Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Title: Delirium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Genre: Teen Novel
Comments: Delirium is about a teen girl, Lena, who lives in a world where love is a disease. Though scientists have created a surgery, named the cure, to eradicate love from people’s lives, "freeing" them from the ill ease the symptoms of the sickness gives them. Lena goes her whole life believing this, making sure she does everything right and counting down the days till her surgery. She believes that with the surgery, and without love, life will be better; without pain and always happy and predictable. Yet before her surgery, the unthinkable happens and Lena falls into love, fast and far. There are a few reasons I like this book, First, I find the whole idea of a world without love, really very fascinating. Secondly, the way this book is written makes it a page turner and you never want to put it down. Lastly, the ending is different, for people who want to read this book, I do not want to spoil it, but this book definitely does not have a Disney ending. I would recommend people to read this book, especially if you enjoyed the Anthem or Uglies.


This is all the information about the book I read:

Title:  East
Author:  Edith Pattou
Genre:  Fantasy

Comments:  I love this book!  It's about a girl who lives in Norway, and how she has to come set this guy who is enchanted to be a white bear free.  The problem is, instead of setting him free, she ruins everything and he is spirited away to live with the troll queen.  She decides that she has to set things right, so she follows him into the land of the trolls in the Arctic.  I know that by the way I've written it, East sounds like a really shallow like "happily ever after" book, but really it's not.  There are a lot of insights into old-fashioned Norwegian life, such as spinning, and they use all these Norwegian words to describe things and places, such as "Fransk" and "Njorden." It's just a really interesting and awesome book, and I've loved it since I first bought it a few years ago.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

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