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The Great Gatsby #3

The Great Gatsby 
F, Scott Fitzgerald
Classic novel

In the time of the book Gatsby and his neighbors are all rich from the start and on the other side of the lake are the newly rich and the middle class live one another part of town so basically all these people live in different places depending on how rich they are, nowadays rich people live together around in the same places and it doesn't matter how long they have been rich for and even sometimes rich people live in the same places as lower class people. Gatsby loves throwing giant parties and having people around his house because sometimes he gets lonely in his giant mansion. I think that if Gatsby was transported to 2014 he would definable be very shocked by the fact that interracial and same sex marriage, because in that time it would be very shocking and was extremely rare. I think that Gatsby would embrace the norm that people from different classes can hang out together and live in the same neighborhood because that is something that makes his relationship with daisy even harder. Well one very main social norm in the Great Gatsby is how people from the upper class attend a party every weekend at his house this does exist in the present like how people go partying on the weekends. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes#2

Blog post 2
The Adventures of Sherlock Homes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock is faced with a man vs man conflict where a woman has been taking some photos of the King of Bohemia while in their relationship to use against the King if he leaves her and he wants Sherlock to find them.
Sherlock is excited by this conflict. Sherlock is a strange man who loves a good mystery; to him this is like playing a game.
This is a type of conflict that exists in real life because it’s really a form of blackmail and bullying and you do see that in everyday life.
If I was in this situation I don’t know how I would react. If I were asked to solve a mystery I would tell them they should go find someone else who knows how to solve mysteries.

I would react this way because I would just be hopeless and I would never find their photos.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

To Kill A Mockingbird - Blog #2

To Kill A Mockingbird
Harper Lee

The main conflict that Scout (Jean Louise Finch) faces so far in the novel is Man vs. Society; she is different from other people, doesn't really fit in, and has a lot of questions about everything. Scout copes with this by reading by herself, or thinking about things because she doesn't really feel like she belongs. This is indeed a type of conflict that exists in modern society because there are still outsiders who don't belong, there is judgement and misunderstandings between people because we don't listen, and we don't want change. If I was in the same situation as Scout I would probably react a little differently; I would keep to myself, but I wouldn't remain peaceful, I would get angry because people don't understand me or my thinking, and I would wonder why. I think I would react this way because I like being by myself; that's how I figure things out, that's how I think, and also because I am not very patient with people who don't understand, or don't want to understand.

The Great Gatsby #2

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is the main character, he is constantly fighting himself because he is in love with Daisy and will never stop loving her even though he knows that it is almost impossible to be with her since she is married and has made her own life. He is trying to find Daisy again, so he is throwing parties every weekend, hoping that she will show up and they will fall madly in love with each other again. Yes this type of conflict does exist in reality, but I honestly don't think it's dealt with the same way as Gatsby did. If I was in Gatsby's position, I would have let the person go if I knew that they were happy and already had moved on and made a life without me. If I really loved a person as much as Gatsby loves Daisy, I would want them to be happy, and if that meant letting them live their own life without me, I would let them even if it made me upset. 

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Blog Post #2 - Jared Rogerson

The book I am continuing to read is the classic fantasy novel, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers by JRR Tolkien.

The main conflict in this book is Frodo trying to destroy the Ring of Power, while the Ring of Power is influencing his thoughts. Frodo is brave while going on the quest to get rid of the rings, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for him because the Ring is starting to influence his thoughts. This conflict sort of exists today: we don't have a physical ring we must destroy, but there is still temptation to do evil things in the world. If it were me in this situation I would probably freak out and end up not going on the quest, because I prefer staying at home and relaxing rather then doing dangerous quests and stuff. I would react this way because I personally am not a very adventurous person, and I get scared of things that aren't even remotely as scary as this. 

The great Gatsby #2

The great gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald
chapter 4/9

The conflict can be seen as Man VS Himself because Gatsby is in love with Daisy but his mysterious past is in the way of them being together also the fact that daisy is already married, to be together he has to open himself up and win her back. In order for Gatsby to get daisy to like him he makes nick set up a date for them.Yes, this conflict does exist in the present because sometimes people don't show their true colors and this can effect their relationships with the people they love. If I were in a similar situation as Gatsby i would try to be as honest as possible and get a mutual friend to help me. I think that it's sad that gatsby wasn't able to marry daisy earlier because he didn't have money and now that he does she has moved on, i think it's also really sweet how he has been searching for her ever since he got out of the war but at the same time if he managed to get Daisy to fall in love with him that would be cheating so maybe it isn't the best idea. 

The Great Gatsby #2

The Great Gatsby
F.Scott Fitzgerald

1st Sentence:
 Gatsby wants something he can't have and thats Daisy, Nicks cousin, she used to be Jays lover in his mysterious past, but now he wants her back, but she is already married to a wealthy man called Tom Buchanan. 

2nd Sentence:
Years have gone by and Gatsby has been heartbroken from leaving Daisy, and he has been throwing all those big parties just to find her, and since he never had a close friend, now he found Nick as his new best friend and by getting close to him he was hoping to come in contact with Daisy again.  

3rd Sentence:
Conflicts like this in the present day do happen, but they aren't as hard to resolve and people are capable of more things today then they were back in the day, like for example finding contact with someone they haven't been in touch for ages.

4th Sentence: 
If I was looking for the love of my life just like Gatsby,I would probably do the same as Gatsby and find a friend who would be able to help me. 

5th Sentence:
When I first read that Gatsby was going through all this trouble to find Daisy I thought that it was the most romantic thing I have ever read, and I also figured out that this whole book is actually based on him and his love for Daisy and what all his parties where for and why he became friends with Nick which made this book even more interesting for me to read. 

Quarter 3 Post 2 ~ Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Emily Bronte
Gothic fiction

1. One of the main characters that is facing conflict is Heathcliff, a boy who was adopted into a rich family; his conflict (Man vs. Man) is with his older brother, Hindley, who abuses him and treats him as a servant, and his sister Catherine and her husband.
2. Heathcliff, as a young boy, was really violent and swore revenge on his sister's husband for making a cutting remark; he also ran away from home as a result of constant abuse from his brother and finally remarks from his sister that shouldn't have reached his ears.
3. I believe that this conflict could exist these days, as there are too many dysfunctional families, with abused children and conflict.
4. If I was in this situation, I would probably have left much earlier, and not been able to stay for Catherine until she married; however it would be very hard to get away because they lived in the middle of the country, so I might confront Catherine and talk to her like Heathcliff couldn't because of his resentful and violent nature.
5. I wouldn't be able to handle the abuse- I would have to get out and far away before something worse happened to me or Catherine.

Emma Blog Post #2

Jane Austen

Describe the type of conflict facing your main character in your book. (Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Himself)
The main character in my book (Emma) is not faced with any major conflicts but since she has declared herself a match-maker she faces a lot of conflicts due to how humans can be unpredictable and people interfere in her plans without realizing it since she refuses to tell anyone. This would be a Man vs. Man conflict.

 How is your main character coping with the conflict? (What is his/her reaction to the conflict?)
Emma gets slightly frustrated when things do not go as planned but it is not very often since she seems to always have a backup plan. She avoids most conflicts with her intelligence and her special talent in persuading people. She is very wealthy and has good connections so there are not many that would oppose her.

 Is this a type of conflict that exists in present day? Explain why or why not.
It is very possible that these conflicts occur today if there are others that decide to take on the challenges of being a match mater, or if a person simply want to give their friend a push into a relationship. 

How would you react to this type of conflict? Same as character? Another way?
My reaction to this type of conflicts would probably be very similar to how Emma reacts though I would probably be more frustrated and work harder to get things to go the way I want them to. 

 Explain your reaction to this type of conflict conflict. (Why would you react the way you do?)
I would obviously be frustrated because I would have put all my energy and time and worked so hard to accomplish a match, but it could all be destroyed if another person interferes and would be unknowing that they are destroying my plans, it would really make me mad.  Though I would, of course, have a backup plan since there could be a big chance that things do not go the way I want. 

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, adpted by Mitsu Yamamoto

Title of the book: The Count of Monte Cristo

Author: Alexandre Dumas (adapted by Mitsu Yamamoto)

Genre: Classic

Number of Pages: 237

Pages I read this week: 40

Sentence #1:

Man vs. Man. The main character of the book, Edmond Dantes, is in conflict with two people, Fernand and Danglars.

Sentence #2:

In the beginning, Edmond does not understand why these two people did not respect him and were bad to him, but then he understood that Fernand loved Edmond's wife, so he hated him and Danglars was Fernand's friend so he helped him. After being in the prison for many years, Edmond decided to escape and take a revenge on these two bad people.

Sentence #3:

I believe that the same type of conflict can take place/ exist in the present time, because many people love the same people and might be in a conflict because of that.

Sentence #4:

Well, if I was in the same conflict, I would try to avoid the other character, so that the problems stop. I wouldn't continue being in conflict.

Sentence #5:

I believe that this kind of conflict is not something unusual, but I don't agree with the idea of the main character, which is to continue the conflict, instead of trying to really solve it, by wanting to take a revenge what the two men did to him.

The Hobbit #2

The Hobbit
J.R.R Tolkien
Fantasy, Fiction

1. Man vs. Wilderness- So far the only type of conflict that has effected Bilbo and his companions is the wild, wolves, bears,goblins and other things constantly become an obstacle.

2. Bilbo is only a small hobbit and is most of the time running rather facing his enemies or hiding behind the dwarfs as they fight the wild things that attempt to harm the company.

3.The threats that Bilbo faces are fictional and even today people in cities to not have to worry about being mauled by wolves or stomped on by trolls.

4.I would probably act in a similar manner as Bilbo would especially if he is being hunted by an army of goblins with only with 13 dwarfs for his protection, depending on the size of the threat i would maybe turn to face the threat if it lingers on through out the whole journey.

5.I would be surprised in Bilbo case because he lives in the mythical world of Middle Earth were it is normal to see elves,dwarfs,goblins,orcs e.c.t, but i would also be in awe to see a whole new world fulled with all new dangers.

Ender's Game blog post #2

Ender’s Game
Orson Scott Card
Science Fiction

Ender is facing isolation (man vs society) as his main conflict in which he is not allowed to have friends and is teased by older boys.

He accepts it as a part of his task in the Battle School and does not resist but loathes the people who made him go through it.

Not much, because there aren’t many cases in which a person is forced to be isolated by someone else.

Same as character, I wouldn’t rebel against it but I would still hate the people who made me go through it.

If I had agreed to go to a Battle School like Ender, I would’ve had the resolve to overcome any difficulties and there isn’t any way that I can possibly rebel against them.

Blog post #2

Robinson Crusoe
Daniel Defoo
29% (of the book complete)

The main conflict in my story is Man vs. Nature because Robinson Crusoe is stranded on an island and he needs to scavenge and find stuff on this new terrain that has earthquakes, tropical storms, and unknown dangers.  When Robinson Crusoe found himself the lone survivor of the shipwreck and faced the challenges of sustaining a life there he was initially hysterical, depressed and full of despair.  This is a conflict that people still face today for when people lose their families and friends they often lose hope and want to die so they can be with their family again.  I would probably react much the same way as Robinson Crusoe in wanting to kill myself however, like Robinson, I would choose to carry on despite the fact that I was all alone.  I would react that way because it is better to stay alive than to kill yourself because maybe it was for a purpose that you didn’t die and that maybe you would have more opportunities in life and you can have a better future.  

War of the Worlds Post number 2

War of the Worlds
H. G. Wells
  • The main conflict of the book is man vs aliens and the people have to save their self and get rid of the aliens.
  • The main character has to keep his kids safe and he has to help his country
  • This conflict does not exist today because this book is connected to aliens and is fiction.
  • I would probably react exactly the same as the character because I would care the most for my kids.
  • I would react this way because my kids would be everything to me and i would need to keep them safe.

Nikola Ristovic

Blog post #2

Title: Island of the Blue Dolphins
Author: Scot O'dell
Genre: Fiction
Pages read: 70/200

·         1st sentence: Describe the type of conflict facing your main character in your book. (Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Himself)
In the 6 chapters that I read so far for this blog post, the main conflict is man vs. nature, the main character, Karana, has to survive on the island of the blue dolphins all by herself after the death of her younger brother, Ramo, and she also has to protect herself from the dogs that keep on chasing her and killed her brother.
·         2nd sentence: How is your main character coping with the conflict? (What is his/her reaction to the conflict?)
Karana is dealing with her problems perfectly by gathering food, making weapons and killing dogs, making shelter, traveling across the sea with a canoe that often starts leaking. 
·         3rd sentence: Is this a type of conflict that exists in present day? Explain why or why not.
Even not that often, this conflict could exist today because people that like to survive and investigate islands are probably used to those kinds of problems, also people who accidently appeared to be on a deserted island would be forced to gather food, make weapons and hunt in order to survive.
·         4th sentence: How would you react to this type of conflict? Same as character? Another way?
First of all I would like to say that I am extremely surprised from my character because she didn’t show any fear, she was self – confident the whole time even when her brother died; I would be panicked and if any of my friends/ brother dies I would not have the strength to continue on. /
·         5th sentence: Explain your reaction to this type of conflict. (Why would you react the way you do?)

I would be panicked because I am not as skillful as the character in my book is and if I was with my friend/ brother and he dies I would probably freak out and not have the strength to continue on with the surviving all by myself because it is always better when you have someone next to you (you can talk to him, give an receive advices, help each other)

If You Come Softly #2

If You Come Softly
Jacqueline Woodson
Realistic Fiction
80/181 pages

1. Jeremiah is facing a Man vs. Society conflict because he is a black boy, and the story is taking place during tough times for black people.
2. He copes with this conflict by playing basketball because it calms him down and lets him forget about everything.
3. This conflict still goes on only in few parts of the world, and it is slowly starting to fade.
4. If I were facing the same conflict, I would probably also go out and kick a soccer ball.
5. I would play soccer because it just clears my mind of everything and I only focus on one thing; the ball.

Where the Red Fern Grows #2

Title: Where the Red Fer Grows
Author: Wilson Rawls
Genre: Classic
Number of pages read: 95/249

  • 1st sentence:
The section that I have read this week is where the character is mostly solving all of his problems, but the main conflict that he struggles with is the jealousy and envy of the other people towards him, which is man vs. man type of a conflict.  

  • 2nd sentence: 
Since his main goal is to have two hounds (dogs), and at this point his wish finally comes true, he decides to deal with other people's jealousy and cupidity on any possible way and tries to stands up for himself and his two dogs as well.  

  • 3rd sentence: 
This is a type of a conflict that still exists today no matter where you are, because there are always several people that want something that they can't have which most likely turns into jealousy. 

  • 4th sentence: 
I think that women nowadays are expected not to stand up for themselves in hard situations because they are considered weak, but even though we're not expected to, I would always stand up for myself even in the hardest times. 

  • 5th sentence: 
There is a particular group of boys that attacks the main character only because he owns two hounds, and at first I didn't understand why would they do something like that, but then the whole definition of jealousy and wanting something that they can't have appeared into my mind and the whole idea of their ''attack'' became more clear. 

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court #2
Author: Mark Twain
Pages read: 150/328
Genre: Classic

The conflict that happens in the story is man vs. man, where the main character is getting killed by the kingdom he is in. Yankee thinks of total eclipse on the day he is getting killed, so he tells Clarence, the boy he met when he arrived here, that he is a magician and he will make sun disappear on that day he is getting killed. This type of conflict does not exist in  present day, because no one would believe in such a thing as magic, people would think he is mentally challenged and put him into the hospital. Character reacted very wisely to the conflict, and I think I would have to think whole nigh to think of something like that, I think I would just beg to live. Even in school, I am scared to do anything that can get me in trouble, and when it is for my own life, I would not do anything that can get me killed, unless its guaranteed. 

The Count of Monte Cristo #2

Title: The Count of Monte Cristo
Author: Alex Dumas
Genre: Classic, Historical Novel, Adventure 
Percent Read: 50/100

1st sentence:

The conflict in my book is Man vs Man. In fact 3 men all jealous of Dantes, who try to frame Dantes for a crime he didn’t commit.

2nd sentence:

Edmond responded to this conflict by trying to prove he is innocent, however this failed and he was put into prison.

3rd sentence:

In some aspects this is a possible conflict today. For example today you can be framed and put in jail, however Edmond was framed for supporting Napoleon Bonaparte which is very unlikely today.

4th sentence:

Yes I would do the same as Edmond did. At first I would try to reason my way out of the accusations against me and then as Edmond did I would plot my escape from prison.

5th sentence:

I would do this, because I think that these actions are the most likely to work in getting me out of trouble and the most likely to be effective.

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Blog Post #2 Pride and Prejudice

Blog Post #2: Title, author, genre, number of pages/week (100/200)
Pride and Prejudice 
Jane Austen

  • 1st sentence: Describe the type of conflict facing your main character in your book. (Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Himself)
Man vs. Man. The main conflict in "Pride and Prejudice" is between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth who doesn't feel the same way Mr.Darcy feels about her. 
  • 2nd sentence: How is your main character coping with the conflict? (What is his/her reaction to the conflict?)
Elizabeth's reaction to Mr. Darcy himself is not appealing at all, she hates him and his arrogance and cannot stand a moment being around him.
  • 3rd sentence: Is this a type of conflict that exists in present day? Explain why or why not.
This conflict exists nowadays when young women are not attracted to men that feel something for them.
  • 4th sentence: How would you react to this type of conflict? Same as character? Another way?
I would probably act similar to Elizabeth if I wasn't attracted to Darcy but I would probably try to be a little less arrogant and harsh as Elizabeth. 
  • 5th sentence: Explain your reaction to this type of conflict conflict. (Why would you react the way you do?)
I think that this conflict is not a big deal and could be resolved easily because it is very likely that the person that likes you convinces you somehow to like him back and that is why I think Elizabeth will start liking Darcy sometime soon in the novel. 

Where the red Fern Grows #2

Where the red Fern Grows
Wilson Rawls 
History fiction 

The main conflict in this section of the book would be main character against himself. The main character, Billy is having some trouble coping with the conflict as it is wether he should let his dogs down or not.Yes this type of conflict does occur a lot, and everyone faces it at some point in their life, should you do what is easiest for you or keep a promise? I would react the same way the main character did, he decided not to let his dogs down and keep the deal he made and I would do the same. I would react the same way because I think that it is the best way to react in that type of situation, keep the promise no matter what.

The Stranger - Albert Camus (Blog Post No. 2)

The Stranger
by Albert Camus

Genre: Existential novel, Crime drama
Number of pages read: 47/123

The conflict described in the book is Man vs Himself. The main character is coping well with the conflict, for the conflict itself is hardly noticeable, except for situations where he is confused. This type of conflicts also exists in the present day, for inner conflicts about current and future choices in your life are very common. Instead of always staying neutral like the main character, I would always take time to think about my choices and take action after my decision. In my life, I would never waste time staying neutral and always being so peculiar, for I believe that every obstacle/problem I stumble upon is solvable and that those who solve problems instead of avoiding them are looked up to . 

The Swiss Family Robinson #2

The Swiss Family Robinson
Johann David Wyss
  • The conflict that the main character is facing so far is Man vs. Nature because his family and him have been shipwrecked and have to live on an island with many dangerous animals and nature that he has never encountered before.  
  • The main character is quite knowledgeable and finds very good ways to cope with the dangerous nature that is around him. He also has a gun that he can always use to protect himself if there is no other way to fight with an animal. 
  • Since this book was written in the 1800s there were much more unexplored islands and undiscovered animals than today and also today we have technology so it is much easier to get rescued from an island.
  • If I was stuck on a deserted island I wouldn't react as calmly as the main character did.
  • I think that after a shipwreck I would be panicked but after a few days on the island I would probably get used to the situation and environment.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Blog #2

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Jules Verne
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classic

The main character, Pierre Aronnax, is faced with an internal conflict or man vs. himself through out the first part of the book*, he is faced with the decision if he wants to escape from the submarine or stay on it and enjoy the marvels of the ocean. He is having a lot of trouble deciding and he has very little time to think about it because he is constantly being taken to go diving with Captain Nemo, his time is ticking because they are nearing the European shores and that is the only chance for escape. This type of conflict does exist in the present day but is very rare, if pirates catch someone they are faced with the decision of making a run for it but there is a chance of death. If I was still 13 years old I would escape from the submarine because there is still so much of the world that I haven't seen, if I was 40-50 years old I would stay because I would be intrigued by the ocean and its secrets, the character still hasn't made a decision. I would escape at the age of 13 because I still havent seen any of the world and lived through much, but at an older age I would stay because I've seen a lot of the outside world but not much of the ocean.

*The book is divided into two parts.