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Animal Farm by George Orwell

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*** Post about your favorite character AND your partner's favorite character so far and why?  Be specific about the qualities that you are enjoying.

My favorite character in “The Animal Farm” is napoleon the pig; he is also the main character of the book. Like the whole book, real life events and people influence Napoleons character. Orwell said that Stalin influenced the Character of Napoleon, but that the name is Napoleon, because Orwell believed that Napoleon the historical person was a ruthless dictator and tyrant.  He emerges as the leader after the rebellion after he overpowers Snowball. Like Stalin, napoleon uses military force, his nine loyal dogs, to control the other animals and extend his power.  By doing so he proves that he is more manipulative and treacherous than his opponent Snowball.  I Chose Napoleon as my favorite character because he is the leader on the Animal Farm. He is the one that planned everything and he is the smartest animal there, the most out of the ordinary one. Napoleon has great and revolutionary ideas, like trading with the humans, building the windmill. But there were often setbacks, like the food shortage, but napoleon cleverly blamed it on Snowball, who had gone rouge.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


At this point in my book, Things are starting to become more interesting and I am beginning to be pulled into the book a little more. At this time, Winston, the main character, is writing in his diary and trying to gain a better understanding of everything that is happening. He reads a children's history book to try to get a better understanding of how everything happened. This chapter is a sort of transition, and I think the next to come will be the characters attempt to change something. In this chapter he did a lot of thinking and observing. I think that I am reaching the turning point in this book.
So far, I am really enjoying this book, although it is a bit of a difficult read, it is very intriguing.

Pages read : 60

Pride and Prejudice

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Genre: Classic

The most significant difference me and my partner have found out it mostly the rate at which we read the book. My mom likes to read books in one go, or in a very short period of time. On the opposite, I usually read more than one book at once and I take a lot of time to finish a book.
This is partly why she finished the book the night she started it and I am far from finishing it.
We also have different opinions on certain characters. I think Elizabeth is a stubborn person but my mom sees her as more determined. Also, I imagine Jane as the kind of person that is always happy, always sees the good in people and for some reason, I imagine her skipping a lot. My mom sees her more as a person that is shy, doesn't talk much, that is naive and that doesn't have much energy. 

Little Women

Title: Little Women
Author: Louisa May Alcott
Genre: Classic

The classic book that I have been reading for my book report is Little Women. I am really enjoying this book, because it talks about the life of four sisters, whose daily struggles and adventures are quite relatable to the reader. However, I have noticed some differences between mine and my mom's reading. I have noticed that my mom can much more easily relate certain situations to the characters personality. For example, when one of the sisters faced a certain problem, she would be able to tell what kind of a person the character is by the way they react. I, however, do not look into it that deep, so there are a lot of details about the characters that I do not notice. This could be because my mom has much more experience, and she can see what kind of a person someone is much more easily. However, it could also be because she is able to concentrate on the book much better than I can. My mom is also able to understand the style of the writing, as well as the difficult language used much better than I can, which is the reason she is getting through the book much faster than I am. But, again, this is because of her experience, and her knowledge. Afterall, she has read much more books in her life, than I have. However, both of us are enjoying the book, and it is quite interesting to share our opinions as well as some disagreements about the characters and the plot.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

The biggest differences me and my mom (who is my partner for this project) had was the interpretation of some of the unexplained parts throughout the book. This occurred every once in a while when the story started to become more of a challenge and that would usually be where we would disagree or have different thoughts about the part we read. Throughout this massive 877 page novel, me and my mom had actually very minimal amount of disagreements, and we pretty much had the same idea and understood the story the same way.
The Boys of the Paul Street

This week while I was reading The Boys of the Paul Street the plot and story get more and more intresting with every page you flip. The boys decided to go to the base of there adversaries and leave a note that proves they were there. This was a very risky task since there adversaries the red shirts boys are bigger and stronger. The boys go anyway and manage to avoid red shirts and leave there note, the red shirts soon afterwards find the notes and start chasing the boys the boys make a swift and close escape and head to there base.

I'm really enjoying the book since it contains a lot of intresting parts and it's really entertaining to read. The book so far talk's about a great friendship and link between boys. This book also shows great wisdom and intelligence from some of the boys such as Boka the leader of the boys from paul's street, he always think through all his actions and makes sure everything he does is wise. So far this has been a great book and I would now rate it a 9 out of a possible 10.

Me and My mom find certain situations with different interpertaions and other situations we interpert similary. I think this is because she has a lot of experience and has been in this world a lot longer than I had. We both agree that is a great book and She really liked it when she read it the first time so do I now.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen

5 girls in the Bennet family are all eager to get married. Recently Mr. Collins, the Bennet girls cousin, married a friend of theirs, Charlotte. She moved into his house and because he was such an awful man she invited Elizabeth to go and visit her. Elizabeth was the second oldest Bennet daughter. Jane, the oldest was staying in London with her aunt and uncle. While Elizabeth was with Charlotte a man she had recently been acquainted with, Mr. Darcy. During her stay there he proposed to her. She having prejudice against him rejected him while stating all the things she had against him. The next day he came up to her and gave her a letter. In the letter it stated the truth about all of the things she had against him. As she read it over and over again she realized that what she thought about him was all wrong and she started to like him more. After she returned home to Longbourne Elizabeth went on another trip with her aunt and uncle to a place near to where Mr. Darcy's home was. When Elizabeth's aunt and uncle heard that Mr. Darcy's home was open to visit they decided to go. Back then Rich People would normally made it so that people could go to their houses to visit because their houses were sort of like museums. Elizabeth asked the housekeeper of the house if Mr. Darcy was at home and she was relieved when the answer was no. After they looked around a bit they went to the outside garden. While walking around Mr. Darcy came out of a shed in the garden. Elizabeth could not believe that he was here and she did not know what to feel. Elizabeth was glad that they did not have the time to converse. Later Elizabeth went to see if she had gotten any letters from the post office. The letter was from her older sister Jane. It said that Lydia, her youngest sister had just eloped with Mr. Whickham, a greedy man who wanted everything his own way and would only really marry for money. This was horrible for Elizabeth and she went out to get her aunt and uncle immediately. As Elizabeth was leaving the post office Mr. Darcy came into the post office. Mr. Darcy sent his servant after Elizabeth's aunt and uncle and he talked to Elizabeth. She told him what had happened with her sister. He knew quite how Elizabeth felt because Mr. Whickham had almost eloped with his own sister.
I can not wait to read the rest of the book to see what will happen.
I think that the most significant difference that I have noticed as we read the book was that my mom actually understood the book as we read and for the most part I was confused. My mom has read this book many times before that she has lost count. This makes it easier for her to understand the book. My mom is also older than me and has a wider range of vocabulary than me, which helps her to understand it much more than I do.

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Title: To Kill A Mocking Bird

Author: Harper Lee
Genre: Classic
Pages: 296

Comments: In this week of reading with my partner we found out that we had different perspectives to the book. My partner is my sister and she already read this book two times. She told me that each time she read this book she discovered something new than she read it the first time. When we first chose this book my sister said that this book suited me because it was from a kids perspective. She saw the actions and feelings in this book differently than I did. I think the reason for this is because she is a female. I guess that we both see stuff different in other situations too.

The Scarlet Letter

TASK: Post about the most significant difference that you have noticed between you and your partner as you have read your classic novel.  Attempt to explain the reasons for this difference.

Title: The Scarlet Letter

Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Genre: Classic


This week my partner and I have discussed factual information about the book we finished reading last week “The Scarlet Letter.” During our discussion, I’ve noticed that we had a lot of different ideas + opinions about the book and the characters. Not only did we argue about the characters, but we also had different thoughts about who should have ended up dying at the end. For example, I thought that Dimmesdale, Hester’s father, shouldn’t have died at the end because he was only trying to help around in the house. Meanwhile, my partner thought that Chillingworth, Hester’s cruel husband, shouldn’t have died at the end because she wanted to find out what would happen with the family. The different thoughts between my partner and I was that I was glad Dimmesdale visited Hester, Pearl and Chillingworth, it he wouldn’t have visited them, Chillignworth would have never died at the end. Meanwhile my partner wasn’t glad that Dimmesdale came into appearance because she wanted Chillingworth to stay alive. Overall, even though my partner and I couldn’t really get along while discussing about the book, I found this whole experience fun because we were really engaged and we were curious about each other’s thoughts- this also led us having different ideas, which will help me create my book project.

Oliver Twist

Title: Oliver Twist
Author: Charles Dickens
Pages Read: 78
Genre: Classical Novel

The most significant difference between me and my partner is the perspective and the speed we are reading in. My mom is already done with the book, while I am barely on Part 4 (the book divides into 5 parts, with sub-chapters). But aside from speed, we both differ in the perspective. My mom is more into understanding the harder language, and the way its written, while I have to take some time to re-read it and translate the sayings and vocabulary into easier. i think that the reason for this difference is the age difference or the education level, since my mom has already studied such difficult things, while this is not the first time, but I haven't read so many books with such a difficult grammar and theory (how people were treated 100 or 200 years ago compared to today).

Aside from business, I am really enjoying reading this classical novel, and looking forward to the ending. 

Joy Luck Club

          In the beginning of the book, there is one page that is irrelevant to the characters in the book, but relates to what seems to happen in the whole story.  It is about a Chinese woman who buys a swan at a vendor.  She bring it all the way to the United States, but the customs officers take it away from her and she is left with only one swan feather.  She then has a daughter, who swallowed "more Coca-Cola than sorrow".  She waits until she give her daughter that single swan feather and tell her that "This feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions" in perfect American-English.  However, the page never tells about whether or not she ever got around to it.
          My mom thinks that the swan symbolizes that lady's hopes for a new life.  She has all these hopes about her new life, her new country, herself, and her children, and that swan symbolizes them all.  When she is left with that one feather, the act of giving it to her daughter represents that her hopes have been realized through her daughter and through her new country.  I think that the swan also symbolizes the lady's hopes for a new life, but I think that those hopes were disappointed.  Her daughter ended up becoming shallow and didn't understand what her mom had gone through in World War II, and how she had had to immigrate to America.  I don't believe that she ever gave that feather to her daughter.  I think that she waited and waited, but it never happened.  

The Old Man and in the Sea

The difference between my partners and mine interception of the story were the same. We both thought that the book was breath taking and extremely exciting. We thought that the story had a dark and light parts to the book. Like in the middle when the old man caught the huge fish, but then the story got darker because the sharks after the old man had caught it, ripped the fish apart. But then at the end of the story the old man services after the storm and gets home safely. So mine and my partners interception of the story were the same. 

Mocking Jay

Book: Mocking Jay
Author: Suzanne Collin
Recently i have started rereading the Hunger Games Series, right now I am on the 3rd, and last book in the series. The book starts out with Katniss waking up in the hostital right after the quarter quell. She slowely starts to recover and mournes over the fact that Peeta hadn't been able to be rescued by the supposedly destroyed district 13. Throughout the book she and the rebels travel the other 11 districts (12 Katniss's home was recently burned to the ground killing all but a few of the rebels. This book is very interesting and as always I think that Suzanne Collins has done a great job with capturning you and bringing you into the world of Panem.
Right now in the book Katniss and her team of rebels are planning on going to the capital to sieze it. The beginning of the book goes rather slowely but once you reach the climax its impossible to put down.

The Brothers Karamazov #4

I think difference between mine and my partners interpretation is in how we interpreted the tone. My partner saw the book as very dark and mysterious. She thought it was depicting the bad side of the situation and that we as people are quite dark. I saw the book as very satirical and funny. I saw it as a message that we are naturally very uninformed and always act sort of... stupid in many situations.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hunger Game

 Title:Hunger Game
Author: Suzan Kolins
Gener: Action/drama

This Morning i started the greatest book of my life!!!! The name of this book is "Hunger Game". I just love it....I didn't read a lot of it,but so far it's great.16 year old Katnis Everdind lives in strange times in a strange place named District 13. She lives with here younger sister and here mom. District 13 has very strick rules, many things are forgiven such as hunting and many other. Once a year in District 13 there's a game called the, "Hunger Game". The rules of the Hunger Game are really cruel , when a person turns 12 it automatically enters the game, and it lasts until the person is 18. Everey year a person has to write down hers/his name and put it in a big jar, if a person needs help in life and has no food, that person has to write down her/his name down twice. 2 Persons can be picked from the jar. One female one mail. Once the people are picked the cruel game starts.Katnis wasn't scared to be picked, she was scared for here sister, here sister was 12 and it was here first time.The drawing from the jar started!!! Thats when Katnis sister got drawn from the Jar, Katnis panicked and she volentiared for the game instead of here sister...
That's where i stopped, and i am just about to continue reading it :)