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Quarter 1 Post 2 ~ Kingdom of the Wicked

Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked
Derek Landy

Skulduggery and Valkyrie, the two main characters, talk to a woman who claims to know the man that the pair are searching for, Argeddion. She tells them that Argeddion used to be called Walden D'Essai, and that he discovered his true name, which was Argeddion. It is always dangerous when someone learns their true name, because they become incredibly powerful. Skulduggery and Valkyrie find out that the Sanctuary (the magical community's Parliament) sent a team after Argeddion, led by a man named Tyren Lament. They never came back. The trouble is, there are no records of them at all. Skulduggery deduces that this means that Lament succeeded, because if he hadn't, another team would have been sent. Now they need to find Lament and find out what happened to Argeddion, so they figure that the best people to ask about someone are his enemies. Therefore, they go to a gaol to find a man named Nadir, one of Lament's enemies. They stumble upon the fact that Nadir's powers are being used to stop prisoners from escaping. Skulduggery and Valkyrie wake Nadir up, much to the warden's distress, and ask him who Lament's associates were. After they do that, Skulduggery realizes that Lament is probably keeping Argeddion locked up somewhere. He finds out that the Dagan Logistics company has made dealings with lament, and so the pair go to speak with the son of the owner of the company, Hansard Dagan.

"She went outside, looked out over the dark stagnant lake to the wasteland beyond, to where dead
trees clawed at the sky like the land itself was screaming. Valkyrie wondered if the whole world would

end up looking like that when she was through with it" (Landy 68).

I like this passage because it had very vivid imagery, and alludes to a problem that Valkyrie has. She has a dark side that constantly threatens to break out, a part of her called Darquesse, which is her true name. It has been prophecised that Darquesse will destroy the world, so Valkyrie is terrified of what she might do. This passage perfectly illustrates her feelings about it.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Second Blog Post: Heart of a Samurai

Title: Heart of a Samurai 

Author: Margi Preus

Genre: Children's literature

Pages: 57/282

I read chapter 3 to 5 until now. In chapter 3 to chapter 5, When Manjiro woke up he was on the John Howland, surrounded by one eyed sailors from the shore, the other fishermen were waving a flag to get the attention of the sailors, who end up rescuing the other fishermen as well. The sailors gave foods and new clothes to fishermen. And they taught them about eating using a fork, how to button their clothes, what shoes are and what pockets are in their pants. In the sailors, there is the best sailor called Captain Whitfield. Suddenly one of sailors talked to Manjiro and Manjiro's friends. Manjiro squeezed his eyes shut and tried to still his wildly pounding heart. He could not possibly be afraid, he reminded himself, for his heart was in order. Although also he had so many questions to the sailors. So he asked to Goemon how they find their way out here in the open ocean with no landmarks to guide the sailors and what they are doing. But Goemon answered sullenly, he just really wanted to go home. Goemon's theory is that they were looking for Japanese boys to cook in the pots differently with Manjiro's thinking. Manjiro was very curious about the sailors. When Captain Whitfield came to Manjiro and Goemon, he noticed that Manjiro had questions to him. So he permitted that Manjiro could asked that questions Manjiro wondering. Manjiro was so happy.

I think when Captain Whitfield saw Manjiro first. He was started to interested in Manjiro. Therefore they will be going together. I am so expected what is going to happen at next story. Whenever i continued to read this book, It always makes me curious like Manjiro and fell in about this book.  

My favorite passage is "My father told me that a person should always put his heart in order before falling asleep. Then he will be unencumbered by fear"

Because this passage is when Goemon asked to Manjiro such like this"Manjiro-chan, aren't you afraid? Don't you worry what they will do to us?", Manjiro replied calmly although he was afraid of Captain Whitfield. I think it is really hopeful and positive passage. 

Blog 2-Nemke

Dan Brown
Detective, mystery fiction, conspiracy, thriller

  Form page 100 to page 200 Lanngdon and Sienna are still running from the special force team sent by the assassins boss. The boss is becoming a very important character in the story, he commands from a 300 million yacht equiped with military weapons and technology, the ship is called the Consturium. His position is called the provost and thats what he is reffered by in the story. Sienna and Landon escaped the Bobboli gardens after being searched for in there. Vayentha; the assassin from previous chapters thinks that she can be rehired by the provost if she was able to catch Langdon and Sienna. We dont know why they are being chased but in a secret pocket in Langdons jacket he found a metal tube. Inside a projector that projects a modified image of Boticellis painting of hell; Map of Hell. They go to the hall of 500 search for clues. They go to the museum to see Dantes death mask, but they find out it has been stolen. By who? Find out in the next eddition of Nemkes Blog posts.

  I think that the book is extremely interesting, there is a big plot twist regarding Dantes death mask. I have learned about so many real life issues like overpopulation and so many things about artists and art. I am very excited to read on. I like the characters and the ones that I dont like I think that the author wanted us not to like them. I expect for Landgdon and Sienna to get into many close encounters and some actual encounters with the special force team. But they will find clever ways to not get caught. I am satisfied by what I have read so far because of all the minor and major plot twists that keep the story interesting.

Seekers: The Quest Begins - blog #2

Title: The Seekers: The Quest Begins
Author: Erin Hunter
Genre: fantasy
Number of pages read: 97/ 301

Through the past week I read up to chapter 8 and many things changed. At the end of chapter 4 we learned that Kallik's mother (the polar bears) died so Kallik is all by herself. 
The fifth chapter is talking about Lusa (the black ear). The event is taking place in the Bear Bowl - the zoo, where Lusa and her family and friends are living. Lusa and her friend friend Yogi are trying to climb the bear tree but without success. Then King, Lusa's father, tells her how to climb the tree better and she goes to the top where she sees tigers, monkeys and flamingos. When she comes down she asks her parents about the wild but no one wants to talk about it. Lusa wonders if she would one day see those amazing animals out of the zoo and if she would one day live in the wild. 
In the sixth chapter we meet Toklo (the grizzly bear) and his brother Tobi. They are playing while her mother, Oka, is looking for a den. Toklo asks her mother how to catch a salmon and she tells him how. Later, snow had fallen and ice had formed, causing difficulty travelling up the mountain but they still find a shelter. Then Tobi says he feels sick and Oka becomes angry. On the next morning Toklo wakes up. Tobi smell strange and cold, and he dies. Oka then wakes up, and realises that Tobi is dead. She buries them and says that is was their fault for his death. 
In the seventh chapter we are back with the poor polar bear, Kallik, who can't realize that her mother is dead. She makes sure that there are no orcas in the water and then she swims to look for Taqqiq - her brother. Kallik sees a bear but she was too old to be Taqqiq. The bear has seal carcass which reminds Kallik for her hunger. She tries to look for some food but without success and she then goes to sleep. On the morning she sees a gray line in front of her. This was a land. Kallik swims to it and she finally reaches it. 
Finally in the eight chapter Lusa (the black bear) is worried because her mother does not feel good. She can't even move and eat. Lusa wants to alert the flat - faces (the people who are working in the zoo) and they finally realize that something is happening. They are trying to reassure her and Lusa wonders if they had taken her mother away forever. 
I am pretty much impressed from what had happened because I saw many changes in the characters. Also many new characters had appeared and it was hard for me to remember all of them since the names are really weird. I expect that the bears will meat and will survive together, helping each other. 
Passage: "As night fill, the storm died down, and Kallik was left in a silent, empty world. The darkness above her was filled with glittering ice spots, and the ice underneath her felt thin and hollow, as if the water was trying to push through. 
Her mother was gone. She still couldn't believe it. How could Nisa be dead?"
This passage almost made me cry. Imagine living in such a evil world being still a cube without parents and siblings!? This passage also frustrated me because I want to know if this bear will survive all by herself or is there going to be someone else who will help her in the last moment.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Stephen Chbosky
# of pages read this week: 50/213


This week I read another 50 pages of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." It is coming up to Christmas and Charlie is introduced to a new "tradition" that his friends have been following for the past few years. He also meets a new girl called Mary Elizabeth; she also hangs out with Patrick and Sam. In the book he states that "Mary Elizabeth is a very interesting person because she has a tattoo that symbolizes Buddhism and a belly button ring and wears her hair to make somebody mad..." (Chbosky, pg. 47). Mary Elizabeth also has her own "fanzine" called "Punk Rocky." Charlie helps out by sometimes writing for the magazine. Every year for Christmas Sam, Patrick, Mary Elizabeth and some of their other friends do something called "Secret Santa." This is where each person randomly selects someone whom they will buy a present for that year. Charlie is the Secret Santa for Patrick and decides to make him a mix tape including some of his and Charlie's favourite songs. He hopes that Patrick will like it very much. Charlie's Secret Santa gave him a nice suite that Charlie liked very much. Not only is Charlie excited for Christmas and Secret Santa but also about the Christmas holidays, this is because his brother said he was coming to visit. Even though Charlie wasn't Sam's Secret Santa he still wanted to give her a gift. He gave her a card and inside was a record from The Beatles and it was called "Something." Sam loved it very much and gave Charlie a big hug and whispered that she loved him in his ear. She meant it in a friend way and Charlie new that. Sam was also very thoughtful and gave Charlie a gift. It was an old typewriter that had a ribbon around it. Sam proceeded to write "Write about me sometime." Then Charlie wrote "I will" and "I love you too" back to her on the typewriter. After that Sam asked him if he had ever kissed a girl he said no. Even though she had a boyfriend she kissed him, she said she did it because she wanted his first kiss to be with someone that he loved and that loved him back. Once Christmas was getting nearer and nearer Charlie and his family went out to buy presents for everyone. Charlie's birthday is in fact on Christmas day but on that day Charlie is always reminded of a tragic memory. On his birthday was the day that Aunt Helen died. Charlie loved Aunt Helen very much, she was his most favourite person in the world. She died on the way to getting Charlie's birthday gift and that is the reason why Charlie blames her death on himself. Because he feels that it is his fault he couldn't cope but to make it better his mom went and put some flowers on her grave.


Overall I feel that the part of the book that I read this week was pretty positive. Charlie really gets to show how much he loves and cares for Sam and it's nice that Sam really appreciates Charlie as a person. Charlie also experiences many new things in this part, he has his first kiss, he meets new people such as Mary Elizabeth, and also has his first Secret Santa. The only sad part of what I read is when it explains how Charlie blames himself for the death of Aunt Helen and how he sort of had a "breakdown" because of it.


"We both put down flowers and sometimes a card. We just want to know that we miss her, and we think of her, and that she is special."

I chose to use this passage because I can relate to it. The relation is that my grandma passed away when I was nine and I always think that I want her to know those exact things. We also leave flowers on her grave whenever we visit.

Mockingjay: Blog #2

1) Title: Mockingjay
Author: Suzanne Collins
Genre: Dystopic Fiction
Number of pages: 64/390

2) Since Wednesday, I only read about 15 pages, so not much have happened, but Katniss agreed to be the Mockingjay (the symbol of the rebellion against the Capitol) on several conditions. She demands that Peeta is kept alive, that he gets to hunt with Gale, to let Prim keep the cat, and that she be the one to kill President Snow if they win the war. I learned that Katniss is very stubborn and she usually gets what she wants, and she doesn't give up very easily. Now that Katniss has agreed to becoming the Mockingjay, the real war can begin, and the rebels can start planning their attack on the Capitol.

3) I expected Katniss to agree to becoming the Mockingjay the whole time, so it didn't surprise me when she did. I also knew that she was going to get what she wanted. I was surprised, however, when I found out that Cinna had been alive the whole time and designing her outfits. So i figured he had wanted her to be the Mockingjay, along with all the other rebels and Gale. Honestly, I have no idea what will happen next, so I am excited to find out and maybe come up with some questions about the book. So far, the book is exciting and there is plenty of action, so i don't get bored, but that also means I have to pay more attention, otherwise I am likely to miss something.

4) Passage: "'They don't know what Katniss?' he says. 'That tributes -- who are the actual children involved here, not your trio of freaks -- are forced to fight to the death? That you were going into that arena for people's amusement? Was that a big secret in the Capitol?'" (54). This passage makes me as a reader feel sad and it is unthinkable in my mind, that people can make children fight to the death for others' amusement. It just does not exist in my mind. This reveals that these people are living in dystopia and the rebellion is their only way out of their misery.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek
Sara Shepard
Mystery, thriller
116/ 288
In the past 5 chapters of the book the author gave you some more background information about the characters and their families. For example, I found some more things about Ethan (Emma’s boyfriend). Up to this point of the book Ethan was mentioned a lot but the reader (me) didn’t know much about the character and his background. I found out that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his mom because she had cancer and she mentally didn’t yet recover. That is important because I know that she is one person that cannot help with the mystery of who the murder is. I know that because I found out that Ethan doesn’t speak to her a lot. Another thing that I discovered was that Laurel (Suttons sister a suspect of the murder) was not with Thayer (Laurels boyfriend) on the night when the murder happened which made her even guiltier then she was. No one so far in the book knows where she was on the night of the murder This affected my opinion of who murdered Sutton in many ways. Before I thought that Laurel wasn’t guilty and it was just a misunderstanding but now I think that she murdered Sutton.

The things I have recently read have very much fulfilled my expectations because a couple of very important things were reveled in the past few chapters. I am amazed about how much can change in only 5 chapters. Now after reading them I have a totally different point of view of what happened on the night of the crime. I expect that in the next couple of chapters that they will introduce a totally new character and I think that that character might be helping Laurel (suspect of murder). But I also think that the next few chapters could also go in the other direction, someone will lie to protect laurel if she is guilty or that Emma will find a witness of the scene. I am very satisfied about what I have read so far because I find the book very exiting and each chapter gets you one step closer to finding out who the murderer is.

My concern is that by the end of the book that not all of my questions will be answered and I will have to imagine the end on my own.

Emma blinked, needing him to be clear “So… She didn’t stay with you?”
Thayer shook his head. “She left shortly after she dropped me off. She said she wanted to have a word with you. She was furious, like she wanted to kill you or something I’ve never seen her like that before.”
Page number: 113

That passage was important because then it was reviled that Laurel lied about where she was located on the night of the murder. In this passage Emma was talking to Thayer. On the night of the murder Thayer got hit by a car and Laurel drove him to the hospital, until now it was unknown if she was with him and this passage made it clear that she wasn’t. This passage makes me angry because as I read on Laurel is looking more guilty and I think she did it but deep down I don’t want her to be the murderer because I cant believe someone killing their own sister.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - JRR Tolkien - Blog Post #2 - Jared Rogerson

I have continued reading the book The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien and I am enjoying it a lot. Since my last post, I have read from page 103 to 153, which totals 50 pages.

In my last blog post I ended with Frodo and his pals entering a mushroom farm on the outer part of the Shire. As I read this week, a bunch of dogs come out and start chasing them, until there owner (who is a hobbit named Maggot) recognizes them and calls back his dogs. They go into Maggot's house and talk about why Frodo and his friends are out, and Maggot tells them something very interesting. What Maggot told them was that not long before they showed up, one of the Black Riders (that I mentioned in the last blog post) showed up and demanded to see Baggins. Maggot told this strange person that he had not seen Baggins, and that his dogs would attack the Black Rider if he did not leave at once. The Black Rider said that Frodo would be on his way, but left anyways. This concerns Frodo, and he decides that they need to leave as soon as possible.

After a nice dinner with Maggot and his family, Maggot drives them to the Bridge to cross out of the Shire, when someone comes up behind them. After a tense moment, they find out that it is Merry Brandybuck and then Maggot goes back to his farm. They cross the river and arrive at Frodo's new house. Frodo doesn't know how to break the news to them that he has to leave, but he finds out that they all new everything already, and had been watching him and eavesdropping and new everything about the Ring and the quest that Frodo did. This surprised Frodo a bit, but overall he was happy that he didn't have to say goodbye.

The next morning they get ready to leave, and they decide that the fastest route is through the Forest. This forest has many "queer" tales, and is very dangerous. They decide that it is the best way to get to Rivendell and not be followed, so they start on through. Right from the beginning the Forest seems to be fighting them, and later in the day the Forest casts a spell on them that makes them all really sleepy. They all fall asleep, and Pippin gets captured by a tree while Sam is the only one still a bit awake. As they are calling for help, a stranger arrives and sings Pippin out of the tree. This hobbit calls himself Tom, and he is quite a weird person. He takes them back to his home and they eat a drink and talk. The next day there is a lot of rain so they don't go any further, and listen to Tom's stories. This is where the part that I read ends.

In my opinion, I think Tom is actually evil and is trying to do something bad to them. The reason why I think this is because he sings so much, and is very jumpy and hinting that he might be insane or something. I am not totally sure, but that is what I think about Tom. So far, I am enjoying this book because of the details and the action, but it is quite a long book and the language is fairly old and different then we talk now.

The passage that I have chosen takes place when Pippin has been trapped by the tree, and they call for help. The reason why I choose this section is because it explains the Forest, and how weird and eerie it really is.

'Do you know sam?,' he said at length. ' the beastly tree threw him in!, I felt it!, The big root just twisted around and tripped me in!'. ' You were dreaming I expect Mr. Frodo, you shouldn't sit in such a place if you feel sleepy.'

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows #2 Post

Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows 
J.K Rowling 
Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller 

 It was the day of the wedding. Ron’s older brother Bill Weasley was getting married to a French witch, Fleur Delacour. At the wedding Harry was meant to be disguised as Branny Weasley, so that the dark side wouldn't be able to find him. While Harry, Ron and Hermione were having a wonderful time at the wedding, a group of Voldemort’s followers, also known as the Death Eaters came crashing, looking for Harry Potter.  As soon as Harry saw a “black hooded figure” he grabbed Hermione and then Ron by the hand. The three of them raised their wands to get out of their as soon as possible. They found themselves in central London, looking for a place to change. Hermione had a small beaded bag which had the “undetectable extension charm”. That meant that she was packed for emergency getaway. She had absolutely everything that they needed in that small bag, clothing, Harry’s invisibility cloak and even books. Everything they needed for survival. As Ron, Hermione and Harry were looking for a place to hide, they decided to stop by a small café. As they were talking, two men dressed up in blue suites came in the café. Harry had a little feeling that something wasn't right and at that moment the two men pulled out their wands pointing at the three of them. Luckily they fought back and the two working men blacked out from the spells. Harry and Ron recognized who the men were. They were Death Eaters who have been following them since they escaped from the wedding. Before getting out and finding a place to stay at, Hermione casted a charm, “obviate” to wipe out the death eaters memories. By the end of the night they found a place to stay where no one could find them. They stayed at a place called Grimmauld place in which a group of people called the Order lived in. The order used to be a group of people that would protect the wizarding and muggle world from Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Since there is no more order, the house is empty and hidden behind London flats. That is the only place they knew was hidden from the muggles and even the dark side.

What I have read so far is very interesting. Every chapter gets even more and more exciting to read. At this point of the book things are getting hazardous and Harry, Ron and Hermione are being followed and are in grave danger. I can’t wait to read on and find out what will happen to the three of them and to see if they will cross paths with even more Death Eaters.

“Harry and Hermione threw themselves into the panicked crowd. Guests were sprinting in all directions; many were Dissapparating; the protective enchantments around the Burrow had broken.
                “Ron!’ Hermione cried, “Ron, where are you?”
As they pushed their way across the dance floor, Harry saw the cloaked and masked figures appearing in the crowd; then he saw Lupin and Tonks, their wands raised, and heard both of them shout,
“Protego!”, a cry that was echoed on all sides.   

 In this section of the book all of the danger is about to happen. In that passage it is very well detailed that we could imagine how Hermione and Harry are trying to find Ron and how all of the guests are running around in different directions trying to escape. The passage also shows the relationship that Harry, Ron and Hermione have for each other. No matter how dangerous it was at the wedding, Hermione and Harry would never leave without Ron and no matter what the situation is, they would never leave each other behind.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit
J.J.R. Tolkien

I have continued reading the book The Hobbit and I am certainly enjoying it. Until this point in the book I have read about the beginning of Bilbo's adventure. Bilbo and the group of Dwarfs have to cross through the mountains while a huge thunderstorm is going on. Thanks to Gandalf's intelligence they are able to pass through the safest passages. After sometime they needed to stop somewhere because it was to risky to climb the steep mountains on such bad weather. Thanks to the two youngest dwarfs Kili and Fili they were able to find a hole in the mountain to take some rest over the night.
In the middle of the night a crack opens in the mountain and the whole group falls into the goblins layer. After they have fell in they got captured. One of the goblins found the sword Thorin had brought with him. The sword that killed a 1000 goblins. In anger the great Goblin attacks. Just before the goblin had killed Thorin the lights in the cavern had gone out. Thorin the kills the Great Goblin. The goblins get mad and start to attack Dori who was carrying Bilbo as Dori falls so does Bilbo, as he falls he falls into Gollem's layer and falls unconsciousness. When Bilbo wakes up he finds himself next to a golden ring, he picks up the ring and puts it in his pocket. He then continues through the hole, finally he comes to a small lake that goes through the cave and their he finds Gollem. Gollem suggest they play a game of riddles because he does not want to risk his life trying to kill Bilbo. They made a deal if Gollem wins he eats Bilbo and if Bilbo wins Gollem shows him the way out. When it was Bilbo's turn he asks Gollem What's in my pocket to win. Gollem then goes to his little island in the middle of the lake to find his precious (the ring Bilbo has in his pocket). When Gollem accuses Bilbo of stealing the ring Bilbo not knowing the powers of the ring he puts the ring on and becomes invisible. He then followed Gollem to the exit of the cave and he finally came to the open world and fresh air.
I discovered that Bilbo is very naive and and he is very smart and can use his brain well to get himself out of trouble.
This journey strengthened Bilbo a bit and mad him more manly.

I think that there is a lot going on and that the dwarfs have helped Bilbo a lot.
My recent reading has fulfilled my expectations and I am very satisfied with the book at this point.
For my continued reading I expect to find out more about the book and the dwarf's castle.
I am very satisfied What I have read and I love that every time I read this book I find something new out.

One quote that I chose this time is whats in my pocket? because i like Bilbo's naive way of thinking and how he thinks out side the box to help himself out of trouble.

Across Five Aprils

Across Five Aprils
historical novel
pages read 33

In chapter 2, a man named Wilse Graham who is Jethro's cousin visits the Creightons. The Creightons decide to let him and his companions stay for the night which makes Jethro happy as he can escape the monotonous routine. But things go different from what Jethro had anticipated and Wilse and Matt gets into an argument about war.  Matt asks Wilse if Kentucky wants to secede, and Wilse says maybe and, in return, asks how southern Illinois would feel about it. Matt says it will be hard for the river states, and Wilse argues that southern Illinois is part of the South. Matt argues that "separate, we're jest two weakened, puny pieces, each needin' the other." Wilse argues that only half of the country enjoys those benefits. Wilse says that the South should be able to do what it wants with no interference and adds that since the beginning of time slavery has existed. Wilse says that the real issue is greed, not slavery. Ellen stops the argument and Wilse apologises. Then Sadrach returns with a news and reports that there has been a gun fight in Fort Sumter and that the union general surrendered. Jenny asks if it means war and Sadrach says that since the congress is not in session, it is technically not a war. However Lincoln asked for 75,000 volunteer soldiers which would mean that it is a war between the North and the South.

This conversation makes Jethro realize that a war is very serious and dreadful since it brought his friendly family into an argument.

I think this family will go through the "danger" in this book which is war. I think Jethro will somehow overcome this war somehow and become a respected man in the end.

Blog Post #2: White Ghost Girls

White Ghost Girls
Author: Alice Greenway
Genre: Young Adult Fiction: Multicultural
Pages: 22% (kindle doesn't give page numbers)

Summary: In chapter four to the end of chapter seven, Kate explains how their father covers the walls of the laundry room with pictures of the wars he reported on and how their mom has a picture of them dressed to go to church. In chapter four we also meet Ah Bing, their nanny and housekeeper. In the 5th, 6th, and 7th chapter, she explains how their mom makes them wear white cotton dresses with gloves to go to church and how much Frankie hates it. When they go to church in their olive-green car they pass Mao and his Red Guards. In the church Frankie makes a fool of herself and gets slapped by her mom :(. We also meet a boy that goes to Kate's school but that is deaf. I think that Kate has a certain liking for him but i'm not sure.

What do you expect for your continued reading?
I think Kate will introduce other characters and the conflict will start. 

Did what you expected to happen last time happen?
No. Last time I expected the conflict to start but it didn't. Instead I got a bigger feel for the characters.

Passage Section:
"I asked my father what he thought of when his helicopter was hit. Did he think he was going to die?
     'I thought of your mother,' he said. ' I thought about the first time she came to visit the farm in Vermont. She was sitting on the porch swing. She was wearing sandals and eating a crab sandwich.' " 

That quote really marked me in a way because he remembers every detail of that special moment. Like when you're going to die you have a flashback of your most precious memory. For some reason I think he is going to die.

Across Five Aprils

Across Five Aprils
historical novel
pages read 33

In chapter 2, a man named Wilse Graham who is Jethro's cousin visits the Creightons. The Creightons decide to let him and his companions stay for the night which makes Jethro happy as he can escape the monotonous routine. But things go different from what Jethro had anticipated and Wilse and Matt gets into an argument about war.  Matt asks Wilse if Kentucky wants to secede, and Wilse says maybe and, in return, asks how southern Illinois would feel about it. Matt says it will be hard for the river states, and Wilse argues that southern Illinois is part of the South. Matt argues that "separate, we're jest two weakened, puny pieces, each needin' the other." Wilse argues that only half of the country enjoys those benefits. Wilse says that the South should be able to do what it wants with no interference and adds that since the beginning of time slavery has existed. Wilse says that the real issue is greed, not slavery. Ellen stops the argument and Wilse apologises. Then Sadrach returns with a news and reports that there has been a gun fight in Fort Sumter and that the union general surrendered. Jenny asks if it means war and Sadrach says that since the congress is not in session, it is technically not a war. However Lincoln asked for 75,000 volunteer soldiers which would mean that it is a war between the North and the South.

This conversation makes Jethro realize that a war is very serious and dreadful since it brought his friendly family into an argument.

I think this family will go through the "danger" in this book which is war. I think Jethro will somehow overcome this war somehow and become a respected man in the end.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Book:4) "The Miserable Mill"

Title: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Book:4) "The Miserable Mill"

Author: Lemony Snicket

Genre: Series for kids.

Pages I have read this week: 50

Pages I have read in total: 100 (100/194)

I have continued reading the really interesting book called "The Miserable Mill" by Lemony Snicket and I am enjoying it. Nothing really changed from the start of the book, the kids are working really hard in the factory and no one respects that they are really young so they have a hard time. They also have some accidents and they are really sad. The don't know what to do so they continue working, there isn't any other way for them. Also their layer is really busy, so he doesn't do anything for them. I think and hope that something important will happen and change many things in the terrible story about these three poor kids. 
Blog Post Number 2 BUD, NOT BUDDY

I am reading a book called "Bud, Not Buddy" by Christopher Paul Curtis. It is a historical fiction book and I have read 65 out of 236 pages so far.
In the 15 pages that I have read from Wednesday, the most important things that have happened are that Bud is moving to the west with Bugs, and Ms Hill, the librarian, has moved to Chicago with her new husband. From the second piece of information, I can understand that Ms Hill is a very important person for Bud. He even says that he would be willing to walk to Chicago to see her. From the first piece of information, I can see that Bugs and Bud are like brothers. "Now it was official, I had a brother!" is the quote that lead me to this idea. These developments have changed Bud because now he feels like he is in good hands and that he is safe.
I think that what I have read from this book so far is excellent. My recent reading hasn't fulfilled any of my expectations yet, but I'm sure it will. I expect my continued reading to tell me more about the cardboard village and about how Bug and Bud's relationship will grow. I am very satisfied with what I have read because the book doesn't have a ton of information on one page, and the information is very balanced out throughout the entire book.
"Bugs spit a big blob of slob in his hand and said, 'I knew I could depend on you, Bud.'
I spit a big glob in my hand and said, 'We're brothers forever, Bugs!'" (page 63). This passage from the book reveals that the theme is brotherhood. It reveals that both characters love each other and would defend one another no matter what. This passage challenges me as a reader because it makes me wonder if either one is going to be true to the other and never give up on him.


Title: Nation
Author: Terry Pratchett
Genre: Adventure
Pages read: 10, 20/365

Last time as I was saying, A captain with his crew were setting of sail while they were in a storm. Now it was taking place on an island where a boy named Mau lives on it. The author talks about him for a while and what he usually does every day.
I haven't learned or discovered anything while reading.
I was thinking that if the captain will stop at the island because on the cover of the book there is Mau and a ship. Its probably the captain's ship.

Blog Post #1: White Ghost Girls

White Ghost Girls
Author: Alice Greenway
Genre: Young Adult Fiction: Multicultural
Pages: 12% (on the kindle you don't have the number of pages)

Summary: So far in the first 3 chapters I've read the characters are introduced and you get a feel for the setting. The book is set in Hong Kong during the war between Vietnam and America. The main characters are Kate and Frankie who are sisters and who come from America but live in Hong Kong. Their father is a journalist/photographer and he reports and takes pictures of the war. Their mom is a painter who is alone to take care of them. In the second chapter Kate and Ah Wong a fisherman find the body of a dead lady and drag it out to shore. The hair of the lady is black and fans out in the water around her head, little fish swim around in her eye sockets and she is wearing a farmer's clothes.
What do you expect for your continued reading?
I expect something bad to happen to start the conflict. For example their father getting hurt or disappearing.

How satisfied are you with what you have read?
I am satisfied with what i have read so far because the story is very suspenseful and interesting.

Passage Section:
The story is told from Kate the younger sisters' point of view.Her first sentence is a question which tells you a lot yet so little. "What can you give me?" She then goes on to describe China and you can feel that she is missing something. The she says "Can you give me my father's hand in mine and Frankie's in the other? Then take everything and go away?". "This summer, the one i'm going to tell you about, is the only time that matters. It's the time I'll think of when i'm dying just as another might recall a lost lover or regret a lover they never had. For me there is one story. It's my sister's-Frankie's."

Blog post #2 Daniel Harbers

Name: 1984

At this point the lead role Winston Smith fells and an anger against towards the government. He wishes for a place free from constant supervision. Slowly and slowly he breaks more laws. His hatred grows as does his danger. He becomes finds himself in a world that he despises and knows there is absolutely nothing he can do. He grows a small appreciation of the rebels as he finds more flaws in the government.

Blog Post #2 The Riddle

The Riddle
Alison Croggon
89 pages  162/482

Maerad continues her study in the School of Busk while Cadvan searches about the Tree Song, though they have to leave since Nerili has already found that the Hulls suspect that they are hiding in Busk. They leave the city of Busk for the mountains in the center of the island. Nerili assigns Elenxi (one of the first circle Bards of Busk) to guide them through the mountains too see his brother who lives all alone up in the steepest mountains. They climb steep mountains and walk for hours hoping the darkness would not follow them there. They finally reaches Elenxi's brother's house, where they stay for a month waiting for the response for the other schools (they sent out messengers to all the schools warning about Norloch). Maerad and Cadvan try to explore her powers to see what kind of power she has. Since she ha Elemental blood Cadvan wondered if she could actually transform something into something else, no ordinary bard can do this, instead they use -glimmer-spells which tricks the eye to  think it is something else. Maerad tries hard some times to transform a boulder into a mountain lion, though of course Cadvan and Maerad did not think it would work but when she actually did transform the stone into a lion the did panic but Cadvan quickly put it too sleep. Both of them did not expect this but the main problem was how they were going to transform it back to a stone. Though Maerad's powers were totally drained after the transformation she forced herself to try to turn it back to a stone and succeeded.  When the messengers returned to Busk Nerili came to visit them up in the mountains and told them both that some schools agreed to join them and that some were not sure because they did not want to be seen as rebels by Norloch which had a very strong army. They knew that the dark suspected that they were hiding in busk and Nerili had already found one of the spies of the dark in the city, this meant that Cadvan and Maerad had to leave urgently, or the dark might find proof that they were here and wage a war no Busk. They need to reach the other side of The island at the easiest way to get through the mountains is to walk through a ravine that was called The Snakes Stomach. They travel there with Elenxi, though it used to be safe there now they got a sudden attack by a Hull. Elenxi was hit by the surprise attack and knocked unconscious so  it was up to Cadvan and Maerad. They had trouble finding the hull and whatever attack they shot at him he would just reflect it with a stronger force. It was revealed that he had a BlackStone which was a very rare stone that worth more that gold and was usually used as an extremely thin layer in expensive shield... though a BlackStone contained a lot of it wand could fill someones hand, it is said to be very hard so both make and form and it was a surprise that a Hull had it. The hull made an attempt to knock Maerad out with her own power, she is unconscious for some moments but forces herself to stand up again. When she can see again she realizes the Hull is locked in a sword battle with Cadvan, they were both skilled swordsman and the Hull's full attention was on Cadvan since it though she was unconscious. Maerad used all her powers to transform the Hull into a little rabbit. This was amusing for both of them until Cadvan snapped the little rabbits neck since it was a hull and they did not know if her transformations would wear of and if so they could not afford the risk. Maerad is allowed to keep the BlackStone and they help Elenxi up who was frustrated that had missed the fight. They reach the coast where Owan (an old fried) is waiting with his boat called The White Owl ready to sail to Gent. They sail for two days in peace as there are no winds. Though on the third day there Maerad is woken by a huge crashing on deck and the horrible shrieks of what sounded like dogs all barking like the kind. She gets up on deck when the whole boa is shaking and she on deck she realizes it is storming and Cadvan is fighting huge transparent creature that seemed to be made of wind with a silver and emerald tint. It looked like a huge bulky dog bigger than the ship with emerald fire for eyes. It howls and attacks the ship and Cadvan can barley defend the ship. As Maerad stands there the wind dog (later she gets to know it's called a StormDog)  turns it's attention to her... and just as she feels it's fury and confusing she comes to think of the lullaby her mother used to sing to her when she was really small. She started to sing to the StormDog both in her mind and out aloud. Both Cadvan and Owan become surprised when the howls started to die down and the StormDog stopped attacking and then slowly faded.They sail the third day to Gent where they are welcome to the First Bard's hidden home.

1.What is happening at this point in your reading?
Maerad and Cadvan have fled to Gent to avoid the darkness and have found out that the Winter King is also after them and that they need to find the Tree Song now. 
2.What have you learned or discovered in this section of your reading?
I learned that the Winter King is very powerful and also after Maerad. 3.How have these developments affected the characters, relationships, situation OR your understanding of the issues presented withing your reading?
When fleeing to Gent they strengthened their friendship with Owan and Maerad got a new friend in Get who was the daughter of the First Bard of Gent. My understanding changed by that now I now that they need to fin the Tree Song fast because soon it will be too late and they barley have any choice where to go anymore because they are wanted in all of Annar and another place there are Hulls looking for them and the sea is full of StormDogs that will most likely kill them. 

Response & Reflect

1.What do you think about what you have read?
I think that both Cadvan and Maerad are getting closer to the tree song but that the darkness is catching up to them even more and that now they have another burden on them, since he StormDogs are only controlled by the Winder King whom had only shown himself during The War of the Elementals millions of years before which I find strange and it is worrying that they are hunted by two powerful sources. 
2.Has your recent reading fulfilled your expectations?
Yes, I expected that Maerad and Cadvan would be forced to hurry on their journey that that they must flee yet again from a beautiful school.3.What do you expect for your continued reading?
I expect that they soon have to flee gent and that it is going to be hard since Maerad had become friends with the First Brad's daughter.4.How satisfied are you with what you have read?
I am satisfied because I have planned out how much I need to read each week and I managed to read enough and according to plan. 

Passage Section
"Nerveless, I fear that the StormDogs at sea would be a certain death sentence. One came close to killing us. Even with armies pursuing us, Annar is the lesser risk" Page 161
I find this passage important because they are deciding if they should travel by sea or go through Annar, though it makes me kind of annoyed that they end up traveling through Annar anyway even though they tried to avoid it s many times. I like this sentence because they clear up all their choices and give the reader a clear understanding of what they have to face no matter what path they take.   

The Perks of Being a Wallflower #2

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Stephen Chbosky
Young adults, fiction

It's getting closer to december which means Christmas! He meets this girl named Mary alice who hangs out with Charlie, Sam and Patrick. They aren't really close friends. Well Charlie and his friends do secret santa every year so this year Charlie bought Patrick a gift, it was a mix tape with loads of songs that Patrick likes. Sam gave him a typewriter even though she didn't have to give him a gift. Charlie told Sam that he liked her and she kissed him but She doesn't like him the way he likes her. As december comes by he talks about how he is going to visit his family and how he is happy that he can see his brother for his birthday. His family drives to their grandma and grandpa's house for Christmas but he misses aunt Helen a lot and when his Birthday arrives (25th December) he has a breakdown about aunt Helen so his mother decides to go to her grave and bring flowers. At the grave we learn that Aunt Helen had a bad life, she was hurt a lot by men and boys and she always had problems, that's why She lived a long time in Charlie's house. She died on Charlie's birthday and Christmas in a car accident. She was going to go buy Charlie a present and that is when Charlie saw her last, when he found out that she died he doesn't remember what happened all he remembers was that he woke up in a hospital. After Christmas they return home and it's new years. He tries LSD and starts hallucinating and passes out in the snow. He goes to school the next day and gets teased a lot for wearing his christmas suite that Patrick gave him. Overall at this point he is a bit lost and confused.

I know now that charlie has panic attacks on his birthday because he blames himself for her death even though it wasn't his fault. She was going to buy a present for charlie when she got in the accident and so now Charlie thinks he is responsible for her death which is very sad. I hope that I find out more about Aunt Helen and I also want to see what will happen with him and Sam.

" "I'm going to go buy you a christmas present."
That was the last time i ever saw her. I like to think that my aunt Helen would now have that job she was studying for. I like to think she would have met a good man. I would think that she would have lost the weight she always wanted to lose without dieting. Despite everything my mom and doctor and dad have said to me about blame, I can't stop thinking what i know."

This passage is pretty sad because poor Charlie is blaming himself for her death and picturing how much better her life would be if she hadn't gone to buy the present.

Blog Post 2

The Return of the King

J.R.R. Tolkien

Science Fiction

70 pages

This week I was reading about the journey of the King Théoden’s army to the Minas Tirith. Another thing I was reading about was the firing of the messengers on the top of the mountains so they can gather around the armies for the big fight. But my favorite part was when Gandalf the white went to King Théoden and told that he will need Marry because the night before he took the ball of Souruman. When Marry touched the ball he saw what would happened in the future to Minas Tirith. So when they came to the castle they went up to the king of Minas Tirith and then Gandalf explained what Marry saw, but the king didn’t care. So what they did was they sneaked out of the castle and Gandalf got Marry close to the messengers, which was on top of the mountain where the castle was made. So what Marry did he started climbing to the firing place, without the kings order. When he came to the top of the mountain he lite firing place and then quickly came down. When they saw the fire the people were really confused what happened. So all the other messengers lite right away so when other villages so it they immediately started to prepare for the journey to Minas Tirith. What I learned from this is that you should always listen to your mind not to other minds telling you something different. Something that happened between the two characters Gandalf and the king of Minas Tirith is that the king went crazy on Gandalf because he went with Marry to the messengers place and lite it on fire without kings permission. The king already crazy but when he heard what he has done he gone even crazier. 

The messengers without bow or answer turned and fled. Now Denethor stood up and released the fevered hand of Faramir that he had held. 'He is burning, already burning,' he said sadly. 'The house of his spirit crumbles.' Then stepping softly towards Pippin he looked down at him.
What I think about this passage is a good passage, because you can see the kings reaction when he saw fire on top of the mountain.  Also in this paragraph you can see the reactions of the king when the messengers told what is happening.