Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lord of the Flies

This Chapter of Lord of the Flies was very exciting and so far the most exciting chapter of the book. Simon a shy boy manages to find was the beast was, he frees the beast from the parachute. Meanwhile the other boys go to the feast and Piggy and Ralp decide to join them. During the feast Jack convinces the boys to join him and become hunters most if them do this. Near the end of the feast and storm starts and they hear something coming from the forest, Jack and roger convince them it's the beast and they decide to kill it, this "beast is actually Simon, almost all the boys feel guilty after this but none of them do anything to stop it from happening.

I found Chapter very interesting since both Roger and Jack become very vilonent in this chapter and you really wonder what's going to happen next. Also after reading it you wonder why no one tried stopping the boys and how come they didn't recongnize it was simon when he came closer, you might even think it was a purposeful murder not an accident.

David Copperfield

For our book project which we had to do with an adult (or anyone older out of our class), I chose to do it with my mom, who happily agreed to work with me. Together we looked through a bunch of classic books she has read in her past and we chose the (very long) David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. So far throughout the book, David is talking about himself since he was a young boy, but as if he is much older. Where I am at so far, David explains how his childhood was, and events that took place, of course not all day by day, as the book would stretch from the almost 900 pages it had now to maybe 19,000. So far I am enjoying the story line, and the beginning of the plot, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a high reading level, and who will enjoy a great realistic fiction book.

Oliver Twist

Title: Oliver Twist
Author: Charles Dickens
Genre: Classic Novel
Pages: up until chapter 1.

Recently for the final book report, I started reading the book entitled "Oliver Twist", which is a classical novel by Charles Dickens. So far, the author introduced to us the main character and the setting of the story, which is about a boy, named Oliver, and it sets on England, in the early nineteenth century (published in 1839, but sets around 1820).
Oliver's mother dies after kissing him with the"cold white lips" and leaves him with the help of the parish authorities. Apparently, Oliver's mother was not married, meaning that Oliver is illegitimate. 
I have read the first chapter electronically, with my mom, and so far we are both very fascinated with this book, and we are looking forward to reading more.

Animal Farm

Title: Animal Farm

 Author: George Orwell

Genre: Classic, Satire

 Animal Farm is a novella written by George Orwell, It was first published in 1945. The specific time period, as with most satires remains unknown, but people say it may take place in the pre- World War II era. The book talks about the revolt of the animals on Mr. Jones’s farm, the animals, lead by the pig Napoleon, want to get rid of Mr. Jones and establish their own regime. In the book Napoleon and the other pigs are depicted as the smartest of the animals, they are in charge of setting up the government. From the start of the book there were some ideological disputes between Napoleon and Snowball (the two main pigs). I chose this book because my mother recommended it; she said that it talks about human characteristics and the organization of government. Another reason why I chose this book is because it still intrigues people after all the years since it was originally published. I also chose to read the book with my mom, because she has read many books, including this one, and knows how to analyze literature well.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen
I have been reading this book with my mom. Well I am reading it and I am discussing the book with my mom. She is not reading it because she recently read it. I choose her to read the book with because she is the only person who does not have work or homework that is older than me here in Serbia. I could have chosen one of my grandparents and Skyped with them while discussing the book but it would be difficult to find a time because  they live on the other side of the world. That is what led me to choose my mom to read the book with. My mom got out all of our classic books and gave them to me. I read the backs of all of them to see which one was the most interesting. I choose Pride and Prejudice and it just so happened that my mom had recently read that book with her book club, so my mom does not have to reread the book. Now on to what in the book I read.
Miss Bennet, the eldest of the Bennet daughters is Jane and is soon to probably be enganged and then married with Mr. Bingly. The second eldest, Elizabeth, is attracted to Mr. Darcy and he to her. I just know that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are meant for each other even thought Mr. Darcy was not that interested in her at first. And of course Jane and Mr. Bingly will be married. The reason why Mr. and Mrs. Bennet want to marry their daughters as soon and as fast as possible is that after Mr. Bennet dies the property goes to the nearest relative, who is normally the son, but the Bennet's don't have a son. The nearest relative after that is Mr. Collins. He is invited to come and visit the Bennet's family. When he is given a tour around the house all he could think about was how much nice stuff he would get after Mr. Bennet died. He also thought of taking one of their daughters into marriage. And as tradition the eldest daughters gets married off first. He asks Mrs. Bennet about their eldest daughter Jane. She said that she was going to soon be engaged and then married, except she said it in a different way that is harder to completely understand. He then set his eyes of the second eldest, Elizabeth. Now as I said before I think that Elizabeth is already taken by Mr. Darcy it just has not been known yet. I hope that it is know before anything to serious happens or else it won't be a happy ending. After it does get know if it hopefully does Mr. Collins will get the third eldest daughter Mary. Now back to Mr Collins being the person to get the residence after Mr. Bennet dies. I thought that he seemed like a nice enough person to keep the Bennet daughters until they are married and so why was it such a huge rush to marry off the girls. I was confused by this, but my mom told me that if he does not end up married a Bennet girl and goes for someone else that wife might not like the idea of having strangers living in the house. It is better safe then sorry so marry them off sooner than later.
The book is very hard to understand but it is very enjoying.


Title: The Hobbit
Author: J.R.R Tolkien
Genre: Fiction

These book really makes me read more. It is interesting how people, or in this case:Hobbits, survive. I am on page 74 on the book.
The Hobbit, Bilbo sill can't believe that he went on a dangerous journey with 13 little dwarfs and one big, old and wise wizard. Bilbo is dreaming of his house, hole, in his town where everything was beautiful and calm. Now it is the opposite. Bilbo barely sleeps and has to walk, run the whole day. Right now they are in the mountain of the goblins. Goblins are creatures that are very evil and don't like hobbits,dwarfs or anything good. They live in dark caves inside a mountain and wait for visitors that they can eat. Goblins are brutal and actually really smart. There are only two things that they are scared of. These two things are both swords which where made in place where no evil is. The swords are made by elves and are called Biter and Beater. These swords once killed hundredths of goblins at once. Bilbo and his team are getting attacked by the goblins in the mountain. Bilbo tried to hid and so he jumped off the path and hit his head on a stone. The next time he opened his eyes he was alone and only one sword and something else was left from his friends. He took the sword and looked at the other thing. It was a ring. At that moment Bilbo still did not know anything about the ring and that the ring is going to change his life. Bilbo put it in his pocket and continued the journey through the evil dark mountain alone.

Classic Book Project

Title: The Scarlet Letter

Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Genre: Classic Romance


For this years classic book project, I chose to read The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. When I encouraged my mom to read this book with me and she agreed on it, I was more than excited. However, when I found out that she already read it a long time ago, I was overjoyed because we wouldn't have to take turns- I could just read it in a week and then start doing the project.   I chose this book because all of my friends seemed to have read it, and everybody says that it's a wonderful romance story. I'm really curious to find out why it's so great and popular. When I finish The Scarlet Letter, I will be able to chalk talk about it as well.
This week, I've read chapter one. As I read this chapter, I could hardly understand what was going on. The narrator's voice and vocabulary words were so deep and touching that I had to read it again, until I realized what he is trying to say. The first chapter includes little in the way of action. A crowd of dreary-looking people has gathered outside the door of a prison in Bostin in the 17th century. The narrator deeply describes how the prison is constructed. He says that it is made for extremely dangerous criminals, and he describes that the building's heavy oak door is covered with iron spikes. Next to the prison building, the author describes that there is a growing rosebush that provides a "sweet moral blosson," which I thought about for a second. The narrator affirms that this rosebush symbolizes nature's kindness to the poor. That's how this chapter ended.
After I read this chapter, I felt relieved and satisfied because now I know what the first chapter is about, and I'm ready to read the next chapter!

Pride and Prejudice

Title: Pride and Prejudice 
Author: Jane Austen
Genre: Classic

Pride and Prejudice starts off with a sentence that grasps the reader's attention and tells us a general idea of how the book will be written.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."
In my opinion, isn't it the other way around? A single woman is in the want of a man in possession of a good fortune? Isn't that the way it usually is, in books, in movies, sometimes in real life, isn't the girl chasing after the guy with money? Well, apparently my opinion is different from Jane's. ;)

So, here's how the book starts: Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have five daughters; Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Lydia. Mrs. Bennet's main ambition in life is to equally marry her daughters to a perfect gentleman. The opportunity shows up when Mr. Bingley moves close to the Bennets.It also happens that there is a dance coming up and a chance for him to meet the Bennet daughters. Of course, this delights Mrs. Bennet which amuses her husband. At the dance, Mr. Bingley asks most girls to dance once but he asks Jane twice. This is a big deal and a chance that he might like her. Also, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley's friend, is perceived as a snobbish person who earns a lot of money and who has too much pride. When his friend tries to make him ask Elizabeth to dance, he refuses, saying that he was not attracted to her. 
After the dance, it is arranged that Jane and Mr. Bingley are to meet again. And after a couple of dinners, Mr. Bingley invites Jane over. Mrs. Bennet forces Jane to go by horseback as it was about to rain and Mr. Bingley wouldn't let Jane return home in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, it started raining and Jane had not reached the Bingley residence and she gets sick. Mr. Bingley is very generous and insists that Jane stays at his house until she is feeling better, he also asks for a doctor who tells him that Jane should not be moved and should stay in bed. When Elizabeth receives a message from Mr. Bingley saying that her sister, Jane, was sick and had to stay, she decided she would go visit her. Later on, it was decided that Elizabeth would stay with Jane to keep her company. This also meant that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy lived under the same roof, thus starting to change their opinions about the other. 

Even thought sometimes I have to read a paragraph a couple of times before I understand it completely, I  am enjoying this book and I can't wait to read more. 

Title: Little Women
Author: Louisa M. Alcott
Genre: Fiction Classic
Pages: 546
                    I have started reading this book for my book report because my mom decided it would be good for me.  My mom and I decided to read this book because she said it was about four teenage sisters growing up and how they are all very different girls. This book is a classic. I have started reading this book and it is very good. The main characters are, Meg the eldest sister who is seventeen, Jo is the second eldest and is fifteen, Beth is the second youngest and is thirteen and Amy is the youngest and is eleven. The book starts off when the girls are deciding what they will do for Christmas. They are no a very rich family  and Marmee their mother said that this year there might not be any presents. These girls then go out and buy presents for there mother instead of spending the little money then have on themselves. These girls seem really kind and caring and care for others. I have only just started this book but enjoy it very much so far. I cant wait to read more.

Lego Astronaut

Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, both 17, attached the two-inch astronaut clutching a Canadian flag to a helium weather balloon, which they sent 80,000 feet into the airThey were left with astonishing footage from an estimated 24 kilometres above sea level which showed the toy floating above the curvature of our planet

This week I read an interesting article. Were this two Canadian teenager sent a  Lego man into space using a home-stitched parachute and spare parts on Craigslist. Both teenagers 17 years old, attached two inch astronaut clutching a Canadian flag to a helium balloon. They sent the lego man 80,000 feet into the air. The whole journey took 97 minutes which began on a football pitch in Toronto using four cameras to take photos every 20 seconds.  This two boys did this as a personal project. This project cost $400 and took 4 months of free Saturdays to accomplish the task. The teenagers were left with amazing footage from an estimated 24 kilometers above sea level which showed the toy floating above the curvature of our planet. The boys recovered the Lego man 122 km from the launch site by using the GPS located on the Lego man. 

To Kill A Mockingbird

Author: Harper Lee
Pages: 284
For the last two weeks i have been reading 'To Kill A Mocking Bird'. Last week i introduced the characters and gave my prediction for how i think that the story should progress. Right now i am starting chapter 5, and young Scout is starting to believe that the rumors about Boo Radley being dead are false. On Scout's way home from school one day she finds a pack of gum in the Oak Tree right outside the Radley house then he begins finding more things, that are much more valuable.Then one day she is in the yard for a split second (thanks to her brother) and she swears that she heard someone laughing.
Though seemingly mysterious i am really enjoying this book, i have trouble putting it down once i start reading it. I am reading this book with my dad becuase he always enjoyed this book and he said that he thought i would really like it to, so far he's been right. I hope 'To Kill A Mocking Bird'  continues to be as interesting as it has been.

Treasure Island

Title:Treasure Island
Author:Robert Louis Stevenson
Genre: Classic

This is the classic book I chose for my book report. Actually my mom suggested it for me, she told me that she read this book when she was little, but she doesn't remember it, she remembers that she enjoyed it.

This book was published in 1883 and mostly this book is about pirates and buried treasure. I just started reading it about an hour ago so i don't know much about it ...

I rely wanted to read The Adventures of Holmes Sherlock by Arthur Conan Doyle, but my mom thinks that Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is a much more interesting book.


Lord of The Flies
Author: William Golding
Genre: Action/drama