of others who had followed news of the hunt over the years.
Among them was American marine expert, Albert Link, who had been pushing back the boundaries of deep sea exploration for years, ad who would bring the most scientifically advanced ship and equipment to Corsica for yet another attempt to find the missing millions. Although raised far from the sea, he was often dreaming of the depth of the ocean, and at the age of twelve he designed his own submarine. Unlike most dreamers, he would prove to be a man who got things done. During his youth he also caught bug for flying and he started taking flying lessons. He became aware of the dangers of flying lessons which were often inadequate and number of death was mounting over the year. So the idea to learn to fly on the ground made his name. In 1928 due to his interest in mechanics he developed machine that simulate real flight, known as the Link Trainer. New pilot would be able to take to the air better prepared. In the years of Depression he was giving ground lessons and the instruction flights and pleasure rides in Cessna, which he bought of his own. He also did "aerial advertising" which was innovation, trailing illuminated signs with sponsor’s names. Because of huge demand for the Link Trainer during the war he becomes wealthy man, milliner in fact, so he decided to pursue another dream, exploring the hidden depths of the sea. He had learned the techniques of sailing and navigation took part in ocean racing and took part in expeditions searching for treasure and mystery of the sunken city Port Royal. For this adventures he needed to design and test more advanced undersea equipment and he invested a lot to develop latest technology to have on his disposal. Link himself carried out number of tests, since he would never ask anyone to do something he would not do himself. Once he was remaining below surface for eight hours, making first sustained helium-oxygen dive. His work earned serious attention from National Geographic and magazine Life who helped to open up the wonders of the undersea world. In 1959 he designed his own craft, most perfectly suited for underwater archeology of its time and went for the first time to Mediterranean. But Greece become nightmare for Link, since the authorities misunderstood his intent, so he was even arrested and charged. Six months later he come back again, with two of his friends, who were responsible for Links interest in the Rommel’s treasure. One of them was Irish nobleman, and journalist of National Geographic magazine, Lord Ki bracken who used to be Swordfish pilot during the war, and commissioned to write about undersea exploration and likes experiments. The second one was Belgian Robert Stenuit, the finest deep-sea diver of his generation, who was established the record for the world's longest deepest dive, diving to 200 feet and remaining there for 26 hours, in the first SDC experiment in 1962. Three of them come together to Mediterranean in 1963, searching day after day, tirelessly, but in vain. Unfortunately, due to disaster of nuclear powered submarine which sunk somewhere in North Atlantic with 129 members of its crew, link was asked to get back to US and investigate tragedy. Patriotism had always come a long way ahead of personal ambition when Link was concerned, so he stopped hunt for buried treasure.
But according to diver Stenuit statement, there were others looking for the gold, people he didn’t want to name. It was in fact a group of criminals, whose name inspired fear throughout the entire Mediterranean, the mafia. The great French novelist Aleksandra Dumas, wrote the book The Corsican Brothers, about the Corsican way of life, of their violence and intimidation, particularly of "Vendetta"' or war of vengeance, carried on between families and connections, sometimes for several generations. They made money by dealing drug, organizing prostitution, protection rackets tanks to corrupted politicians and police .A brutal murder of French diver Andre Mattei ,who was claim to have found the location of the Rommel’s Gold was connected with Corsican mafia .
Sixty years after the story began, as writer said, we can be sure of three things: where the treasure originated, how it was moved and where it is located, and he is convinced that the hoard is still beneath the sea.

Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm Down

Author: Mishna Wolff
Book: I'm Down
Genre: Memoir, Autobiography, Adventure
Pages: 272

     Most kids feel alone and desperate when their parents divorce, Mishna on the other hand feels revealed. She is a 7-year-old girl living with her younger sister Anora, normally the children live with their mothers after divorce and go visit their cool father on the weekends, in their case, Mishna has to go live with her father. But here is the problem, the father hates taking care of children, gets poorly payed at job and wants the kids to grow up having swag. For the whole summer the father leaves the two girls in a child care charity place, Anora immediately finds two friends, however Mishna is having big time problems. She is white, everyone else is black. The kids make fun of her, of how white she is, until she starts to notice the only reasons Jamal Caprice(the two "bullies") are so "cool" is because their comments make everyone laugh and everyone likes them. Mishna has a plan, every afternoon she thinks of new comebacks and jokes such as 'yo mamma', day by day her comeback become better and finally she stands up to the bullies, from that day she became just as popular.  But more problems come her way:
  • Her father wants to renew the house
  • He brakes it all down-says the house will be done in max 3 years
  • Mishna has just made new friends, now her mom wants her to move schools

This Book is pretty thick, I am guessing it is about all Mishna had to overcome in life and how she managed to go through changes living with her father. I am liking the book so far, it is not hard to read and it is sometimes twisted. My favorite sentence from the book was: "Dad was cool. Mom was Mom."(Chapter1, pg21). I can relate back to this quote because usually dads are cool and the friend type while moms are just moms :) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sofia Catching Fire

Title:Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Genre: Fiction

In my previous 2 posts i included Katniss had asked Gale to run away with her. Away from district 12 into the woods. Gale was happy with the idea at first but then an uprising in district 8 happened and he didn't want to run he wanted to rise he wanted to stick up to the capital. Katniss knew that was a bad idea so she told him that he couldn't but he only got angry.

After Gale mad storming out of the woods after his decline of running away Katniss was left alone in their little worn out cabin. She stayed for a while in the woods but then went back home. She had to speak to Peeta even though Gale abandoned the idea she didn't. She was going to go through with it just without Gale. When she found Peeta she asked him while they were walking in the direction of the square. He agreed but directly after he said of course. They heard loud shouting from the square so they ran over. They couldn't see a thing from the crowd. Peeta saw what everyone was looking at and told Katniss to go but Katniss wanted to see what was going on so she pushed through the crowd. In the center of the square was Gale with his hands clamped down to a wooden plank. His back was bloody and ripped up with fresh skin. Behind him stood a man with a whip. She guessed it was the new head peace keeper. The other head peace keeper Clay was no where to be found he must have been replaced by this brutal man. As the new head peace keeper pulled his arm back Katniss yelled. "no!" And jumped in front. The hard wip struck her faces. She could feel it swelling. The peace keeper was astonished. He yelled, "get away, " but she didn't move. As pushed her out the way and was about to strike Gale again Haymitch showed up. He was furious at the Head Peace Keeper, "What have you done? She has a photoshoot tomorrow. What am i going to tell her stylists?" The head peace keeper, just claimed that she got in the. Thats when one of the other peace keepers, who clearly disgusted by what was going on, stepper forward(a peace keeper that Katniss knew for a while) a said, " I believe he has received his punishment and the number of wipe for his crime(he was convicted of poaching. He was looking for the previous head peace keeper who always bough his turkey but found the new one)." The head peace keeper backed off and listened.

Katniss was very thankful but she was also very scared. Gale was wiped no less than 40 times, would Gale survive?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Un Jeu Interdie

 pages: 220
author: L.J Smith
Genre: mystery, fantasy
"Un jeu Interdie" "A Forbidden Game" by L.J Smith is an american book translated to french. It talks about a girl called Jenny, she lives a perfect life as she is a pretty, lucky, nice and rich girl. She wants to organize a party for her boyfriend, but her plans get canceled because of bad weather and she is forced to go in bad parts of the city looking for a fun board game, since she doesn't want to be seen by her friends. She soon gets followed by 2 man, panics and opens a mysterious door in a wall. There she finds the most handsome and secretive young man whom sells her a game in a box to her without even knowing what's in there.  But when the party starts, the teens realize a bit late that the game is not what it seems and they are suddenly  thrown into the open house of horrors where they are each thrown into a room, Jenny being the main player she needs to free them by affronting each of their worse fear. If they do not arrive at the tower by sunrise jenny is tsuck in the house forever bond to be with the Malicious, evil and Handsome Deamon that sold her the box."“He was evil. Cruel, capricious, and dangerous as a cobra. A prince of darkness.Completely evil, and completely in love with her.”p 56.  Will they succed? Will they survive? Who knows? Read  it and you will!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fly girl

Author:Sherri L. Smith
Pages: 13/256
Genre: Historic Fiction

I just started reading Fly Girl. I chose to read it because I saw someone else's review on this website and I thought it sounded interesting. This book is about a black lady named Ida who just graduated high-school. All she wants to do is fly. Her father taught her how and she is very good. However this book takes place in 1969 and people were a bit racist still, but not as much as the early 1960's. The people then were more sexist, "'You can fly, no doubt about it. But no woman's gonna get a license out of me. Go home, Miss Jones. You've failed'" (Smith 5). Ida wanted a license to fly but she was refused as a pilot only because she was a lady. Ida is planning on saving her money so she can go to Chicago because, one of Ida's old friends went there and she was also black and a lady, but she got a license. I don't think Ida will go to Chicago, I think she will go back to the same place day after day, trying to get a license.

Elijah of Buxton

Author: Christopher Paul Curtis
Pages: 341

Mr. Leroy came to town and he had saved $2200 up so he could by his family out of captivity. He gives the money to Mr. Highgate, so Mr. Highgate and the preacher leaves to buy Mr. Leroy's family out of captivity. A couple of days later Mr. Highgate returns shot and without the money and the preacher is gone. Mr. Leroy kidnaps Elijah and takes him with him to find the preacher, but Mr. Leroy unfortunately get some kind of a heart attack and dies. Elijah keeps on searching for the preacher, because had promised Mr. Leroy that he would find the money. After days of searching Elijah finds the preacher dead in a stable without the money and a bunch of people locked in by a sleeping guard. One of the women asks Elijah to take care of their baby, because she knew that it wouldn't do the baby any good to be locked in. Elijah tells her that the baby will be safe with him and when he gets home his family will take care of the baby.
"I learnt from Ma that people who used to be slaves love prettying up any kind of story..."

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Dropped It

Title:I Dropped It
Category: Comedy

'I Drooped It' is about two families living together in one house.One family lives in the house and they own it and the other live in the guest house.They argue all the time about silly thing.The husbands do immature things,their wife's pull pranks on them and the kids are come and play.It almost seems like the kids are the adults and the adults are kids.One of the kids that lives in the guest house starts reading and the kid that the same age as him,only from the house,doesn't.Now,the family is truing to find out what happen?Why can't he read?
It turns out that everyone dropped the boy while he was a baby.
I think the title 'I Dropped It' means kind of like i lost it.Because everyone behaves like a kid and is immature

Title: Weedflower
Author: Cynthia Kadohata
Genre: Non-fiction
Number of Pages: 257
Quote: "Bye Weedflower Girl!"
"Bye! And by the way my name is Sumiko, not Weedflower!

The book I read this week is a book called Weed-flower.
Whenever you see a Japanese girl or boy passing, do you think they are different? Well we see the difference but we don't always point it out. They're still people. They eat, they drink, they breathe air, they do all that, just like a normal human being. This book is about the life of an innocent Japanese girl, who was sent to a prison camp, because the Americans thought she and her kind were harmful. It is true that the Japanese fought alongside the Germans during the World War || and the Americans were scared, but not all Japanese were as harmful. Many Japanese that had lived their whole life in America were still sent to a camp where they had to stay out of the way, until the end of the war.
This girl what was sent to the camp, despite the fact that she had a whole flower farm to take care of. Her uncle and brother were captured and sent to another camp, whereas the rest of the family were forced to move to a separate one. However, the girl didn't think it too bad. It wasn't really a prison, it was quite a camp, where people got enough food, and could grow their own gardens, but somehow the girl found it very hot, and lonely. And there she met an Indian boy.  The boy was complaining that the Japanese were occupying their area. The girl felt bad, but horrified that she had met an Indian boy. The reason was because everyone thought them as dangerous, and if entered their path, people would be scalped. But the girl soon realised that those were all lies. The Indians were exactly the same as them. And as time drew on, the boy and the girl got to know each other better, the Indian boy started calling the girl Weed flower, instead of her real name. But then came the time when the girl and her family were going to move out again to another camp. Saying good bye to her only friend ever, she realised that even if people were different, it couldn't stop them from being great friends.
I enjoyed this book greatly. It wasn't very adventurous but it was quite touching. Do you remember the Blog post I wrote about Kira- Kira? Since this book was written by the same author, I got inspired to read it.