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Rotation 3 Blogpost

Books I'm using:
Anne Frank's Diary edited by Otto Frank
The Hidden Life of Anne Frank by Mirjam Pressler
Other sources:

What does it mean to be a 'self-actualized' human being?
Self actualized human being is the one who becomes famous by doing something good in life, such as helping the human race, rather than doing bad things, such as Hitler.
What is one unique thing you have discovered about your figure?
Anne Frank was very positive on the outside but let her feelings be shown in her diary. When her father had read her diary, he realized he barely knew his daughter, because she kept those feelings to herself. Anne Frank was the type of person who believed that showing her feelings to other people was going to help solve her problems in any sort of way. Anne hated blushing and letting people knowing how she felt, and the feelings she hid all the time in herself, she confided her troubles in her diary. Despite the fact that Anne Frank was a Jew and had less privileges than a normal young girl, she was forced to go into hiding, and stayed cooped up for four years without being able to enjoy fresh air, or experience the life of a teenage girl. Plenty of times in her diary she wrote how much she missed her friends and other members of the family as well as the outside world. Even though she was facing all these troubles, she didn't let herself be carried away by emotion, and shown what she felt.
Describe your figure's schooling and education?
Anne Frank started attending the Jewish Lyceum when Jews lost their rights. There she studied until she went to hiding. Anne was a good student who mostly got Bs and Ds, but her worst subject was Maths. Anne loved writing very much, and was really good at it two, we can see that in her diary. When Anne left the school to go to hiding, she carried all kind of books with her to study. It wasn't just for killing time, it was also because she enjoyed it. Being cooped up for four years in an annex, what else could Anne do but study, at that time when no TV or computers were available.

Here are some quotes I found interesting for the use of my essay:

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” 
― Anne Frank

“Because paper has more patience than people. ” 
― Anne Frank

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” 
― Anne Frank

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Hans Christian Andersen

Title: Hans Christian Andersen: The Life of a Storyteller
Author: Jackie Wullschlager 
Pages: 411

Rotation 3:

1. What does it mean to be a 'self-actualized' human being?
I think that being 'self-actualized' means that you understand yourself what you want to do with yourself. For example that you know what you do want to do with your life and you accept yourself.
2. What is one unique thing you have discovered about your figure?
I discovered that he didn't really like school and writing that much but he would rather be acting in plays, until a colleagues told him that he saw him as a writer not an actor and that started a kick in him to make him write stories and poets. 
3. Describe your figure's schooling & education?
He first went to grammar school in Slagelse and then he went to normal school in Elsinore.

Eileen Collins Rotation 3

Title: Eileen Collins (American Lives)
Author: Elizabeth Raum
Genre: Biography

In this book about Eileen Collins, Elizabeth Raum explains everything about her. At the beginning she has a short synopsis about her life. Eileen Collins's full name is Eileen Marie Collins (born November 19, 1956 in Elmira, New York) is a retired NASA astronaut and a retired United States Air Force colonel. A former military instructor and test pilot, she was the first female pilot and first female commander of a Space Shuttle. She was awarded several medals for her work. Eileen Collins was 38 days 8 hours and 10 minutes in outer space. Collins retired on May 1, 2006 to achieve private interests, including service as a board member of USAA and teach younger astronaut students about being in space, the dangers and the studies. Later she explains her early life. Collins's parents were James E. and Rose Marie Collins, immigrants from County Cork, IrelandShe has three siblings. As a child, Collins expressed an interest both in space flight and in being a pilot. After graduating from Elmira Free Academy in 1974, Collins attended Corning Community College where she earned an associate degree in mathematics/science in 1976. She graduated from Syracuse University in 1978, then earned a master of science degree in operations research from Stanford University in 1986, and a master of arts degree in space systems management from Webster University in 1989. Later the most of the book explains her career as an astronaut. Collins was selected to be an astronaut in 1992 and first flew the Space Shuttle as pilot in 1995 aboard STS-63. In recognition of her achievement as the first female Shuttle Pilot, she received the Harmon Trophy. She was also the pilot for STS-84 in 1997.Collins was also the first female commander of a U.S. Spacecraft with Shuttle mission STS-93, launched in July 1999, which deployed the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. Collins commanded STS-114, NASA's "return to flight" mission to test safety improvements and resupply the International Space Station (ISS). The flight was launched on July 26, 2005, and returned on August 9, 2005. During STS-114, Collins became the first astronaut to fly the Space Shuttle through a complete 360-degree pitch maneuver. This was necessary so astronauts aboard the ISS could take photographs of the Shuttle's belly, to ensure there was no threat from damage to the Shuttle upon re entry. 

1.      What does it mean to be a ‘self-actualized’ human being?
I don't think a human can be completely self-actualized. When a goal is achieved usually people aim higher because they know they can do better and challenge themselves.

2.      What is one unique thing you have discovered about your figure?
A unique thing I have discovered about Eileen Collins is that she won a lot of awards, many people don't see her as a great human being. She gained many many awards and one of them is that she is on the female Hall of Fame. Another thing I figured out is that Eileen Collins was interested in piloting since she was very little and most people change what they want to do when they grow up and as time passes.

3.      Describe your figure’s schooling & education?

Eileen Collins is very well educated. She atended 5 different schools. She attended Stanford University, Syracuse University, Webster University, Elmira Free Academy, and Corning Community College. She didn;t have money to attened these schools so she always aimed for the scholarship.

Here is a video source I found:
It is my secondary source:

Walt Disney Rotation 3

  Title: Walt Disney: Man behind the myth (Documentary)

  This week I watched a documentary. I am 10 minutes from finishing. In the documentary it says some unheard facts about Walt because the speakers are actually people who knew Walt, even his family. One of these facts is that Walt was a racist.

 1:Being self- actualized means that you do whatever you wish to do and don;t follow anybody else's example in life.
2: One unique figure which Walt Disney did was build a little 1/8 scale train in his backyard.
3: It is unknown exactly where Walt went to primary school but it is known that he attended the McKinley High School in Chicago.

Here is Walt/s drawing:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton


I have found out a little bit more about Elizabeth Cady 
Stanton.She born on November 12th 1815 in Johnstown, New York. Because of hearth failure she died on 26th of October 1902 in New York, where she was also buried.. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was educated at the Johnstown Academy and at the Troy Female Seminary, that was later called the Emma Willard School, and there she graduated in 1832.Elizabeth was around law trough out her whole life.

1.      What does it mean to be a ‘self-actualized’ human being?
For me being a 'self-actualized' human being is someone who is aware of whats he doing and how is he doing that.Some one  who has a clear and a good conconche. Some one who wants to do good.
2.            What is one unique thing you have discovered about your figure?

The unique thing about my living history person is that she stud up for woman rights and that she sucsesed to, at a very difficult time in history,make a small change.Small? Actually looking at the circumstances that was a really big change.At that time was a big thing just getting the problem noticed by anyone, not only having conferences,getting important people involved and trying to make a change with them.

3.      Describe your figure’s schooling & education? 
Elizabeth Cady stanton  was educated at the Johnstown Academy and at the Troy Female Seminary, that was later called the Emma Willard School, and there she graduated in 1832.
 I have finished my book therefore I do not have a subtitle including the genre and the authors name.

Blog Post Rotation 3
In my opinion to be self actualized is to have your own opinion (actual self) and do what you believe in rather what the society wants you to believe in. I think that my living history person is quite self actualized but he was also the ruler so there wasn't really a chance for him to be wrong about something (to his people) because he basically had power over them, but did not abuse that.

One unique thing that I discovered was that my guy was multi talented, having been a poet, artist, sculpture and had also let other famous artist use his tools which at that time were one of the best and also very expensive

Lorezno De Medici grew up as a prince (later to be king) meaning that his schooling was probably one of the best, but he later saw that the nature around him and the joy of art was really important and for this he did not need to go to school, but yet just open his heart and see beauty and love.

 The picture that you see on your left is a art portrait of the fabulous Lorenzo de Medici 

Helen Keller Blog Post 3

Title: The Story of my Life
Author: Helen Keller
Genra: Autobuography

1. What does it mean to be a ‘self-actualized’ human being?
"The motivation to realize one's own maximum potential and possibilities. It is considered to be the master motive or the only real motive, all other motives being its various forms." In my words I think it is to aim as high as one can in their situation.
2. What is one unique thing you have discovered about your figure?
One unique thing I discovered about Helen Keller is that she would often throw tantrums to express her anger.
3. Describe your figure’s schooling & education?
Helen Keller Education
Radcliffe College

Helen had a teacher named Anne Sullivan who thought how to read and write and also how to speak.  

After providing brief descriptions of her home in Alabama and her family members, Keller explains how she became disabled a fever she had when she was nineteen months old left her blind and deaf and her first memories of being disabled, recounting her early attempts to communicate. Keller reviews her parents' efforts to find her medical treatment and educational assistance, as well as her early experiences with her first teacher, Anne Sullivan. Following the illness that left her blind and deaf, Keller got accustomed to the darkness and the silence but retained the memories of the sights and sounds she had enjoyed before her illness. Keller devised a simple system of gestures and tried very hard to make herself understood by her family. She knew when she was being difficult, but she felt she had to resort to fits of temper and frustration. Currently she is starting to tell about Anne Sullivan!
The Story of My Life This is the cover of the first book that was published!

Cleopatra #3

Title: Cleopatra's Education
Website: History for kids
Pages read: 2

I finished reading my book so for this blog post I am going to write about a website that I found and that has information about Cleopatra's education. It has very interesting information including that she learned 9 languages throughout her lifetime and learned Aesop's fables. Her and her siblings, two older sisters and two older brothers, had the best education and teachers.

This is an underwater picture of the sunken civilization
of Alexandria

Rotation 3:
1.      What does it mean to be a ‘self-actualized’ human being?
In my opinion, a self-actualized human being is someone that is aware of what he is doing and how he is doing it because he stays "actual".  He knows what's the truth and doesn't dream. He stays realistic.

2.      What is one unique thing you have discovered about your figure?
I have discovered about Cleopatra that she was a great human idol. She was beautiful, smart, powerful, sneaky and she knew how to love. This is what all the women are looking for in my opinion and that's what makes Cleopatra a great idol.

3.      Describe your figure’s schooling & education? 

Cleopatra and her siblings received the best education like all the kings' children and she knew 9 languages. She was very smart and that's what made her a great leader because she communicated with the other rulers. 

Dwight Eisenhower

Title: Eisenhower: Soldier and President
Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
Genre: Historical
Pages: N/A (I am reading the book from a kindle and it doesn't show page numbers)

Now the author is still talking about how he came to learn about Eisenhower and his education revolving around this historical figure. I would talk about the topics that the author has been talking about but there is really nothing related yet that is worth mentioning. Hopefully he will be talking about different topics than before. By telling Eisenhower's life story instead of his own.

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Enders Game/ Rachel Carson

Title: Ender's Game
Author: Orson Card
Page: 111/324
Genre: Sci-Fi

I was just able to return to the book Ender's Game. Something interesting it the start of every chapter is that there are a few paragraphs that are a conversation that the teachers have who teach the boys and girls. They always talk about Ender, they believe that he is "the one". In other words he is their last hope. Ender was transferred to another army, he went from the Salamanders to Rats. Rats is better suited for Ender since he is actually allowed to play during the battles.
He has become somewhat of a friend of an older boy named Dink. He is the only boy who is not afraid of talking about his old life. "Nobody talked about home, not among the soldiers; there had been no life before Battle School. Nobody got letters, and nobody wrote any. Everybody pretended that they didn't care" (Card 92). This shows that Dink the toon leader is different. He turned down multiple promotions as leaders because he did not want to play along with the teachers games and rules, he also believed that he would to become crazy as all other commanders were. Ender is not really appreciated since he is so young and he is bringing in new and good ideas that none of them thought of. I think Ender will turn down the position as Dink has since I think Dink will become his role model, since he dose not have many to choose from.

Rotation 3:
1.      What does it mean to be a ‘self-actualized’ human being?

 Nobody is really self-actualized, there is always another challenge, or a new dream. People can have most of their life goals completed but there will always be another new or old.

2.      What is one unique thing you have discovered about your figure?

At a very young age being a girl in the early 1900's she wrote many articles that were published in the Arrow. Throughout her life she continued writing articles every once in a while and later she wrote for many other newspapers and magazines. When they were about scientific views she would publish her name as R. Carson so nobody immediately assumed it was all lies just because it was written by a women.

3.      Describe your figure’s schooling & education?

Rachel went to college at Pennsylvania's Women's College. There she got her bachelors, and later she did graduate work at John's Hopkins where she followed her mentor. She was not able to get her masters or PHD because of family issues. Later she was awarded honorary degrees from multiple colleges.  

This is a secondary source. This site is completely dedicated to Rachel Carson and it offers multiple pictures.  

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Rotation 4

1. Some of my life goals include: getting better at basketball, becoming more fit, keeping up my grades and pretty much try to survive through the next years of school. To fulfill these life goals I have to manage my time wisely and believe in myself. Just because I am moving into HS, doesn't mean I have to change my life style, sure I am going to have to find more time for homework, however no drastic changes will be made. I think the way my life is now is awesome, I spend a lot of time with my first love, basketball, eat healthy thanks to my mum who is trying to cook good food and even thought my learning technique may not be the best (leaving everything for the last moment when it comes to projects), it works out for me. However I will try to work harder to achieve my goals just like my person, Oscar Pistorius did and make the best out of everything.

2. There are many things I discovered about Oscar Pistorius, one of them being that on August 2006 he ended behind bars, however there is a story behind it. When Oscar first went to the airport to leave Johannesburg he had to change his ticket flight, so he went to the counter to have a new ticket issued but as the information systems were down the people issued the ticket manually promising to update his new journey details as soon as possible. So far so good, he headed off to Assen and triumphed winning the gold medal, then from the journey between Reykjavik and Amsterdam he somehow managed to loose his ticket, so he went directly to get a new one but the people at the airport wouldn't believe him because no information was ever put into the system that he had gotten a ticket, they didn't believe him and so he had to return to the counter with a claim in his hands. When he returned the staff was different and the new staff didn't believe Oscar, withing 5 minutes he was accused of making a false declaration(Page 132). After 3 hours he was released in happiness because he had 50 minutes until his original flight would depart, he rushed to the security check, went through, "my prostheses often cause problems since they are metal and this time it was no different", the officer took a test for explosive metals and the result was positive. In a matter of 5 minutes he was taken back to the station except now he was not only being accused of falsifying a ticket, but far more serious: of terrorism. A few days earlier he went to a shooting range with a friend, where some powder must have gotten on his prostheses, however after many hours he was finally released because the powder as it was tested was not harmful nor explosive-134

2 of Oscars quotes I like are: "I always make fun of my legs," " it is not our disabilities that make us disabled but our abilities that make us able,"- 120. The first quote makes me think that he is a fun person to be around and doesn't really take things too personally which is great, he also reminds me of us nowadays, when something is bad or ugly we make fun of our selves. The second quote I think is very smart, because even though a person may be disabled, it is his ability to prove people wrong that will make him able to fulfilling his/her gream.

3. Oscar Pistorius has always had a close relationship with his family, him and his brother where inseparable, he adored his mother and still looks up to her even thought she is gone, he respects his sisters and always protects her, and he and his father have a bond from since he was a small child that is unbreakable. When Oscars mother passed away a teacher, Mrs.Millers took somewhat over the motherly role, she counseled him  about love things, singed him in school competition and helped him when  needed. Except for taking him in life a son, she was his number 1 fan, she would go to all of his races she could attend, and even get in touch with organizers so she could register him in the races (all on page 91).
Gerry Versveld-  except for being a family friend, he is the doctor that operated Oscar at only 11 months, he then watched him grow up and even healed him when he was tackled at a rugby game -where he nearly lost his ability to walk- but aside from being great help in Oscars life, he also introduced him to the next very important person in Oscars life, Ampie.
Ampie Louw(Page 89)- was a coach of athletics at university level when Oscar first met him. After Oscars accident Ampie became his rehabilitating coach, his goal was to get Oscar in shape and make him thought once again, this would be done by track practice. At first Oscar didn't like this because he hated running and he was only doing this for his love towards rugby, however that quickly changed and Ampie went on to coach him during every one of his victories.
Peet van Zyl(Page 130)- Oscar had his father as a manager for many years, but it didn't work out, so in 2007 after have 3 managers, Oscar signed up with Peet. A manager for an athlete that competes and trains a lot is essential, one spends a lot of professional and personal time together. As Pistorius writes, Peet is a marvelous manager, he is calm, level-headed and positive presence in my life and always seems to manage to sort out fixes I get myself into-131. For example when Oscar was about to leave for a competition he couldn't find his Cheetahs (the legs), so he immediately called Peet who of course had an extra pair and saved him. Also, he is the one to get him out of trouble such as being behind bars.
And lastly, during his whole schooling time Oscar would train with his rugby team everyday, however after his accident he was trained by Ampie having 1 on 1 sessions where he would practice his speed etc. Except for changing his daily routine, he also had to change his vegetation, instead of eating a lot of calories he now had to eat foods that would give him energy just enough for training, this also left him more tired, but it paid off.

Book: Blade Runner
Author: Oscar Pistorius
Genre: Autobiography

The pages I have read since the last rotation basically gave me more information about his sporting career, new manager (Peet), but what I found the most important I think was the fact that some sporting directors tried to make Oscar not be able to participate in able body competition because apparently his limbs were giving him an unfair advantage. As is says on page 136, "the iaaf met in march 2007 in Mombasa, Kenya and ruled to modify what is known as Rule 144-2. It prohibits the use during a race of any technical devices designed to improve performance and extensively prohibits any technical device that guarantees to the athlete make use of his technology and advantage over those athletes not beneficiaries of his technology".  The same year on June it was released by the press that the rule was invalid unless there was enough evidence, however the start of this problem did cause some organization to quit on Oscar. Also, July 13th 2007 Oscar set of to Rome for a race organized by Gigi D'Onofrio, it was different from the ones in South Africa, he didn't know what to expect since he didn't know any of the athletes, he came second with the time 49.60, but the most important thing about that race was: "it was the first time ever that a differently able athlete had competed alongside able-bodied athletes at international level 

(Pistorius in Rome, he won 2nd place)