Friday, January 31, 2014

Lord of the rings

Richard Koys
English 8B
Mrs. Nelson
Lord of the Rings
J.R.R Tolkins

In the morning when Bilbo woke up, he found that Gandlaf and the dwarfs were gone. So he cooked himself 2 breakfasts because he thought they forgot about him. Then in came Gandalf who started to say where have you been? what are you doing? Why aren't you dressed up? Gandalf said that they left him a note to meet them at a inn because they were in a hurry. So Bilbo burst through the door leaving his hat, his money and other things. By the time he and Gandalf got there the dwarfs were waiting for them. They got on their ponies and went off. They went pass by a lot of towns and soon it began to rain which got Bilbo mad. Then suddenly the dwarfs noticed that Gandalf was missing! So everyone decides to set up camp to wait for Gandalf. What they didn't know was that they were next to a group of trolls who were far away from them eating a lamb or something. So Bilbo goes to check it out but gets caught by one of the trolls. Next the trolls begin to fight each other because they didn't know if they wanted to fry him or cook him or just eat him. Then what happened was that one of the trolls hit the others to make them come to their scenes but it got them more mad. Next the dwarfs came to help Bilbo but they ended up in sacks with nobody to help them. But then Gandalf appeared at the last moment and turned the trolls into stone.
 The 2nd chapter was good and funny. The Hobbit has become really popular and is really good as well. I wonder what will happen at the end of this book.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog Post #2: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Genre: Classic
Pages: 49/233 pages

Jay Gatsby's problem/conflict is that he is in love with Daisy. They used to be sweethearts but then Jay went to war. Daisy is now married to Tom so he, Jay, wants Nick to set her up with him.  Nowadays this could happen but it often takes place without the help of your friends... I wouldn't be shocked if this occurred today. This still takes place nowadays, it's called cheating. I would be a little surprised if my neighbor asked me to help him out but I wouldn't help him out, because if they get caught i'm part of the act as well. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Blog post 1 (final)

1) The main character in this book is Don Corleon. So far we see him as a powerful man as in that he is wealthy. He also seems to know a lot about what is going on and also has people under his control as he has done favors to many.
2) During his daughters wedding FBI agents show up to write down the number plates of his guests. Thinking that they have surprised him even though he had seen this and warned his friends not to come with their private cars, so I am guessing the FBI finds him as a threat and need to know who he might work with against them if that does happen.
3) The story hasn't developed that much for us to know what is that valuable to him, but possibly pictures of his daughters wedding...
4) As so far this is the only event that has happened and the fact that he is happy and that it is obviously a big day as there are hundreds of people attending the wedding.
5) I think that when his family opens it they will have a nice memory of that day or will see what their grandpa or great grandpa looked like.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Stranger - Albert Camus (Blog Post No. 1) (New Version)

  The Stranger
(Albert Camus)

Genre: Existential novel, Crime drama

Pages Read: 18/123

In the first chapter, Camus did not give any physical description of the main character, but from what I concluded from the text, Meursault is a man in his thirties, who is not very emotional. Another character, perhaps a resident of the home of the elderly, might describe him as a serious, handsome, young man. Based on what I know about Meursault, I think that he would place the letter from the nursing center. It is the only item of any emotional value that he possesses, for the letter informs him of his mother's death. Future generations would probably be shocked after reading the letter, for it is very brief and not very descriptive, for it does not even informs us of the cause of her death.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The War of the Worlds

Nikola Ristovic 8B

The War of the Worlds
H. G. Wells

The character of my book has a strong grip on reality. He is a philosopher and he has determination to win over the aliens. The character is a very smart person because he was one of the first ones to know about the alien attack. My character would probably put some of his philosophies on paper and into the time capsule because he is a philosopher. The reason I chose a philosophy is on paper is because his philosophy about the aliens was true and it could mean a lot. The future generations probably react very happy and they wouldn't believe that they found a writing of the "well-known" philosopher.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blog Post #1

Robinson Crusoe
Daniel Defoe
14% (using an E-Reader)

The main character, Robinson Crusoe, is adventurous and desires to travel and seek his fortune.  Some might say he is smart because he was able to escape from slavery but others might say he is stupid because he keeps on sailing when all the signs tell him that he should stops because the fates are against him.  I think that Robinson Crusoe would place money in a time capsule so he could be remembered by how much money he had.  Money is important to Robinson Crusoe because it will show others that he did make a success of himself.  Future generations would be excited to find this old money because it could be worth quite a lot and they could buy something with it. 


The book im reading is called The Godfather by Mario Puzo, the book is crime fiction this week i have read 20/443.
        The book starts off with two boys beeing put on trial for asulting Amerigo Bonasera's who is now in hospital with a  broken jaw. The judge is expresses a big disgust and calls them animals, but only gives them 3 years in prison as they did not sexualy molest her and because they have fine families and a clean record. The father promises him self to seek vengance. Then we have a change of setting to a hotel room in Los Angeles where Johny Fontane is drinking scotch from a bottle waiting for his wife to come back who we understand is really atractive and amodel/actress. When she comes back he stands up angrily and attacks hurt but when he gets close up to her he knows he can't hurt her as he is in love with her even though she says she was "out fucking" and as he raises his hand to hit her she just laughs and tells him not to hit it as she is gonna have to take pictures, so instead he starts to punch her in the stomach and tighs, but not hard as he knew he couldn't. She laughs in return and taunts him "Come on, stick it in. Stick it in, Johnny, that' what you really want." He stands up. Even though he hates her her beauty is like a magic shield. The woman walks off and lcoks the bedroom door leaving Johnny Fontane out.Then again we have a change in setting and now a baker called Nazorine is wanting to send Enzo one of the boys working for him off as he thinks and has seen some clues that Enzo and his daughter are having sexual relations, and he figures he needs help from The Godfather to make Enzo a american citizen to keep Enzo in America (most of the charecters are italian). Then we have another change of setting where we move to the wedding off The Godfather's(Don Corleon) daughter's wedding. We get a discription of each one of his three sons, one of them sticks out the most his name is Michael Corleon. Except of having visual phsical differences from his father and his brothers he also had a much different charecter and is not as easy going and close with his father as his brothers are and he also sits in one of the mroe distant corners of the garden with his american girlfriend wich his father does not approve of. Most of the crew for the wedding were friends of the Don Corleon and where doing this a favour as a way of repaying him of what he had done for them at some point of time. Later on FBI agents show up and start to write down licence plates of the cars that are parked outside where the wedding is, however Don Corleon is not worried as he had warned his friends to come with cars that are not their own as he had predicted this, but does not stop his son from going and arguing with the FBI agents and showing enragment because he belives that that will make them think that he did not predict this happening.
           I think so far that Don Corleon or as he is also known as The Godfather is going to play a big role in this book and is probably some type of rich buisnes man who also is part of the italian mafia so we will have a view of the dark side of his buisnes and how he deals with these problems. Also as seeing how people are discribed we will probably witness alot of betrayal and back stabing, maybe some one trying to over throw Don Corleon wich will probably be a challange as he has conections, or it could turn out that he dies early and then it is a fight between the three sons who to take his legacy.
        "She was to him so very beautiful the angelic face, soulful violate eye, the delicately fragile but perfectly formed body." This is the description of Johnny Fontane's wife. This caught my eye as this is a really vivid and well described the author makes it so you can imagine this lady but still leaves parts undecribed so he leaves the reader to finish off the looks of this woman. (page12)

Blog Post #1 The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Title of the Book: The Count of Monte Cristo

Author: Alexandre Dumas
(Adapted by Mitsu Yamamoto)

Genre: Classic

Total pages of the book: 236

Pages I read this week: 40 (40/236)

Sentence #1:

The main character of the book is Edmond Dantes. He is a hard-working, young, smart and really lucky person. He is in love with a young lady and he married her before he was arrested. He is also the captain of a ship. In the beginning of the book Edmond "made" an enemy, Fernand. They don't like each other because they love the same woman.

Sentence #2:

Edmond is annoying and terrible, because he loves the same lady with me. But, he is luckier and he married her. I have to find a way to kill him, or take a revenge.  That's what Fernand believes.

Sentence #3:

If I had to choose something, in order to put it in a time capsule, this would be a metal heart.

Sentence #4:

 I believe that this object would represent the start/beginning of the book in the best possible way, because it represents the main theme of this period in the book. The main theme of this period in the book is the main character's love with a young lady. Even though, he is the captain of a ship, he travels to many different places and ports, so he doesn't see her a lot, they are still in love and true to each other.

Sentence #5:

I think that if someone who had read this book, opened the time capsuled that the metal heart was in, he would for sure recognize and understand the reason I put this object in the time capsule. That's because, as I said, the love between these two people is the main theme of the book in the beginning.

To Kill A Mockingbird - Blog #1

To Kill A Mockingbird
Harper Lee
Pages read this week: 12/281

The main character is "I" (I don't know his name yet) who is the older of two brothers, he seems to be wiser than his age suggests, a great thinker, very kind, and a little shy. I think Dill (one of "I"'s friends) would say he is shy, doesn't really talk much, but seems to be a smart guy. Based on what I know about "I", I think that if he were to place an item in a time capsule, it would be either a football or a book. The football would be relevant because he likes football, and his little brother is a great player, and the book because he reads a lot, and I know that because of the way he talks and thinks. Maybe, if the item in the time capsule arrived 100 years in the future, people would be amazed of the book (if it was a famous one) and it would be worth some money, just like old classic books are appreciated today, and the football, I don't know, perhaps people wouldn't care at all, or if it was signed by a great player, then maybe it would become an artifact or symbol of that player and be kept in some museum.

Quarter 3 Post 1 ~ Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Emily Bronte
Gothic fiction

         The main character, a man named Mr. Lockwood, is an opinionated and well-bred man. Another character, Heathcliff, would describe Mr. Lockwood as rude and a terrible guest, but good conversation. Mr. Lockwood would probably put the books he found in the room he stayed in, at Wuthering Heights. Mr. Lockwood found these books, along with a name written on the windowsill- sometimes written Catherine Earnshaw, sometimes Catherine Heathcliff, and sometimes Catherine Linton- and was very intrigued by them, as there were notes from this Catherine written in the margins; little ideas and even full diary entries. I believe that future generations would view these books as good insights into civilization in the past (our present) as they detail Catherine's everyday life and habits. 

Blog Post #1 - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - JRR Tolkien - Jared Rogerson

For this Quarter, I am reading the book The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers by JRR Tolkien. This book, along with the rest of the series, is a classic fantasy novel. For this first week, I have read from page 1- 77.

Frodo Baggins is a hobbit who is very adventurous, and also really cares about his friends and companions. One of his friends, Sam Pippin, would describe Frodo as a very brave hobbit, who is also very caring and maybe a little bit out of his mind. If Frodo were to put one thing into a time capsule, I think it would be the Ring if he didn't manage to destroy it, because it is very powerful and he holds it dearly. Whats important about the Ring is that it has ultimate power, and it deceives the mind of good beings to do evil things. If people 100 years in the future would find this, they would be fascinated by it and probably keep it, which would lead to them getting controlled by the Rings' power and then being manipulated into doing evil things.

Ender's game blog post #1

Ender's game
Orson Scott Card
Science Fiction


The novel begins with two anonymous people discussing about a boy and his two siblings and decide that he is the one to save Earth from the buggers. The 6-years-old boy named Ender Wiggins is being monitored by the I.F. (International Fleet) for his excellence. His brother Peter hates Ender for his excellence; because he is a living proof that he was not good enough. Ender's monitor is removed before he goes to school and Ender faces dangers now that his monitor is gone.

At school, he was teased by a boy named Stilson and his gang about being a "Third". After school, Ender is cornered by Stilson and his gang. After a failed attempt of telling them to let him go, he kicks Stilson in his groin and continues kicking him even after he fell to make them stop teasing him forever.

At Ender's house, Peter, who is 4 years older than Ender forces him to play Buggers and Astronauts with him and makes him the bugger. Ender puts on a bugger mask and Peter climbs on top of him and threatens him that he could kill him and nobody will blame him and says that he will eventually kill Ender.

Next morning, while the Wiggins are having breakfast, a man from I.F. visits them. The man, whose name is Graff interviews Ender about the fight with Stilson. Ender explains that he wanted them to leave him alone forever. Graff tells him that he has passed the test and that he has been chosen to attend Battle School and that life in Battle School will be hard. However, Ender chooses to attend Battle School since he has nothing to lose and leaves his family. His sister Valentine cries to him to return some day.

At the launch to Battle School which is in space, Ender was with kids from all over the world chosen for their excellence. Other kids were joking around but Ender was not part of it and thought that none of it was funny. As they enter the shuttle, Ender who was not part of the conversation unlike all others, finds his seat belt and straps it on. Graff, who decided to isolate Ender to make him a good commander, compliments Ender for putting on his straps when all others were talking. Because of that, a boy keeps hitting him in the head so Ender grabs his arm and throws him in null gravity breaking his arm. Ender feels that he is only a "Peter" and feels bad about it.

Once in the Battle School, he was to be a launchy which is what the group of 6-year-olds are called in the school. He finds his bunk in the barracks in the worst place and sets off for dinner. He goes to the game room, finds older boys playing and watches them play. Ender challenges the best player among the group of older boys. They play 3 times; the first 2 games he lost but in the end he won and shocked the older boys.

Bernard, whose arm Ender broke gathers a gang just like Stilson. Ender hacks the computer system of the school and sends messages to his fellow launchies that makes him look foolish. This stops him from getting too much control over the kids. A small boy named Shen who was bullied by him is amused and grows intimate with Ender.


It was painful to see a kid only 6-years-old face isolation in order to become a commander who will eventually save the world. I expect to see him overcome his numerous challenges and someday become a great commander.


I thought Ender might call for help. "Call for help? I thought that was what you valued most in him - that he settles his own problems. When he's out there surrounded by an enemy fleet, there ain't gonna be nobody to help him if he calls."

This is a conversation between two high authorities in I.F., Graff and Anderson. They talk about the incident in the launch; about Ender breaking a boy's arm. They talk about his future and decide that he should be isolated to make him think that help will never reach him. I thought this passage was important because this isolation is what makes Ender most painful right now.

If You Come Softly #1

If You Come Softly
Jacqueline Woodson
Historical Fiction
23/181 pages

1. Jeremiah is a very insecure boy.
2. Ellie would describe Jeremiah as lonely and handsome.
3. Jeremiah would definitely place his basketball in a time capsule.
4. Jeremiah would place a basketball in a time capsule because it is what helped him get through tough times, like a lucky charm.
5. I think future generations wouldn't pay much attention to the basketball because they wouldn't know the story behind it, so they would just view it as an everyday basketball, as most people do even today.

The Great Gatsby #1

The Great Gatsby
F.Scott Fitzgerald

1st Sentence 

The main character in "The Great Gatsby" is Jay Gatsby, he is very mysterious, secretive, one of the wealthiest men in New York and he always knows what he wants and he makes sure to get it. 

2nd Sentence 

The other main character in this novel, also known as the narrator is Nick Caraway, who describes Gatsby as a very charismatic person and that his smile makes people feel special. 

3rd Sentence 

So far in my reading, I have discovered that Gatsby makes parties every saturday which would come to my thinking that he would place party invitations in a time capsule. 

4th Sentence 

Gatsby is the most popular person for throwing parties and he even makes parties every saturday hoping to find one special person, he would probably send out invitations to remember the big parties the whole town would attend. 

5th Sentence 

I think that some people future generations in a 100 years would react differently, that some would like to see how people used to invite others to parties and to see how they invite people in their time and some people wouldn't find this as interesting. 

The Great Gatsby - #1

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

The main character in "The Great Gatsby" is Gatsby, he is secretive, extremely wealthy, and has great determination once he knows what he wants. Nick is the other main character in the text, he would describe Gatsby as a very likeable person because of his smile and how it makes others feel special. I think that Gatsby would put invitations in the time capsule from the parties that he held in his mansion. He would put the party invitations in there because that is what he is well known for and everybody goes to them each Saturday. I don't think that they would know what they were for or what they meant back then, but I think they would be intrigued by the fact that they were hand written and on paper because the technology will be a lot more advanced then it was then. 

Blog post #1 : The Hobbit

Stefan Radovanovic


  The Hobbit 
  By: J.R.R Tolkien

   Classic Fantasy 


  • The Main Character in the book is called Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo is used to doing and having his own traditions he always does the same things and he always does like to do the least he does not like opening his mind a lot. There is also one thing that he does not like and that is how he looks and the way that he looks at life.. 
  • Thorin also one of the characters in the book. Thorin has chosen Bilbo to be the burglar to for his company.
  • Bilbo is fond of maps and like to read them, when the companion arrive at rivendell BIlbo is eager to read elvish maps.
  • I think that he will probably not want to put any map inside the capsule be he loves maps… But he likes cheshire. Bilbo is from there that is why he likes it the most.

Blog Post #1 Emma

Author: Jane Austen
Genre: Classic
Pages: 51/487

1. The main character in the book I have chosen is Emma Woodhouse. As said in the book she is "handsome, clever and rich with a comfortable home and happy disposition". At 21 she was
 already appointed mistress of Heartfield. She has grown up spoiled, beloved, and the cleverest in her family. She is the busy comforter of her fathers real and imagined ills. She enjoys meddling in other peoples love-lives and takes the "duty" of matchmaking. 

2. Others would describe Emma as " a little bit too clever for her own good" because she always comes up with plans to match to people and she could answer difficult questions at 12 when her older sister could not at 17. Most would speculate that she would be a very spoiled and snobbish person though the people close to her family knows that she is very kind and would never lead someone the "wrong way". People have trouble finding flaws in her elegance and manners and she has a big influence on others. 

3. Emma would probably place a very handsome letter with instructions about how to be the perfect matchmaker and write about speculations for possible couples and marriages. She would most likely also place some of her portraits of people she has drawn. Since she enjoys drawing of all sorts and everyone she knows always compliments her drawings for being very realistic.  

4. I think that if the people who find Emma's time-capsule knows or remembers the people on her speculation list would be surprised that most of her matches would become real. People would be charmed by her clever writing and instructions and some might even try taking on the "duty" of a matchmaker. People would be amazed by how realistic her drawings are and she might even become famous for them. 

Blog Post #1: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Genre: Classic
Pages: 49/233 pages 

The main character in my story in Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a very rich man who lives in a big mansion next to Nick (the narrator and also plays a main part in the story). He is a very popular man who throws huge successful parties every saturday. He is very popular but to Nick he is the mysterious man next door. I don't know Gatsby but i know he throws lots of parties so if i chose an item of his to put in a capsule based on what I know so far i would put the cork of a champagne bottle because he likes to party... People in our generation, or 100 years later would, i think, not be very surprised because corks existed a long time ago and still do so i think they will still exist in a long time to come.

The Hobbit #1

The Hobbit
J.R.R Tolkien
Classical Fantasy

1. The protagonist character and main character in my book is Bilbo Baggins, Bilbo is use to his own traditions and routines and does not like stepping outside of the box. Bilbo is also very paranoid about his condition and way of life.

2. Thorin, the heir to the throne of the lonely mountain has chosen Bilbo to be the burglar to for his company. Thorin tells Bilbo “May the hair on your toes never fall out!”as a compliment to Bilbo.

3. If Bilbo has to place any item in a time capsule i think he would put a map, Bilbo is fond of maps and like to read them, when the companion arrive at Rivendell Bilbo is eager to read elvish maps.

4.I think that Bilbo would not only put a map in the time capsule because he likes maps but it would be a map of The Shire, which is were Bilbo is from and always wishes he could be their.

5. I think if future generation were to open the time capsule and find a map of The Shire (depending on who opened it) they would know were it was and not bother to do anything or if the the bearer of the map was an orc or goblin they would attack The Shire because they know its location.

The Great Gatsby #1

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

the main character in my text is Gatsby, he is very wealthy and lives in a strange dark mansion. He is very popular for his fabulous parties that he throws every saturday. Nick, the narrator is Gatsby's neighbour he sees Gatsby as a very odd man and very mysterious because he doesn't have many friends, he lives in a strange mansion, there are many rumours about him and he is rarely seen by Nick. So far I don't know a lot about Gatsby but i think he would put an invitation letter that he sends out to his guests before his parties. The invitations are a reminder of Gatsby's great parties that he has every saturday and the parties are what he is known for. I think that future generations would be very interested in this item because i think that in 100 years time no one is going to be using letters anymore to send out party invitations and they will be able to see what people did for fun back then. 

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Author: Mark Twain
Genre: Classic
Number of pages read: 24/328

Yankee is the main character of the story who somehow travels back in King Arthur's time, and he is astonished by peoples clothes and he thinks naked girl walking by is remarkable, he is also clueless about the time. Clarence would describe him as a strange man because he is astonished by peoples clothes, and way of their life. If Yankee puts and object in a capsule, he would put people clothing in it. I selected that item because as soon Yankee comes to King Arthur's time he is astonished by people's clothing. If generations hundreds years later opened the capsule and found the clothing, they will not touch it, they will think that it is disgusting, and they will throw it into the garbage because why would kids in 20th century be interested into something full of dirt form 6th century.  

The Swiss Family Robinson #1

The Swiss Family Robinson
Johann David Wyss
  • 1st sentence: Describe the personality of the main character of your chosen text. 

  • The main character of this book is a man (his name isn't mentioned) who is the leader of the Robinson family and is the father of 4 boys. He is very brave, calm, intelligent and caring.

  • 2nd sentence: Explain how another character would describe the main character. (Character is _ because)
  • His children would describe him as a caring, kind, brave and wise father.

  • 3rd sentence: Based on what you know about your main character, what item would he/she place in a time capsule.
  • I think that he would place a small piece of wood or any other small detail from the ship that he and his family were on before the shipwreck.
  • 4th sentence: What is the significance of the item and your reason for selecting that item?
  • I don't know a lot about the main character yet but I know that he thinks that it is better to try to get home then stay on the island where their shipwreck happened. On the day after the shipwreck he already starts working on fixing the ship so that they can go home sooner so I think that the ship seems like the only hope they have to get back home so it is really important to him.

  • 5th sentence: How would future generations (100 years later) react to the item in the time capsule? (In your opinion and why)
  • I think that the future generations would react to the item by observing it and finding out what time period it was from but they probably wouldn't be sure exactly what it was since it would only be a small detail.

Where The Red Fern Grows #1

Title: Where The Red Fern Grows
Author: Wilson Rawls
Genre: Classic
Number of pages read: 35/242

  • 1st sentence:
The character who stands out from others in this novel is a man who had quite big expectations throughout his childhood, a person who is able to achieve anything that he wants to and most importantly, a very sensitive and careful kind of person. 

  • 2nd sentence: 
The boy's grandfather was taking care of him more than his parents did, and his grandfather always thought of him as a brave and very intelligent young man. 

  • 3rd sentence: 
I think that the little boy would put his pride and his decisions that he made throughout the book in a time capsule, because he might be regretting them.

  • 4th sentence:
Two hounds (type of a dogs) have a really big meaning to the boy, and he's ready to go through anything in order to have them, even  though he is well aware of consequences that he might get in the process of getting those two dogs. 

  • 5th sentence:
There are many people who make wrong decisions because of their pride, and in 100 years, I think that there would be even more misunderstanding with making right decisions without being too proud. 

The Count of Monte Cristo #1

Title: The Count of Monte Cristo
Author: Alex Dumas
Genre: Classic, Historical Novel, Adventure 
Percent Read: 16/100
1st sentence:

The main character of my novel is a man named Edmond Dantes. He is very intelligent and he has a very good sense of duty.

2nd sentence:

Throughout the story, the ship’s owner describes Dantes as an intelligent and honest man.

3rd sentence:

I think Dantes would place the object and letter that Captain Leclere gave him because he is unsure what to do with them.

4th sentence:

These objects where given to him upon the death of the previous Caption of Dantes’ ship. They are very mysterious and there purpose is not fully revealed yet.

5th sentence:

In my opinion generations 100 years from when that time capsule was placed would probably open the time capsule and find the object and letter. Since we do not yet know much about these two things placed in the time capsule I cannot really give a projection on how future generations would react.

Where the Red Fern Grows #1

Where the Red Fern Grows 
Wilson Rawls
History fiction
47/ 249

The main character Billy is a kind, perseverant, stubborn little boy who knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it, I think he is perseverant because he saves up money for two whole years in order to buy his red hounds.  Billy’s grandfather is a supporting character in this book and he is a good hearted, supportive wise man who would and does everything possible for his grandson Billy, in my opinion he always wants the best for Billy and he is his biggest “Cheerleader”. I think that the item that Billy would place in a time capsule would be the cut out from the magazine that has an advertisement for the dogs he bought. The significance for that is his only wish was to get two red hounds and when he found that ad he decided to save his money in the next two years in order to buy them. Future generations wouldn’t necessarily understand the value behind the ad; because now getting a dog isn’t a big deal but back then it was something that cost a lot of money and was hard to get.  

Blog post #1 pride and prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen

The character that stood out so far is Elizabeth the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Bennet who is a very clever and beautiful girl.
Darcy is a character that really likes Elizabeth and constantly tries to impress her while the only thing she does is refuses.
Based on what I know I think that Elizabeth would place pride in her time capsule, even though pride is not an object.
From the context pride really seems to be important for Elizabeth when it comes to men and staying true to herself.
I think that future generations would not understand the idea of pride playing a big part in someone's life because it's such a strong, heavy misinterpreted word even now.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Blog #1

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Jules Verne
Science Fiction, Adventure

  The main character in the story is Professor Pierre Aronnax, he is a journalist, he is curious because he is interested in learning even if it puts his life in danger. Ned Land, a Canadian harpooner, would describe him as a smart man but very defenseless, because he cant do anything without his servant Counsiel. If Pierre had to place items in a time capsule he would place one of his books, a seashell and a photo of him and the ship Abraham Lincoln. The book would be placed inside because it is very important to him and to show at which date this capsule was made, a seashell because he is very intruiged by the ocean and the photo of him on the Abraham Lincoln because that is how his journey started. 100 years later the people who open the capsule would react by placing his book in a museum because they are probably outdated, his seashell would probably go on an auction as the "Seashell of Pierre Aronnax" and the photo would be the last photo anyone had of him before he "drowned in the ocean" because he probably never comes out of the Nautilus.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Island of the Blue Dolphins - blog post #1

Title: Island of the Blue Dolphins
Author: Scot O'dell
Genre: Classic

1st sentence: Describe the personality of the main character of your chosen text.

  • Karana (Wonapalei) is a 14 years old female, very friendly girl with a brother and a sister (she is actually 18 but the book begins with a memory in which Karana is only 14).

2nd sentence: Explain how another character would describe the main character. (Character is _ because)

  • Ramo (Karana's little brother) would describe his sister as the best sister in the word because she is caring, selfless and empathetic and she would actually risk her life in order to save his brother's life. 

3rd sentence: Based on what you know about your main character, what item would he/she place in a time capsule.

  • I think that she would put otters in the time capsule and actually more specifically otters' skin.

4th sentence: What is the significance of the item and your reason for selecting that item?

  • When Karana is 14 a group of Russians called Aleuts come on the island to hunt for otter and while they are hosting on that same island Karana keeps on complaining that she doesn't like the fact that the Aleuts are hunting since she sees the animals as their friends. 

5th sentence: How would future generations (100 years later) react to the item in the time capsule? (In your opinion and why)

  • In my opinion the future generations would be surprised when they see the skin because they would probably be more advanced so logically they wouldn't know what this is and might use it as something else rather than making clothes and carpets out of the otter. 

The Stranger - Albert Camus (Blog Post No. 1)

  The Stranger
(Albert Camus)

Genre: Existential novel, Crime drama

Pages Read: 18/123

Summary:The novel is set in Algeria slightly before world war two. It is written in the first point of view. The main character gets a letter that his mother has died. He travels by bus to the village where the home for the elderly is located. He talks to the director who informs him that his mother was very satisfied with her stay there. He mentioned that they had to place her body in a casket as quickly as they could, because the elderly in the home fear of "death spreading". Her casket was located in a white, empty room with a skylight. When he was lead into the room by the caretaker, he refused to look at her body for the last time. Soon, many other residents of this nursing center came. They were making "strange noises" (Camus, 11) with their cheeks. The hearse was called and the casket was transferred into it. The residents were rushing after the hearse that was traveling fast because of the hot day. Everyone was sweating. One of the elderly inhabitants, Perez, was falling around 50 meters behind the hearse, so he was taking shortcuts to catch up.

Reflection: For now, I like the book. It is written in a unique style with many interesting descriptions. Even though it is only the first chapter that I read, I must say that there are not many things have happened. I have no predictions for the next chapter, for I have not read enough to conclude anything.

Passage: "Now it was all these people not making a sound that was getting on my nerves. Except that every now and then I'd hear a strange noise and I couldn't figure out what it was. Finally I realized that some of the old people were sucking at the insides of their cheeks and making weird smacking noises"

I chose this passage because it was the funniest part I found in the first chapter. The idea of a group of old people making weird smacking noises all at once, like a choir, on a funeral made me laugh. Also, the style in which it was written perfectly describes the sound. 

The Hobbit

The Hobbit
Richard Koys
English 8B

At the beginning of this book, the author presents Bilbo Baggins the hobbit. Bilbo begins to get some company at his house. Dwarfts are coming saying hello and sit at the table. Then finally Gandalf the grey and Thorin Oakenshielf arrive. They eat and sing songs for a while with Bilbo who  is quite unhappy about this. Sonn after the fun was done, there came the imporant part. The dwarfts and Gandalf were going on a mission to kill a dragon the one called Smaug who a long time ago destroyed Rivertown. Now he is sleeping deep in the mountains in a giant room full of gold. Gandalf asked Bilbo for their help because Bilbo is a great thief and good at pickpocketing. Bilbo accepted this. Then the dwarfts went back to singing and eating and then went to bed. There was a long journy awaiting them.

The Hobbit is a really interesting book so far and I am really enjoying it. I didnt see the first movie of the Hobbit but I did see the second. I also read a lot of chapters in this book so I can now just write down what I have read so far.