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Catching Fire-Sofia

Katniss are in large conflict with the president. Mr. Snow believes that their love is fake. And that their little act during the games with the berries was horrendous. They defied the capitols power creating uprising against the capitol in many districts.

Peeta and Katniss had to prove themsleves to the capital. They ha to prove Mr. Snow that they were truelly in love. Tat their horrendous act was th outcome of love. They did it for love. So katniss and peeta made amny plots to show Mr.Snow that theu were in love. But he still wasnt convinced. So Katniss came up with a big idea of them two getting married. It was the only thing they could do. They were desperate.

So Peetas proposal went public. The capital was extremely happy. It was like a movie. A love story.
Even though they claimed their love. None of the districts know that they are kissing up to the capital. So the uprisings continued.

This is where i stopped. A perfect point to stop dont you think? Cliff hanger!

Alex's Blog Post Week 5

Title: Demon Theif
Author: Darren Shan
Pages Read: 250/250
Genre: Horror, Adventure, Mystery

The second title of the Demonata Series, and takes place with a different protagonist named Kernal Fleck. I found that in this book it goes more into the mind of the protagonist and others, and describes the characters a bit more. Instead of just writing about fear and gory violence, Darren writes about what the characters think in every moment, save a few characters; Lord Loss is described in a lot more detail, and objects generally have more meaning. I think Darren got criticism about his first book being mindless violence, or he just wanted to start the series with an explosion. Either way, the summary is next.

Kernal is a normal by with the exception of being able to see "the lights", which are little bits of light that float around him and only he can see them. One day, he decides to put these lights together as he sees a jigsaw puzzle. In the end, he ends up making a glowing rectangle which, inadvertently, is a portal to Lord Loss. Lord Loss hypnotizes him into a magical slumber. He goes through the portal and then the intro stops. Kernal wakes to see his family in a state of distraught and all he remembers is that he woke up with his baby brother, who hasn't been mentioned in the introduction of his character. He loves his brother and his parents confuse him as they have never seen this baby before and yet Kernal thinks the baby has always been with them. In the end, they can't find the baby's true family and let him stay.
A week later, during class, a portal starts forming IN the teacher and makes her explode into fragments. The children of the class scream, and Kernal passes out. He wakes up to see several students killed and torn apart by a demon, who is seen taking his "brother" and back into the portal. Not wanting to lose his brother, Kernal runs after the demon through the portal just as it closes, and he wakes up in a weird world where bamboo is a sentient being trying to kill him. Before it does, some magic guys break him free from the plant and saves him. They introduce themselves as Disciples, which are basically guys who kill demons and make sure they don't enter the human world. They explain that demons live in the Demonata world, which is basically an infinite amount of worlds all


People Of the Wolf

Author: W.Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Pages: 435
Genre: Historic Fiction

We Stopped when the group was getting ready to leave and she remembered how much pain crow caller would inflict when they were together. She also remembered how her father just gave her away without much though before he died. He didn't even care all he did was give her away as fast as he could. She ran into the storm hoping to leave alone and probably die. Then through the blizzard she saw Raven hunter as he was running after her telling her to stop. Then she wondered how did he follow her through the storm and all he answered was determination as footprints. Then he took her to a small cave were they could take shelter from the wind and snow. While they were in there they talked about everything and how Crow caller would hurt her all the time. Then he said that he wants to be with her and that when she is with him nothing would hurt them. Although she didn't want that so she started to run but he caught her and wrestled he down to the floor. She couldn't move but when she looked into his eyes she could see the dream, the real one.

Quote from book:"Only my pain will last forever" 


 Eric Blehm
272 pages

quote from the book: "Adam was born three minutes after his twin sister, Manda, and it was the last time she beat him at anything. She came out crying; he came out quiet, looking around" I like this quote a lot because it describes how tough Adam is and even as a baby you could see it. 

 I already mentioned that Fearless is a novel about a man who was born fearless and grew up as a really good kid but in collage got involved into drugs, alcoholism, and addiction. But being the strong and good man that he is Adam got himself out of it with hard work and went to go fight in Afghanistan as a navy seal officer on the SEAL team SIX (also the team that took down Osama Bin Laden). He has 2 kids and a wife who misss him dearly after he died the Hindu-Kush mountains. He lost all his fingers and had them sewn back on and he also lost an eye and yet he continued to be an amazing navy seal officer. His life is absolutly amazing and inspiring, even though he left the world in 2010. His path to redemption is absolutly remarkable. As a child Adam was such a tough boy, he once completly slashed his head open in school and simply got up and told everyone, I think I need to go to the nurse and left. Also in High School he went to a party, but it took a lot of convincing for his mom to let him go. Because it was on a boat, Janice, his mother, said that teens partying and a boat dont mix well, but he promised her to wear a life jacket at the party. And he did! Even when his friends told him "dued your moms not heat you can take the jacket off" He said "nah its ok, i promised". Adam was a man of tough character and good morals he never broke a promise, until his addicitions came. I am at the pat where it shows his bad time, where he got addicted to crack and his girlfriend Cindy got him into it. He would dissapear for days and not come back for a whlie and his parents didnt know wheather he was alive or not. Eventually Cindy broke up with him, no one could be more pleased, but Adam continued his addicition and didnt stop. I dont know what will happen next but I am very intrigued to see how Adam will go on his path of redemption. He really is a remarkbale man and I reccomednt this book to anyone!

Before I Fall

Before I Fall
Lauren Oliver
370 pages of 470 pages
Fiction for Young Adults

Quote from the book: “So many things become beautiful when you really look.” This is one of the quotes that are mentioned in the book now and then. I really like this quote because I think it is very true, and it is similar to the quote that says that you only notice how much you need or like something, after you don’t have it anymore. I think this quote relates very good to the character of the protagonist, because she dies in this novel, and starts to see things differently and actually realizes how precious even the small things in life are.

What happened until now: Samantha Kingston, a seventeen year old girl living in a small town called Ridgeview and going to Thomas Jefferson High, has a perfect life. She is in her senior year, and one of the most popular girls in school. She is even dating the hottest guy in school, Rob, the guy nearly every girl has a crush on. She has three best friends, Lindsay, Elody and Ally, that she already knows for a long time. On Cupid Day, everything goes perfect, until they leave Kent McFiller’s party, crash into something and drive into the woods with their car. After that, Sam’s last day repeats six times. The first time, she is really confused, and the same things happen to her again, leading that she has to live through the accident a second time. The second time her day repeats, she thinks that she is trapped in some weird “between life and death” scenario, and she just has to avoid the accident to move on, so she doesn’t go to the party and her three friends and her stay at Ally’s house. At two o’clock in the morning, something horribly happens though: they find out that Juliet Sykes, the freak at their school, killed herself and they all feel bad because they were always pretty mean to her. The third time Friday, February 12 repeats, Sam thinks that her day will repeat forever until time stops, because avoiding the car accident didn’t work, so she gets really sad and angry and does a lot of crazy things. The fourth time, she stays at home pretending that Rob and her broke up and has a nice day with her family, until she meets Juliet’s sister at a restaurant and figures out that she has to save Juliet Sykes from killing herself to move on. On her fifth repeat, she tries to prevent Juliet Sykes from killing herself, but doesn’t succeed. Juliet Sykes jumps in front of a car: Lindsay’s car! Sam is shocked, because she finds out what made them crash into the woods and killed them, and that Elody died because of the accident. The sixth time her day repeats, she feels like she knows exactly what to do to save not only Juliet Sykes’ life, but also hers and Elody’s. Will she actually succeed? And if, what will happen to her?

I really like this book. It’s very interesting and I can’t stop reading. I really like how the author added quotes throughout the novel, and how each time Sam’s day repeats, a new chapter starts. Maybe it is because this was Lauren Oliver’s first novel and she was extra careful, but I didn’t notice any mistakes in the book yet. Usually there are some small mistakes in every book I read, so I think it’s worth mentioning that there aren’t any in this one. I really recommend this book, although it is more a book for girls! Thumps up :)

ORR #9: Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

Name of Book: Bring Up the Bodies
Author: Hilary Mantel
Pages Read: 115/432
Genre: Historic Fiction

I haven't read so much this week, as I maybe would have liked to, but as the book is going on the situation is progressing, and the book is starting to get really interesting. Where I left off, last time, it was on page 64, and page 65 starts in a very interesting way, so it wasn't hard for me to start reading.

The page started like this:
The man had rolled his eyes. "So what can you do?"
"I can fight."
"Evidently not well enough."
"I can cook"
"We have no need of barbarous cuisine."
"I can cast accounts."
"This is a baking house. We are well supplied."

I like this part of the book because I like people who tell the truth, no matter what the actual truth is, and this kind of has a little bit of funny to it, so that is why I like it. The rest of chapter two is just talking about the past of Austin Friars. What he has done, where he has traveled etc. And it is pretty interesting, since now I get the feel of how everything actually worked in the 14th century where this book actually takes place. Where I left off, it is Christmas day, and the author starts that passage, by giving a clear description of exactly how it looked like.

I am enjoying this book very much, and I will finish reading it very soon since it is a quick read. And as I have mentioned before, this is clearly a historic fiction book, because it is a part of history with very few things being made up. The words in the book, and the way that they are placed create a very clear image of the time so if you were to ask me to draw a scene from a book it would be very easy. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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Ithaka Adele Geras week 4 & 5

Title: Ithaka
Author: Adèle Geras
Genre: Historic Fiction, Romance
Number of Pages: 360

One day, Penelope brought a new servant girl. Her name was Melantho, who's father was kinsman (relative) of Odysseus. Melantho thinks Telemachus loves her, and Klymene was really jealous and she was disgusted. Three moons have passed after Melantho's arrival. Melantho tells Klymene that Telemachus and her kissed. After that, one day, Klymene finds Telemachus crying. Klymene thinks its because of Melantho.
One day, everyone was getting excited about Leodes coming to Ithaka. He is a lord of one of the islands to the south. He was childhood friend of Odysseus. Everyone was getting busy because of his arrival. Especially the queen. She haven't had visitors in years. And Klymene starts to think Melantho as a rival. 

Leodes arrived at Ithaka and the had a big feast. During the feast, Klymene spots a woman with a gown of palest pink, with silver threads woven through the fabric, and silver bells dangled from bracelets on both here wrists and from the hem of her robe. Klymene thought her beauty was dazzling, and looking at her was like trying to gaze at the sun. Klymene finds out that she is Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. She says that she came to help the queen and she said something into the queen's ear. After the feast, Telemachus started to think that her mother likes Leodes.
One fine day, Telemachus and Ikarios were bored. So Telemachus decided to got to Lysander's tavern. Lysander's tavern was a place where they drink till all hours and fights breaking out and finally prostitutes. Ikarios was afraid that Nana was going to find out, but they have decided to go anyway. When they arrived at the place, Telemachus heard some men singing. They were making fun of Penelope, the Queen, his mom, and also Odysseus's wife.They introduced themselves as Amphimedon, and Antinous. They said they were going to the palace, to visit Penelope to marry them. Telemachus thought they were drunk and got in a fight.
Those two men really visited the palace after that day.and they wanted to marry Penelope. When they got refused, Klymene, noticed Hades, god of death. Klymene was not very pleasant with two men and they also brought along huge group of men, and they were being rude and impolite.
But, Klymene meets a kind man name Mydon. He introduces himself as Antinous's man. Nana, Ikarios and Klymene's grandma and also Telemachus's nanny. She was concerned about the food shortage in the palace because now there was more mouth to feed.
A man named Ilos, (one of the visitors) wanted some olive oil from the food storage, and Nana had the key to the storage room, but Nana refused to get the oil because they were short on food. Ilos wanted them by using force, but Telemachus came in and saved Nana. Later, Ilos told Telemachus that Melantho had slept with him. Telemachus interrogates Melantho about that but she strongly denies. After he's gone, She tells Klymene that she sometimes visits his tent.
""Those men," said Laertres at last, "the ones wo call themselves friends of my son, they're nothing but animals."" The visitors are really rude. They camp in the courtyards, eating everything on sight, and drinking their wine to the dregs. Laertres really wants Penelope to marry one of those man because he is really tired of all those men. So he decided to take a break so he moved away to quiet countryside. Also, Nana complains about them too. She wants to get ride of them, but Laertres is too old to lead the troops, the queen has no power, and Telemachus is too young.

The Book Thief Part 3

Ttile: The Book Thief 
Author: Markus Zusak
Genre: Historical Fiction

Max and Liesel, two very different people. One a Jew the other a foster child. One old, one a child. One a boy, the other a girl. Both are such different in one way, but are so similar in another. One problem that Liesel has just recently had is first she always goes to the mayors house where he spends time in the library, his wife is very nice to Liesel. But one day just when Liesel was about to leave she was given a book to keep by the mayors wife, and she asked for the mayors wife laundry (as usually because Rosa Hermann does laundry as her job). But she did not give Liesel any because they did not want her any more, Rosa had been fired. Liesel was furious she could see it in the women's eyes that the stupid book was given to her just because it was a way to say sorry that her mother had gotten fired. Liesel slammed the book to the ground giving a look with hatred and walked away. To me this was disappointing because I thought that there was going to be something more that would have to do with the mayors wife later on in the story.

And lastly what is happening in the book right now is Max keeps on having this night mare where he is fighting against Hitler. He is standing in a boxing ring just him and Hitler all surrounded by a crowd of people. At first Hitler is crushing Max, punching him until he bleeds but Max stays strong and fights for himself, and all the other jewish people in the world and he fights and fights him until Hitlers nose is bleeding. Hitler is on the ground and Max has one. But Hitler gets everyone to come into the ring and beat Max up. But the strange thing is that when Max has these dreams they are more like illuminations because he is still awake, and he will just stand their and act as if he is in a real fight, Liesel has seen him. And now each day Max will do push ups so one day he could finally defeat him.

Right now my favorite quote from the book is, 'it was a Monday, and they walked on a tightrope to the sun.' (Zusak 249). So what this quote kind of means is that each day Max always asks Liesel what the weather is outside because he can't go outside and he just wants to know what type of day it is. And one day Liesel told him it was a sunny day and he drew it.

This book has been really interesting so far and I recommend it to someone who just loves reading historic fiction novels. This book can been from all ages! It is really amazing. read, The Book Thief.

War Horse

Michael Morpurgo
Adventure, Historic Fiction
Pages: 256
Pages Read:256
Quote from the book: "Wherever you are, I will find you and I will bring you home."  told by Albert. I choose to write about this quote from the book since it shows love and care from Albert towards his beloved horse Joey. He would do anything for him, and that is what real friendship is.

"Well, if Joey's going then I'm going too. I'm volunteering" I also decided to do another quote since both are very important. This is the part of the book when Albert volunteers to be in the army and go fight in the war beside his beloved horse. I choose this one because is demonstrates so much bravery and courage inside of him, and also love and care for Joey.

What happened so far: Ted and Rose Narracott and their son Albert live in disastrous and poor conditions. They have no food, no money for rent and are living every day trying to spare every penny they have, and harvest as much food as they can. They live in Devon, England during the 1914s, during World War I. One lucky afternoon, Ted buys a remarkable horse with a significant cross on its forehead. Albert names him Joey he raises him and keeps him safe from his father’s drunken rages. When his family needed money for rent, the only way to get it is through crops and farming. However, the garden wasn’t plowed. Albert is determined to teach Joey how to do it. They worked all night, and at the end he got the job done. Albert and Joey are happy together, laughing and having lots of fun, until one wretched day when the family begins to feel the financial impact of the war; Albert's father secretly sells Joey to an army officer named Captain Nicholls. Albert shows vast amount of bravery when he pleads the captain to join the army to fight aside his beloved horse, but since he is only 15, they can’t bring him to war. During their first attach, the horses rider dies, and Albert receive a letter talking about his death and drawings of Joey. The Germans catch him and use Joey for their own good. They make him fight, carry heavy weight and pull hurt people of the court. Joye tries to escape and he comes across a barn where a little girl finds him. She is very sick and a small hit can break her bones, and she could be dead. When she tries to ride him they are both caught by the Germans. Back home, Albert turns 18and goes to the army to find his horse with his friend. During the fight they both survive, however his friend dies from terrible gasses. In the hospital room, a mysterious horse comes along. Alber right away knows its him, its Joey. Since his eyes are covered from the gas, he remembers that Albert taught him to come to him when he whistles. As Albert whistles, Joey comes to him, but the soldiers aren't persuaded that he is his horse. So they want to shoot him because of his broken leg. When Albert tells them about the cross on his forehead they are sure it his his horse. Another challenge comes to Albert, he needs to buy the horse back. All the soldiers come together and give him 30 pounds, but its not enough, an old man pays 100 pounds for it. So what do you think, will he persuade the old man that the horse is no use to him? Will Joey and Albert finally come back together, and live a normal peaceful life?
I would give this book a thumbs up. 
This book can arouse so many feelings in you, sadness, happiness etc. However even though the book was very well written, and the story was very touching, I think they could have put more detail. But overall, the plot was a creative idea.

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19 minutes

Title:19 Minutes
Author:Jodi Picoult

This book I'm reading might be the most interesting book i have read.I just started reading it so i didn't get that far.The book is about this little boy that had black hair,blue eyes and wears glass. Throughout his whole childhood he has been made fun of and he had only one friend that was there for him in kinder garden.They were naibors and their mums were best friends.One day the his best friend came and they went in the attic and found a gun.The kids were playing with it thinking  it was a toy gun.Their mums got worried so they went down in the attic an saw them holding a gun.The girls mum got really mad and stopped having any contact with the boy and his family.In the middle school he got bullied by the same kids from kindergarden.Now, he is in hight school and he was hoping to meet new people and finally have friends but the same bullies turn up in hight school.not only do the bullies turn up in the hight school so does the only friend he had.They become best friends again but his best friend starts dating the main bully.He gets tourchured and one day he decides that he wants to kill all of them and goes into the school with a gun.Kills one of the bullies and some got injured.Now his with his best friends and the bully.....
He doesn't know if he should kill both of them or not?
"He shed like never before,thinking "I don't know what to do now.Should i kill my best friend as feel because she wasn't there form me and didn't always have mu back, or not?If i kill her and not him she will die of sadness.So, whats the difference?" He looked into their eyes,truing to decide what to do".
If you want to know what happens the book!His best friend is Alex.
I think that the book carried the name 19minutes because it all might have happened in 19 minutes.
On the beginning i think its important that the author gave a description because maybe his "pure blue eyes,that look so naive like they have never seen vain,angry and mean people,that was maybe because he was bullied.", will turn red or black or people will see something evil in his eyes.
The book is like a movie, it goes from the present to the past and than again back to the present.Its maybe even better than some movie.
I love the way the author gives descriptions and I like the topic his righting on because i think that people aren't even aware that it can affect other people them saying something or doing something.This poor little boy explodes after 17 years of bullying.
Its a fresh topic that everyone talks about and that happens every day.

Perfume: A Story of a Murderer

 Title: Perfume: A story of a Murdered
Last time we heard that our main character has in fact been sold to a perfumer. Later on that day his previous master had gotten drunk an fallen right into the river and died. Someone say that our main character is in fact the cause of death, and that everyone who leaves him in some way will die either soon or painfully. So right from the start our main character had wowed the perfumer and created an amazing perfume with him. Sales began rising and everything was going as planed. Yet the main character and the perfumer never actually liked each other we understand this later on in the book. That the perfumer said that he never felt comfortable with the main character. From the whole time that they were together. Our main character learned the real art of perfumery and has learned the specific way of making a perfume. He learned each and every one of the smells in the whole of Paris, and could indicate or predict what something is from the very smell of the object. The day finally came when our main character got sick and tired of paris and demanded to leave. After the perfumer said yes (because the kid was of no use to him, he had all of the smells they created in a book which he even went to sleep with) But this did not bother our main character because he in fact did remember each and every smell they created. As our main character left Paris the building where the perfumer lived (which was right over the river) had become unstable and had collapsed killing the perfumer and his wife. Just like that the end came again, and just like that it was as soon as our main character left.

The Boy in The Striped Pajamas Part 2 Pages: 224 Pages Read: 164 Author: John Boyne Genre: Historical Fiction

This time Bruno has befriended a boy from the other side of the fence, the Jewish concentration camp in Poland. The author describes the boy as a speck, then a dot, then a blob and then a figure running towards him. This of course is written from a nine year old's point of view so the nine year old boy, Bruno doesn't understand why the boy, Schmeul is there. He doesn't know about the appalling conditions and thinks they just have fun and play games. He even wonders whether he should invite him to dinner. Even though his father is a Nazi commandment. Bruno visits the fence every day in the afternoon and every time, finds his friend Schmuel sitting there with his legs crossed. One day his mother, who doesn't have anybody to keep the boredom away and talk to, snaps. She tells Bruno's father that she doesn't want to live here anymore and that the place isn't healthy for the children. An interesting thing about the book is that we never find out what the father's name is, he is only called father. One day, soon after Bruno's mother has convinced the father that she will move back to Berlinererlin with the kids, Bruno's friend doesn't show up. The same goes for the day after. On the fourth day Bruno finally meets Schmuel, who runs up, a little late, he says that his dad has disappeared  Bruno breaks the news that he is leaving, and promises Schmuel that before he will leave he will go under the fence and help him find his father.

 The next day Bruno sees Schmuel with some striped pajamas, the Jews costume. Bruno changes and crawls under the fence. On the other side everything is ot how he imagines it. He sees people thin and sad, staring at the ground out of boredom  Suddenly he hears the sound of whistle and he is forced to march along with the rest of the group of around twenty prisoners. He thinks it's all rather fun, after all it's only a march. But the last thing that Schmuel's father did was go on a march. They all march into a room and the heavy steel door closes behind them. The last thing he says before the deadly gas hits is Schmuel you are my best friend.Ok guys I just want to let you know that this is fiction and never really happened, but that doesn't change the fact that around 6 million Jews where exterminated during WW2 which was horrible. This is the sort of book that leaves you feeling awful. A very good book but not for the faint hearted.

Blog Post Q2 11/26/12

Private Peaceful is a beautifully written book. In this part in the book, Thomas is feeling pressured to join the army, even though he is underage. He thinks that if he doesn't join the army, his whole family will blame him for cowardice, which they won't. He and his brave older brother, Charlie, join the military. For the first month or so, they are in what they considered a "living hell". There staff sergeant, Sergeant Hanley.  Hanley is  a rude, cruel sergeant who always ruins everything for Thomas's platoon. If even one soldier does something that is even slightly incorrect, he makes all of them do even more extensive training such as running miles and miles in the hot sun. Eventually, Hanley begins to have a grudge against Charlie. Charlie almost always resists what Hanley says. After weeks of training with Hanley, the platoon is glad to hear that they will be shipped off to Belgium. They are happy to get away from evil Sergeant Hanley, but are also nervous. After all, war is not a light matter, it is scary and very depressing. They get on board a ship and have about a weeks journey. On the journey, everybody is throwing up and getting sea sick. The waves tumble the ship from side to side. They are finally glad to arrive safely in Belgium.

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One Direction: Dare to Dream

Title: Dare To Dream

Authors: One Direction: Liam James Payne, Harry Edward Styles, Niall James Horan, Zayn Jawaad Malik, and Louis William Tomlinson

Genre: Auto-biography

In this book 5 young successful singers from a group One Direction tell their life from where it really started, The X Factor. They had a horrible past and tried to use their talent to gather monay and make a better future for them and their whole family. They all got through, until the day of Bootcamp came, the day when the most candidates leave. The judges decidied that neither of those 5 boys were ready enough to go through, but it was hard for them to let go of talented people, so they claled them up on stage and told them they will let them through the level as a group, they were joyful, very happy! when it came dow to making the name, in the book it was described like this: "We had no idea what name to call our group, when suddenly Harry said: 'One Band, One Dream, One Direction' The name was chosen, we were the new British boyband One Direction" I found this quote powerful, because whenever I want to achieve a goal, no matter how many paths or ways there are, shortcuts, easier ways, I will always look at one that leads me to my goal with no shortcut. This quote inspired me to look forward and never give up, becasue there is definately one dream that has to have its one direction. Now I have the answer, my favorite group is One Direction because they are inspiring. Throughout the X Factor cometition, they were regular people praying not to loose, when the finals came they won 3rd place, from that loss, they became more successful than the 1st and 2nd place winners. They made 38 songs published and 2 albums, each sold 30 million copies, and 10 awards. They are definately the most successful band I have ever heard and knew of. They are my inspiration, My favorite band, my dream and my Ome Direction.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Author: Lois Duncan
Pages: 198

This book is full of mystery as my friend Ajda (who recommended and gave it to me) said. It has a lot of suspense even though I am only at the beginning of the book. There are 4 main characters; Juile, Helene, Barry and Ray. They all just graduated from school and some of them are applying for colleges, or are already working. From what I got so far, they did something really bad last summer (which is not mentioned yet) and although they decided to keep it a secret between them four somehow somene found out. Or not? One day Helene got 2 letters. One from university saying that she got in and one that had a paper that wrote in black, bolt letters I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. After that accident last summer, the 4 friends weren't that close but that letter brought them all together once again. They 2 boys try and think positively that it might be just a prank but they are not sure themselves. 
I can't wait to see what happens next! It is so exciting and I am really sad that I didn't have enough time to finish the book so i can 'spoil' the story to you guys that all want to know what happens. Thanks Ajda that you recommended me this book since I love it too. Thumbs Up :D 

"Ans it wouldn't have been now", Helene said. "it would have been back last July when the thing actually happened Why would anybody wait ten months to do something if he knew?"
This quote is from the part that they are thinking who it might have been and why now.

The Help

Pages Read: 355/472
Author: Kathryn Stockett
Genre: Historical fiction

I am almost finished with The Help, and it continues to get more interesting. For a while Miss Skeeter had been dating a politician's son named Stuart. They broke up because he was not over his ex fiance. I also learned a new fact about Miss Celia which explains why she never did anything but sit around. She was pregnant for the fourth time. She never did anything because the first three babies were miscarriages and she thought if she did nothing it would not happen again, but it did. I think this brought her maid Minny and Miss Celia closer even though Minny resisted at first. Miss Celia cares for Minny. One day Minny came to work with a cut head, and she tried to call her a doctor but Minny refused. Miss Celia could also see past the lies when Minny said she hit her head on the bathtub. She knew Minny's husband Leroy had hit her yet again. Minny would leave Leroy for being a drunk and for abusing her, but they have many children that they must think of.  Aibleen is comforting Minny through her hard times. Many of the local white women began to dislike Miss Skeeter because she was carrying around a set of laws about boundaries between black and white people. During this part of the story Aibleen has not had much bad luck, nothing has really changed for her. Throughout the story you have black and white people who can connect and some who can't and I think this passage describes this perfectly, "There is undisguised hate for white women, there is inexplicable love" (Stockett 285)

Elizabeth the Queen of Austria

Elizabeth the Queen of Austria pages: 151 author:Darry Deneberg During her young childhood Elizabeth had good and peacfull childhood with her mother and father and her siblings, although in the book it says how elizabeth was the favorite child from the mother Dutchess Ludovika and Duke Maximillian elizabeths father. She was the fourth child. Her father Duke Maximillian was considered to be rather peculiar he had a childish love of circuses and traveled the Bavarian countryside to escape his duties. The family home was at Possenhofen Castle, far from the protocols of court. "Sisi" and her brothers and sisters grew up in a very unrestrained and unstructured environment, she often skipped her lessons to go riding about the countryside. In 1853, Princess Sophie of Bavaria, the mother of 23-year-old Emperor Franz Joseph, preferring to have a niece as a daughter-in-law rather than a stranger, arranged a marriage between her son and her sister Ludovika's eldest daughter, Helene. Although the couple had never met, Franz Joseph's obedience was taken for granted by the archduchess, who once was described as "the only man in the Hofburg".

Elijah Of Buxton

Title: Elijah Of Buxton
Author: Christopher Paul Curtis
Pages: 341
Genre: Historical Fiction

Two unknown men are coming to town, probably to steal people for slavery. The preacher rides on his horse outside the town, to take a look for the two men. After some days people started to get scared about the preacher not coming back. Rumors went everywhere. Finally when the preacher did come back he had a new pistol with and new rumors started to get created. Some said that he killed them, but Elijah wasn't so sure about that because why would he only have one pistol when there were two guys. 
Elijah and Cooter is not happy about Mr. Travis and what he teach them about. Mr. Travis planned on teaching them about "Familiarity breeds contempt." Cooter believes that it is about "breeding" and somebody should take a look at Mr. Travis. In the middle of class Cooter started smiling and Mr. Travis didn't tolerate that and he think that Cooter didn't give him the right respect.

"The way I figure, if Preacher had took those guns from those men, how come he only said he found one pistol?"

Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows

Author: J.K Rollings
Pages: 848
Pages Read: 467
Genre: Fantasy Mystery

In this book Harry Potter decides not to return to Hogwarts and go trying rto find and destroy the Horcruxes with Hermione and Ron. Before that Harry will leave the house to go to the Burrows, Ron's Parents, and attend Lupin's weading with Tonks. Sadly for the Happy couple there wedding wont be as perfect as they thought it would as the same day the Ministry falls and a kew minister of magic, controlled by death eaters, takes power, for this reason the protection charms around their house and all guests run away including  Harry, Hermione and Ron, whom will now start their misadventure which will include a visit in the Ministry to find a locket. Also a visit in Godric's Hollow where he will be seconds from meating You Know Who and seconds away from death. And put his friendship with Ron is put into peril.  Of course Harry will be scared but he know what hw's destiny awaits and affronts it with great bravery “I'm going to keep going until I succeed — or die. Don't think I don't know how this might end. I've known it for years.”Will Harry succed in finding all horcruxes and destroy them? Will he be able to kill Voldemort? Will all the people he cares for survive?

Between Shades of Gray

Book: Between Shades of Gray
Author: Ruta Sepetys
Pages: 344
Genre:Historic Fiction

    "Was it harder to die, or harder to be the one who survived?" (Page 319)
Your mother freezes to death, the commander tells you your father has been shot, where do you see your future going? Young Lina has experienced so many deaths since her departure from Lithuania, and now that there is no one left to look over her, she is responsible for her little brother. To every ones surprise, on page 333, a doctor comes to the camp, the NKVD have to let him in since he is the inspector of all camps, if they wouldn't he could report them to anyone. The inspector brings last hopes to Lina, he says what NKVD say isn't always real, that he has met many people that were "dead". The story end with Lina looking into the sky and seeing a tiny silver of gold between shades of gray on the horizon, then she squeezed the stone that Andrius had given her from the beginning of the book. After the story ended there is a note that was found, it was a letter from Lina to whoever would find it. The note stated how she was imprisoned for 12 years, those who survived could barely talk, but she found Andrius and they lived the rest of their life the best they could.

The ending of the book was a cliffhanger, one doesn't really know if Lina survives or what happened. I usually don't like Historic fiction books but this one was really exciting and had a story I had never read before. The story is a story about survival but also about loss. I recommend this book to people who like mysteries, this book has won many awards and most people will enjoy it. The author doesn't use complicated words meaning it is easy to read and has a deep story behind all chapters. I really liked this book and I hope if anyone ever decides to read it they will like it as well.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Escape the Mask Blog 3

  Title: Escape the Mask
Author: David Ward
Genre: Historic Fiction
Pages: 168/215

      The water reached the crowd and they all blacked out from the hit. When they woke up, they looked for how to escape. They decided to head for the trees. Soon, they faced another problem. In front of them, a soldier from the opposite army was sleeping on their path. They needed some time to come up with a solution, but than Coriko suggested that the best idea was that he took a rock and hit the soldier with it. The hope was that he would black out. Pippa and some other Diggers were not so happy about this idea because
there is a chance that this hit might lead to death, which some people do not support. Coriko ignored them and headed for the masked man. He hits the man with the rock and succeeds to put him to sleep. Unfortunately, some of the soldiers on the same side as this one heard Coriko and started merging toward Coriko. The Diggers had to make a run for it, Trees were their shelter. As soon as they hid deep enough into the trees, they decided to make a overnight there, Some of them were fascinated by the trees because they did not see them before in their life.
    The next morning, the Diggers started early. They found a clear exit from the trees. The exit was a beach. They decided to follow the beach. At one point they came to a wooden object they did not see before. But,Tia and Bran did. They saw it before because they have just arrived to the island from the outside world. The object was a boat. They continued. At one point, they saw a village. They decided to go toward it and see what it looks like. On the entrance to the village, the Diggers found themselves in the middle of a bunch of black huge rocks. They had writing and symbols on them. Tia recognized what it was. It was a graveyard. The rocks were graves. She explained that dead people were buried under those. Diggers were very confused by this, because the Spears threw dead bodies into the ocean. And now this. The walk was resumed. After not so long, they came to the village. There was smoke around it. They entered. As soon as they entered they noticed dead bodies everywhere. Pippa saw there was a dead pregnant women. She wanted to help her, but she couldn't. Thief, one of the Diggers, alerted Coriko that he saw dead bodies of Spears.
  I am really enjoying the book. Next time I am going to finish it.

Title: The Tale of Despereaux
Author: Kate DiCamillo
Number of Pages: 268
Genre of Novel: Fiction
This book is written in such way, that it tells each character's story one by one. I think it'll be much easier if I do the same. I'll start with the main, and probably the nicest character, the smallest mouse one could imagine, Despereaux.

Despereaux: The moment Despereaux was born, everyone thought him weird. He was unusually small, and his ears were abnormally large. And also, he was born with his eyes open! No mouse was ever born with his eyes wide open. But Despereaux was. Do you know what Despereaux in French means? It means depression. His mother names him that because he was the last of the mice to be born. All his other brothers and sisters at that moment had died. And worst of all, he heard things, instead of smelled them. He heard music no one else did. And then the worst is he sat at the  King's feet and let the Princess touch him! This was the biggest sin one could make because mice were supposed to avoid humans. Despite everyone's effort to try to make Despereaux into a real mouse, he stayed the way he was. And he ended up falling in love with the Princess! He name was Princess Pea, and she was loveliest person Despereaux had ever met. And since every mouse thought him weird, they decided to punish him for his weird behaviour. And the way they punish mice is by giving them to the rats! The rats eat them but that's the end. But a prisoner in the dungeons saved Despereaux, so he was free.  But once he was freed he learned that his beloved Princess was stolen, and he had to find her! But was he going to be too late?

Chiaroscuro: Chiaroscuro is not the most pleasant character. He's a rat, and rats as we know are not the cutest animals that live. The very strange thing about him is that he likes light. No rat likes light. They only live in the dark, and do cruel things to humans. It is because Roscuro (his name for short) liked the light so much, he decided to visit the rest of the castle he lived in, where there was light. But coming up ended in a disaster, where he fell in the soup of the queen, and she died of the heart attack. The Princess Pea, the same one that Despereaux likes, glared at him and told Roscuro he was a rat. Somehow Roscuro knew being called a rat wasn't a compliment. So he went back to the dungeons and went back to the dark, however planning a revenge on the Princess.

Princess Pea: Princess Pea was the first to see the rat on the chandelier when her mother, The Queen was having a a banquet and rat fell right into her favourite food; soup. The Queen died of a heart attack, and Roscuro felt like it was all his fault. He took just one little memory, a spoon. After that, soup was banished from the Kingdom. However Princess Pea didn't forget her mother. When she met Despereaux her father, The King, wouldn't let her have him, because it was because of a rat that his lovely wife died.

Miggery Sow: Miggery Sow lost her mother when she was only 6 years old. She wanted her mother to live, and told her mother," mother I want...I want...I want you to live!" And the mother replied, "Who cares what you want Meg " And with those words she died. Then her father sold her, and Miggery said," Father, please don't leave me. Am I not your daughter? I want to be with you!" But her father replied," Who cares what you want Meg " And he sold his daughter. She was sold to a nasty man who would hit her on the ears, and her ears soon looked like cauliflowers. One day the Princess Pea passes, and Meg saw her beautiful clothes, on a beautiful white horse. And she said "I want to be a princess." "Who cares what you want Meg?" The mean man replied and boxed her on the ears. But one day, one of the Royal Men came to take away all the spoons and pots because soup was forbidden, and he decided to take Meg too. She was so excited, she thought she would become a princess! But when she came to the castle she told she would be a maid. And she badly wanted to be a Princess.

The whole story: Well when the Rat, Roscuro heard that Miggery wanted to become a Princess, he suddenly had a plan. He would ask Miggery to threaten the Princess with a knife, and ask her to come to the dungeons, where the rat could look at her as his source of light, forever, and he would tell Miggery she would become princess instead. Poor Miggery didn't understand, she just wanted to be a Princess. But Despereaux heard what would happen to his lovely Princess. He decided with a needle and a piece of thread he would be able to get the Princess out. He would be her hero, he would live happily after with her... but he had to get past the rats first. When Despereaux heard his Princess was gone, he let the rats take him to the dungeon and lead him to the Princess. Such was his love for the Princess he didn't fear the nasty rats. When he came to the Princess, the rat was asking Meg to tie Princess Pea up. But Meg was crying. She would never become a princess! She told the rat all over and over again," I want to become a Princess!" And of course the at's reply was," No one cares what you want Meg!" But the Princess cared. She asked Meg," Meg, what is it that you want?"  And Meg replied," I want...I want...I want my MA!" And Princess Pea couldn't deny that she felt the same thing. The rat had to admit that he wanted the Princess because she was the only light he knew, and the Princess had to forgive him. So as Despereaux wanted he lived happily ever after (except a mouse couldn't marry a Princess no matter how extraordinary the story).