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Frozen In Time (Finished)

 Frozen In Time
By:Ali Sparkes
Pages read:144

  This week I got carried on that instead of 50 pages, I read 144. I finished the book. The book gets very dramatic toward the end.

   ^   To continue where we left off, after the kids came back home, they found a note on the table from Uncle Jerome that he had to go to London to finish some stuff up. Al the kids suddenly felt something was not right. After that, they worked on teaching Polly and Freddy about 2009, and their cover story they are going to use from next week when they start school. They would be hippies which just came from the wild.
        That Saturday, they went to shop clothes and school stuff. Freddy was amazed by the Velcro shoes, which are without laces. On Sunday evening, Rachel was ironing her and Polly's clothes, while Polly was making dinner. At one moment, Rachel slammed down the iron, and shouted at Ben because she almost started ironing his stuff. Ben accepted and found out he was quite good at ironing. On the other hand, Freddy was horrible and Ben had to take over. After that, they had a delicious hot pot which Polly made. She said that she will learn everybody how to make hot pot, because that is not used in the modern days. They decided to go to bed. During the night, Rachel woke up and saw that Freddy was in the bathroom, bleeding again. She swore to Freddy she will not say a word.
        The next day, school began. The kids welcomed Freddy and Polly, but not such a warm welcome. One large mistake Polly made while she introduced herself was saying the word 'super' which is not used anymore. After that, everybody teased her because she is saying super. Freddy, on the other hand, had a very amusing introduction. He explained how to cook a rabbit. The teacher, unfortunately cut him off because she thought it was crossing the line. Nothing like that is not aloud in school. The kids were amazed. Ben noticed that some of the girls were looking at him already with love in their eyes. He got a lot of fans.
        After that, during lunch, they came face to face with the school bullies: Pincer twins, Rory O'Neal. The two boys got into a fight with these two bullies. The girls had to face Lorraine Kingsley, who teased Polly for 'super' the whole break. After one time, Polly said 'That's absolutely super'and while doing that, she spilled all her food on Lorraine's head. After the first day, all 4 ended up at the doctor.
    I am going to skip a bit because for a long time, nothing interesting happens. Now, in the next part, till the end, the book is not funny anymore, but it is still super. One day, after school, Ben and Freddy, he because Uncle Jerome hasn't come home yet, decided to go to Percival Shaw, to see if he knows something about their uncle. Rachel and Polly stayed home. When the boys entered Percival's house, they didn't find anyone. But, suddenly, Percival came out of the attic. The boys asked him why was he hiding. Percival explained that this morning, he saw the black car which he saw the day Freddy's and Polly's father disappeared. They came back for him and the kids. They were all in danger. At that moment, they all saw a couple of shadows outside the door. They also saw that in front of the house, the black car was parked. At that moment, somebody started shooting on them. The two boys escaped through the back door. We do not know what happened to Percival, he is not mentioned in the book anymore.
       Meanwhile, Polly and Rachel were completing a puzzle at home. They didn't know what was happening outside. At one moment the phone rang. Rachel answered, but nobody was there. It was stormy outside, so she predicted the bad weather influenced the line. Rachel went outside with Bess. When they got back in, Polly said she saw some shadows, but she thought it was lightning playing with
her eyes. Now, they exchanged worried looks. But, what came next, got them even more scared. The lock started turning on one of the doors. The two girls ran up to Uncle Jerome's bedroom. He had a computer in his room. Polly saw that there was a mail with the following heading:
Get out of the house, NOW!
The girls obeyed their uncle and climbed out of the window onto the roof and down to the garden. They decided that the safest place to hide was the chamber where they found the frozen coffins. When they entered, they noticed something very wrong. The door were open. The girls could not believe that the boys forgot to close the door behind them. Well, they didn't. Behind them was someone who we all expected to see in the book again. The librarian.
     The boys decided that the girls were also in great danger, so they ran home. On the way there, the Pincer twins came in their way, but they fell behind soon. At one point, Freddy suddenly stopped and held on to a tree. Ben saw that Freddy's nose was bleeding. But Freddy told him that it was not only the  nose, he couldn't see, he became blind. Now, it would be a shame to tell you what happens next because that would spoil your reading of this book. It gets very hairy, I can tell you that much. This book is worth reading.

The Hunger Games Series; Catching Fire

Title: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Pages: 391
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure

Last week I finished the book, The Hunger Games. So this week I started the second book of The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire.

So far the book has started out great. Katniss is in the woods hunting as usual but she will soon have to leave for her winning tour. During the winning tour she visits all the districts with Peeta and stands in front of them during a large ceremony. The audience have to actually act like they like Peeta and Katniss even though they both killed the district's tributes. Wonderful ceremony indeed!! During her hunting in the woods she hunts as a lone wolf. Gale can no longer hunt with her during week days because he works in the mine. But on sundays they cherish their time that they get to hunt together.

In district 12 everything seems pretty much the same. Katniss still does her daily sale to the Hob. But she makes a stop by Gale's house to give his family some game. She still sells to the Game Keepers.
The only differences are that Gale is not there all the time and she lives in a more richer part of town. Oh, and she is pretty much a celebrity.

Read my next post to follow up on the happenings of this amazing book part of the best series ever.

the beasties (Week 4) Finished)

Title: the beasties
Author's name: William Sleator
Number of pages: 198

Doug and Colette's mom keep asking them question about what happened and why Doug's handwriting is on the map, but they tell that they have to go and destroy the map because it is the only evidence. Doug and Colette went down to Fingers to see what happened when the loggers attacked. Fingers told them that their Queen died and the other family that got attacked also lost theirs, but it wasn't because of the loggers it was because they were sick. Fingers were the only one that was good enough to be Queen, there was just one problem and that was that she did not have any eyes. Doug and Colette came up with different ideas, but they were just not good enough. Fingers told them that they had to get back up and in the house so that their parents wouldn't get angry or anything. Doug and Colette promised each other to go down to Fingers again at midnight. It was a long time for Doug to wait but as soon as they got down there again they came up with new ideas. After some time Doug said that he could give one of his eyes to her. She was very happy that he would do it and they went straight to the operation room. Doug got an injection and passed out. 

A quote: "Humans not go down there, not finding Queen. But both Queens old. But Queens very fragility now, because so many trees gone, and fungus hard to find. Both Queens losing litter in last few days. Queens very much afraid. And very sickness for Queen to having so many human adult males in tunnels--and human death in tunnels. Housekeepers giving tea. but have to ration now. Not strong enough to stopping fearfulness of Queens. Not strong enough to stopping sickness of toxic human presence. Queens die." Her shoulders slumped.
- I find it quite funny that Fingers, which is the only member of the family (the beasties) that can speak English. Most of the time when Fingers speak it is kind of hard to read, because she doesn't speak proper English. I like this quote, because the Queen before was very harsh and couldn't give birth and she died because the logger were cutting down the trees. Fingers was much more kind than the Queen and Fingers was the next that was supposed to be Queen, but she did not have eyes which was qualified to be Queen,

If you want to know what happens you need to read it, but I can tell you that is a very good book. THUMBS UP.

Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkle in Time
Genre- Fantasy 
By Madeleine L'Engle
Pages 110-211/211

I have finished reading this very enjoyable book, "A Wrinkle in Time". If you want to read this book I would advise you to not read this post. This books moral to me seems to be, "Hold on to you beliefs because that is what keeps you unique." I think that is the moral of the story because this evil brain named IT on Camazotz tries to take everything from someones personality and makes everybody the exact same. At pages 110 Charles W.'s  mind has been taken by IT and has been left in Camazotz for a day or so because his father they saved tesserd(Traveled) him, Meg, and Calvin,but Meg almost died from that experience because her father was not good at tessering. He only tessered them out so they would not also be taken by IT. After a  day of recovery Meg and Meg alone went back to Camazotz to save Charles. She learned the only way to save him was for Meg to tell hm how much she loves him. Meg and Charles had a close bond even though she did not know to much about her baby brother Charles. A quotation from this book explains their bond it is, " It can't be anybody else. I don't understand Charles, but he understands me. I'm the one who's closest to him. Father's been away for so long, since Charles Wallace was a baby. They don't even know each other And Calvin's only known Charles for such a little time. If it had been longer then he would have been the on, but-oh, I see, I see, I understand, it at it has to be me. There isn't anyone else."  I really liked the end to this story because throughout the book you also saw Meg evolve into actually making friends.

A lLong Walk to Water (2nd last)

 Author:Linda Sue Park
Genre:true story
Book:A long walk to water

After leaving the wetlands, where there were 1000 bloodsucking mosquitoes, they entered the desert. The final stretch until entering Ethiopia. It would have to take at minimum 4 days to get passed the scorching heat of the desert. Beside having little bits of water, a much worse thing is going to happen, equally as bad as when Salva lost his friend. And it happened like this, after a few exhausting days in the desert, everything was going ok, until a bunch of rebels came and controlled the group, they took all the water and meat( that the group hunted a day  before), then they went to Salvas uncle and asked him where he was from and where they were heading. He told them honestly, but he was still taking to this tree and stripped from his rifle, and just like that the men aimed and took fire right in front of Salva.The Whole trip, and his reality just collapsed, it was so surreal. He couldn't imagine what he would do with a bunch of strangers again, there would be no one to help him. And as the days passed without uncle people again started to question Salva being there. But just as he thought all was lost they saw the refugee camp in the horizon, and he thought to him self "just like uncle said, just make it to there".

The Kite Runner

Title- The Kite Runner
Author- Khaled Hossesini
Pages- 324
This week I finished my book report book, The Kite Runner. I love it sooooo much!!! The ending of the book is sooo powerful. The last paragraph is so strong and basically points out the symbol of the book. Kite. "Then I turned and ran. It was only a smile, nothing more. It didn't make everything all right. It didn't make anything all right. Only a smile. A tiny thing. A lead in the woods, shaking in the wake of s startled birds flight. But I'll take it. With open arms. Because when spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time, and maybe I just witnessed the first first flake melting. I ran. A grown man running with a swarm of screaming children. But I didn't care. I ran with the wind blowing in my face, and a smile as wide as the Valley of Panjsher on my lips. I ran." The ending is so happy, it made me cry. That last page was everything I had hoped for, for Amir and Sohrab. That last page made me understand the book and take everything it. That is how I got my title, Let it Fly, One Last Time.

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I am NOT Scared

Book: I AM NOT SCARED(Io Non Ho Paura)
Author: Niccolo Ammaniti
Genre: Mystery

We all have childhood friends which we do stupid "stuff" with. And so does Michele, and his 4 members of the group of which one was his 8year-old sister Maria. Everyday the friends would race up a new hill with their bikes or without and whoever losses, meaning they come last, they have get punished.
Kids from the group:
  •  Michele(main character, 10 years old)
  • Maria(his sister, 8years old)
  • Antonio(Micheles best friend)
  • Teschio(leader of the group)
  • Fat girl(nobody likes her)
These friends live in a small town in Italy where it seems as if the city was dead. The adults are always closed in the houses, while the kids play outside. The group of 5 explore new hills everyday, however one day they noticed a hill they had never been up before, the hill where the old man lived. But this old man wasn't just any old man, it was the old man which fed his pigs meat from any intruder. The group leader dared the others to go to the house, and so they did. As they arrived to the house, there was a farm in the backyard, which is where Michele had to pass through. As he entered the farmhouse alone, rats ran out, the bad smell nearly caused him to faint, and the roof was about to fall, he had reached the other side of the house where he had to jump out of, as he climbed on the tree, the branch broke and BOOM he fell into a whole, but wait, wasn't it soppoust to be hard? He fell into a dark hole, it smelled like animal leftovers, he took the lighter out of his pocket looked around and felt something, looked back, and screamed like a girl, a high pitched "iiii". There was a hand, a human hand follwed by the body, but it wasn't moving, it was dead. "Hello? Why are you here??" -No response.The body was white, thin and looked just like a skeleton, as fast as he could Michele climbed out of the hole, as he heard a voice from the bottom of the hole, "w..a..t..e..r". Water? The thing behind him spoke, however it was only a whisper. "Are you coming Michele?" his friends were calling him. He walked back and never told the friends anything. He came home that night, and dreamed about what that was in the hole..

From what I have read, the book sounds really good, it is exciting and mysterious at the same time.. was that thing in the hole alive? could it have been a kidnapped person? I wonder if Michele will tell anyone or keep it a secret. My dad says this book can be scary at times, I can't wait for it to get even better!


Book Title: Mockingbird
Author's Name: Kathryn Erskine
Number of Pages: 232
Genre: Fiction
Mockingbird is a story of a girl who has Asperger's syndrome. She lived with her father and brother in a small town. Caitlin was not worried about life when she was with her brother. However when Devon, her brother went to join their mum in heaven, Caitlin's life changed forever. 
The problem with Caitlin was that she could never think like other people, or understand them. She saw things in black and white. She hated colours. She never liked loud noises, so she never felt like she needed a friend. However Mrs. Brook, Caitlin's councelor was persistent that she should have a friend she should love. But Caitlin never felt loved towards anyone. She never knew what it was. Caitlin loved her father however, even though she never understood that. She could never felt how he felt, he didn't know how he felt. That's why she never noticed that her father was sad over Devon's death. But as time wore on Caitlin realised she could understand the feelings of other people. At first she felt how Devon had wanted to still be living this life, and experience more in the world. It was from then on that Caitlin could feel for people,a s if she were in their shoes, like when we feel sad because your friend is. 
I find this a very touching story, about a girl who had a to cope with all kind of problems she couldn't understand. What's really interesting is how one simple word like 'closure' could affect Caitlin, or change her. I would recommend this book who would be interested in understanding others.
Quote: “I don't think I'm going to like it at all. I think it's going to hurt. But after the hurt I think maybe something good and strong and beautiful will come out of it.” 

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Alex's Blog Post Week 3

Title: The Left Hand of Darkness
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Pages Read: 86
Genre: Science Fiction

So far, Genly tried to get the King of Gethen to join the Alliance of Ekumen. After the King got stubborn and  confused (by him/herself), he declined the offer saying that Gethen was alright the way it was and all other species are perverted because they only have one gender; so he/her wanted no part of it. Walking away from a failure, Genly decides to explore the rest of Gethen. He goes to a monastery and asks how long he has to live at the cost of another life. Since he asked the question wrong, he found out he was going to live longer that the person sacrificed for the daft question. Walking away from that, he goes around being a bit of a missionary and telling others of the world beyond the "Void" (Space).

I think that Genly will soon die. I know it's a bit sudden of me to just say so, but there are some dangerous factors around him. One, he is an alien on an alien planet who think he's a pervert for having one permanent gender. Second, it's freezing on Gethen; it's -30 degrees Celsius on a warm day. Humans generally don't like cold. Third, he is surrounded by shifty looking people who have a slight grudge for things he's unknowingly done. Either way, if he does survive, all he knows of Ekumen will be different since travelling space is travelling time, and so by the time he gets back it will be hundreds of thousands of years time difference.

Not looking too good.


Stephenie Meyer
101 pages of 626 pages

Quote from the book: “Something Edward didn’t want me to know. Something that Jacob wouldn’t have kept from me…” This quote is interesting because one of the main problems of Bella in this book is that she wants to stay friends with Jacob but be together with Edward at the same time. This is a big problem because werewolves and vampires are enemies and Edward won’t let Bella be with Jacob because he is afraid he might hurt her. Jacob wants her to still be friends with her, and she has to decide to whom she will listen to. So, naturally, she compares how they react and what they do.

What happened until now: Bella and Edward made a pact with the Volturi that they won’t join them now, but Edward has to turn Bella, because humans are not supposed to know their secret. Bella actually wants to become a vampire, but Edward is strictly against it. Still, after Bella graduates Carlisle will turn her, or, after long discussion, the option Edward offers her is that she first needs to marry him and then he will turn her. But Bella doesn’t like marriage at a young age, because that messed up her parents’ relationship. She will need to choose about who will turn her, too now.   
Also, although both werewolves and vampires thought she was gone, Victoria turns up again and nearly starts a fight between the two families.
This book is nice to read, because it’s very easy, but the more I read of the Twilight- series, the less I like it, because it is actually always about the same thing: Bella wants to become a vampire, Edward doesn’t want her to be one!   
The topic could actually be interesting, and I will also read the last book in this series, just so I have a full picture of it. So, still Thumps up. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alex Rider: Skeleton Key

Title: Alex Rider: Skeleton Key          
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Total Pages: 327
Genre: Action-Adventure

Story So Far

Alex left the hotel trying to look for the agents. And then he found the agents in the cafe. He asked them if something else is going on. Agents told Alex that they are suspecting General Sarov for conducting nuclear weapon. 

Agents were planning to sneak into General Sarov's mansion through the secret way under the sea. But, the agents never came back. Alex decided to go there himself with spare scuba diving equipment. 

When he dived into the ocean, shark tried to attack him, and it fell into secret passageway that Alex was trying to get in. It got electric shocked and died. Alex assumed that the agents were killed. When he got back up to the boat, The boat driver knocked him out.

Alex was in a abandoned factory and General Sarov's assistant, Conrad, was interrogating him asking if he is a spy. Alex denied all but Conrad just wanted to kill him. Then, Sarov stopped Conrad from almost killing Alex.

Alex woke up in Sarov's majestic mansion. Sarov told Alex that he looked like his dead son, Vladimir, and Sarov wanted to adopt Alex as his son.

Quote From the Book

"And all this is so that the people can eat McDonald's and buy Levi jeans and talk on their mobile telephones Red Square!"

General Sarov hated Americans because he believes that they brought down the communism which made Russia a strong country. So he wants to get the power back with his nuclear bomb. And he hates American goods flooding in Russia like McDonald's and Levi's jeans. He is a extremist and also very patriotic.

ORR #4: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Name of Book: Before I Fall
Author: Lauren Oliver
Pages Read: 470/470
Genre: Teen

I've finished reading the book, and I really loved it. Everything from the descriptions of the main characters day, to the dilemmas the character is going through. It's a really great book even though, at the beginning, I thought it wasn't. At the end, the main character, Sam relives her death day for the last time. She can see that something is changed, she just feels different. She had a good day and tried to change everything to the best of her ability. She took and sent a rose to a not so popular girl, Juliet Sykes, because their lives are intertwined. If Juliet were to die so would Sam. Another thing she does is she tells a guy how she feels and that makes her feel good. The day goes pretty normal, until the party where her plan is to find out how to burst the buble she was found in. The first thing she does is she leaves Lindsay's car (that she died in initially) at home so that she just has more chance to save Juliet. Then the guy she likes, Kent, comes and pickes her up so that she is now at the party and ready to save Juliet. Later Sam realizes that Juliet is in the woods and she chases her down trying to talk Juliet out of killing herself. After a talk Juliet gives up and jumps in front of a car, but before the car is able to hit her, Samantha (Sam) jumps and moves Juliet out of the way. When they come crashing on the ground, Juliet is starttled and she thanks Sam for saving her, when Sam replies, "no, thanks for saving me." That is when the chapter ends and the main character is "talking" to us explaining what she has to say in the epilogue, and she finishes the book saying the rest you need to find out for yourselves. 
The book is greatly written and I would love to read it again. The story is ended on sort of a cliff hanger and all we are left with is the power and imagination of our minds to create the ending for ourselves. The book is sad and unique in the way that we don't have the book ending in a happily ever after but we have the story ending with the main character being dead and telling us a story about death and dying. I recommend this book to eveyone who likes a little mystery. 

Week 4 The Uglies

Author:Scott Westerfeld
Genre: Fantasy

Everything seemed perfect Tally, the main character had a friend shay that likes the same things as her and had the same birthday so they will turn pretty at the same times. Then it was the week of the operation and shay finally confessed that she doesn't  want to turn pretty since for her it was more fun to live on the edge and ride her hover board everywhere. For everybody that doesn't want to become pretty there is a place for them which is called Smoke. It is a place were all people go if they don't want to become pretty and they live in the wild away for civilization. Even though her friend will go to smoke she, wont follow her friends path and will just stay here. Although Shay leaves her a message in code that they had been writing were she was if Tally would change her mind. After a few days a few men appeared and pick her up.They were big and strong reminded her of the myth everybody talked about the special server.

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Askaban

Pages Read:211

Quote from the book: "Unbidden, the image of the beast in the shadows of Magnolia Crescent crossed his mind. What to do when you know the worst is coming"

I choose this quote because it has many meanings to it. It is very mysterious, frightening and it’s foreshadowing. It tells you that trouble is waiting for Harry Potter at the Hogwarts School. He will not go through this year in piece. Will he encounter Lord Voldemort again, or some other new protagonists? Oh and also what beast is he talking about? He will have to fight a beast, a werewolf, and a vicious one of those. Harry is afraid to go back to Hogwarts however he knows that as long he is with Albus Dumbledore he is safe or he only thinks so.  

What happened until now: Summer for Harry was coming to an end. Unlike us who want more, well Harry wanted less. He couldn't wait to get out of the Dusleys house, which he liked to call it a mad house. One night he was lying down on his bed as 3 owl carrying one box each approaches him. One is a letter and a birthday present from Ron Weasley, and the other from Hermione Granger. The last one was from professor Mc.Gonagall. It was a reminder about the beginning of school, as well as a permission slip to visit the village Hogsmeade on certain weekend. Harry was certain that the Dusleys would never sign that paper.  The next day he was expecting Aunt Marge and her stupid and obnoxious dog. When she arrives, harry is supposed to stick to a story which states that he attends St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys. Harry accepted to stick with the story and keep a civil tongue only if Mr. Dusley signs his permission slip. When Aunt Megan arrives she starts pointing out bad things about Harrys father and mother, of course harry blows up, so does she, literally. Her fingers arms and legs start to swell, also face and well the rest. She flew out the door, and into the sky. Watching Mr. Dusley holding on to her looked like a little boy holding tightly to its balloon. At the end of that disaster, Mr.Dusley agrees not to sign his slip, and so Harry leaves the house without a print. As he is sitting on the cold sidewalk he hears and seas things. He sees two great big yellow eyes staring at him behind the bushes just when it was ready to attack a wizard bus arrives bringing him to the leaky cauldron (A cafe). Harry meets Hermione and Ron there. While he is there he over hears Mr.Weasly gives Harry a warning. Serious Black escaped from Azkaban, and he should not be looking for trouble when it is easy to find it.

When the 3 best friends get on the train they are not alone, another man is in the same cabin as them, but looks as if he is sleeping. Their train ride stops in the middle of the ride. Everything turnes cold, dark and misty. The lights turn of and some kind of black weird shape goes into Harry's cabin. Its face was completely hidden under the black cloak it was wearing. Harry's eyes dashed down and what he saw made his stomach go up. There was a hand appearing from the cloak and it was shiny, black, and thin. As if something dead decaying for years. Harry would see it for only a short second. Then the "thing" under the hood let out a slow, sad, and shocking breath, as though it was sucking out every bit of life and happiness left from its environment. A strong cold swept over them. Harry could feel the thing sucking everything out of him. Harrys eyes rolled to the back of his head. There was a loud voice bursting through his ears. He was being put on the floor, the voice growing louder and louder, killing his ears. There was a weird vibe, as if they would never be cheerful again. Professor Lupin, the mysterious sleeping man, stood up, pointed his want at it and a flash of bright light got rid of the Dementor. 

The first day they went off to breakfast. Ron realized on Hermiones schedule that she had 3 classes all at the same time, Ron was suspicious, but looked at it as her problem. Harry, Ron, and Hermione went off to their first classes. They had Divinations with Professor Sybill Trelawney. Again Hermione seemed as if she appeared in the class, one minute she wasn't there and the other she was. When Ron asked her How she got there, she just said she has been there the whole time. During that class they were looking at their future in cups, looking at shapes formed in the cup to figure out there future. Everyone had normal predictions, until Harrys turn came, he had the Grim. "The giant, spectral dog that hunts churchyards! My dear boy, it is an omen - the worst omen - of death!" said the professor. It is said that if you see the Grim you die of fright.

Their next class was with Hagrid. It was their Care of Magical Creatures class. For their first class they went in the forbidden forest to meet one of Hagrids creatures. It was a Hippogriff called Buckbeak. Harry was the first one to ride it. It felt like they had an instant connection, and instant friendship was formed. When Drako starts getting jealous of all the attention Harry is getting, he goes for the hippogriff, and it kicks him in the arm. 

This book gives so much detail and it is in so much depth that you need every possible word to describe situations. 

To Kill a Mockingbird

 To Kill a Mocking Bird
Harper Lee
read 65 pages

  I've almost finished my book of To Kill a Mockingbird. So far what is happening is their best friend Dill has come up and surprised them. He ran away from home; when asked for the reason why, he came up with a story. Everyone knew he was telling a story, and he knew that they knew. When his aunt came by to see him, she was very upset, but in the end agreed to let him stay in Maycomb. So right now Dill is living with his aunt. Also Scout has recently found out what rape is and Jem is growing up and being much more boy like, well not so much boy like, but obnoxious teenage boy like. He has become a young man and he often wants to be left alone and have time to think. But Jem is still a great brother to Scout. Dill is also, as usual, very kind and caring towards Scout. It makes sense because he promises to marry Scout when they grow up. So the kids are having fun with Dill, getting in marginal trouble, and their father, Atticus, is still struggling to defend the case of Tom Robinson, who was accused of raping young girl Mayella Ewell. The book describes a few scenes when their father talks with some people involved in the case.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Title: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Genre: A Classic

Right now in the book the boys are on an island, but before earlier on in the book some incident happens and it seems like it is very important so I will tell you what happens! So Tom and Huckleberry Fin are in the graveyard. But both of them are a little scared because they think evil spirits will get them. So they start talking when all of a sudden Tom can hear these noises he points them out to Huck and Huck thinks it is the evil spirits coming. The two boys cling to each other hiding behind a rock all up in a shiver. ( Huck uses the word shiver but in the meaning of being scared.) Then they see a lantern and three figures, and Huck thinks its evil spirits. But then all of a sudden Huck realizes the figures are humans. They can recognize two of the voices it is Muff Potter's, Injun Joe's, and Dr. Robinson. The men can to a grave and started to dig into it, When they dug to the coffin the prided it open with a shovel, they take out the body and dump it on the floor the men then start to talk about paying money, the doctor and Potter start to fight, in the meantime Injun Joe got a nife and struck Potter in the chest with it. They robbed the body and left. And a quote from the book:

"Two or three minutes later the murdered man, the blanketed corpse, the lidless coffin and the open grave were under no inspection but the moon's. The stillness was complete again, too."

Then  Tom and Huck swear the will never tell and write down this, " Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer swears they will keep mum about this and they may drop dead in their tracks if they ever tell and rot."
(Mum in this meaning is secret)

So this book is really interesting to read so far and also its fun finding out old words that they used back then like mum and lick its funny!

I recomend this book for someone who likes adventurous books, and who just wants to read something interesting. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is an amazing book! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hunger Games-Sofia

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
374 Pages
Fantasy Adventure

This week i finished The Hunger Games. It is a thrilling, awesome, and amazing book. It is right about up there with my favorite books. I loved the adventure in it, the outdoors. I also enjoyed reading about new ways of life. It is quite interesting to me how Suzanne Collins came up with this book. I have found myself asking the same questions over and over again. "Where did she get this idea from, How could she have ever thought of this?" She, no doubt, is an amazing author probably the best yet. This book was amazing, great and awesome but it could have been even better(i don't have words to express how much better) if i hadn't have watched the movie. The ideas would have been totally new to me and i would have had no idea how the story would go. Since i watched the movie i was able to know what was going to happen next. But some parts were different than in the movie.

I really love this book, i recommend it to everyone. It is an amazing thriller that definitely deserved the many awards that it was given.
Book: How Could She
Author: Dana Fowley
Genre: Autobiography

Have you ever thought what it would be like growing up with a mother who thinks of you as an object that serves to be tortured? Dana Fowley was born to Caroline Dunsmore and Tam Fowley 1980, and fifteen months after that her sister Heather followed the track. This whole book talks about Dana's experiences, however they are not the kind of beautiful experiences we get to live our childhood through, instead the horrific memories of pedophiles and physical abusement. When Dana's mother divorced, it took short period until she found a new man and married, they seemed to be the perfect couple, but what going on in their house was unpredictable. At first it was only the man to rape Dana, so she thought when ever mum was there she was safe, she trusted her, but she was wrong. In the following days mum was the one to put her on the man body and hold her down when she was screaming. During her years of experience Dana learned to stay quite and get used to the raping.
People who would rape her:
  • man with mother
  • grandparents from mans side
  • father from her mother
Things that happen in the book:
  •  Dana's family moves every year (she thinks it's due to the fact that her parents think other people might notice something weird)
  • Not only does Dana get raped but seriously beaten
  • She has a few friends but is too shy to tell them what was happening since they had a great life
  • It is later on that Dana discovers her sister has been beaten and raped as well
  • However Heather has been through more, she git a brain diseases and even thought she is not an adult she still has the brain of a child
I bought this book at an airport, I thought it would be fun to read but some parts of it are really disgusting. I think it is a really good idea writing about what had happened to her so other kids that maybe went through it don't feel alone. I don't understand how some mothers can be so cruel to a child, and then again,How Could She?

Grave Doubts and Heaven Sent

Tittle: Grave Doubts and Heaven Sent 
Author: Meg Cabot
Total Number of Pages: 418
Pages Read This week: 85
Genre: Sci-Fi

I am now at the middle of the first part of the book and nothing excited has actually happened. Paul, Suze's worse enemy tells her that he wants to be friends or even something more and that it wasn't his fault that he tried to kill her. She is smart, so she doesn't trust him. But there is a force between them that wants her to trust him. She followed her mind and went to his house because he told her that he knew lots of mediator tricks that Father Dominic and her don't know yet. For example moving to the other world without exorcising herself and that they are not just mediators but shifters. According to an article in the newspaper from a long time ago, an archeologist found out that in Ancient Egypt there were people like mediators but that they could shift from their world to the dead's. She wanted to know more, but he wouldn't tell her. That's why she ran away from his house. Tired of walking, she stopped at a cafe where she saw Neil. He drove her home without saying anything  but she needed to know what Graig left undone when he was alive and his brother was the only way. 

Kira -Kira by Masha Westerveen

Book Title: Kira-Kira
Author's Name: Cynthia Kadohata
Number of Pages:244
Genre of Novel: Fiction
Prize Won: Winner of the Newbery Medal

Katie the main character was born Iowa, 1951. She lived with her parents, and her beloved sister Lynn. When Katie was a young girl, she and her whole family moved to Georgia. The reason was because the family was poor, and they could not afford their own house. They moved to an old apartment, where the father and mother could work. If it hadn't been for her sister Lynn, Katie would have seen life as boring.
Kira-Kira in Japanese means 'glittering.' Lynn taught Katie to see everything as glittering. The sky was Kira-Kira, the corn was Kira-Kira, and Katie believed that Lynn's eyes were Kira-Kira themselves. As time drew on, Katie had to go to school. She dreaded going there, but seeing that Lynn went there to, she accepted the fact. She never managed to get A's like Lynn did, but she thought she didn't badly. Katie could not envy her sister. Lynn was just too nice. She was the one who told Katie one day, why people ignored them, and why her parents had a difficulty with finding a job. It was because they were different, they had dark skin, and they were Japanese. Katie was a bit too young to understand that, however it didn't take her long to realise she didn't have any friends. Because Lynn was so beautiful, it wasn't long before she made some friends. Katie saw that white people were much different. The girl Lynn was friends with was too obsessed with boys. Lynn didn't have time for Katie any more and she was being influenced by the other girl. But the worst was yet to come. Lynn got sick, and not only did Katie miss her, but she was dying of boredom. As Lynn got even more sick, it was Katie's turn to show everything to her that was Kira-Kira. Katie was the one who had to make sure that the family felt all right, that they didn't get too exhausted, and that everyone was happy. I won't ruin the ending for everyone, but all I can say is that Katie learned that no matter what happened, the world still can be Kira-Kira.
I would recommend this book to anyone, even adults. This book however is quite easy to read. It was written fro 12-14 year old children, however I believe that everyone has the right to read whatever book they want.

A Long Walk to Water (3rd last)

If lion country wasn't bad enough the next 2 stretches of land are going to be the most terrible things that they have ever experienced. They entered the wet land where the people from the other tribes helped a little, but they didn't really care about the people. The food was different from the food Salva ate. He had milk most of the time, but here they had sardines, he savored every little bit of it. It was one of the tastiest things he ever tasted because of the endless days of hunger and dehydration. Night fell and the locals went to bed under their netting, but Salvas group was vulnerable to the mosquitos, every second a new bite from a mosquito, there were thousands of them just flying around. It was a sleepless night, but the other part of the journey is not better. In the morning they hyad to get as much water as they could, Salva got a bottle but others didnt , so they dampened their shirts to get every last drop of moisture.

Second last part coming next week

Zlata's Diary

Author: Zlata Filipović
Pages Read 108
Pages in the book 199

This book is really interesting and also rather disturbing. This novel is the diary of a thirteen year old Bosnian girl in Sarajevo. It starts off with her just starting fifth grade and she writes about how excited she is to see her friends again, little does she know of the horrors that await her. A few months later talk starts going around of a siege in Dubrovnik, but still nobody suspects that it will come any closer until a city in Bosnia is under siege, which is where the Filipovic's family friend Srdjan lives, so they send him food and try to call him regularly. It's only when in April they start shelling Sarajevo that the real danger comes. School is no longer on and every time you leave your house there is a possibility that you will be shot by snipers. Even the arrival of the UN doesn't bring huge help, apart from bringing food or water they can't really do anything to stop the Serbs' relentless shelling. I'm a  bit shocked to learn that less than twenty ago things like this where happening and, similar things still are happening today even with the UN and NATO. I wonder what drove the soldiers, up in the hills with their sniper rifles to pull the trigger and kill innocent people? Zlata's best friend was killed by shrapnel and Zlata couldn't see her grandparents for a year for the fear of getting a bullet in her head when she crossed the bridge. I mean, for goodness sake most children where having their summer holidays while so many people in Sarajevo where huddled in their cellar with no electricity, listening to the tremors of the constant artillery barrage. I found this book a real mind opener and I guess it kind of shows you what's really out there. Recommended for anyone who is interested in politics and politicians or the kids as she calls them. 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hoot is getting really good. Roy is compeletly invovled in the running boy's sabotage to the builing company and it is all to save some owls. The running boy got bit by guard dogs the building company hired. He is recovering and doing well and he took off the seats to all the building machines. It is getting really good and I can't wait to see what's next.

Davincie Code

Dan brown
500 pages
genre: mysterie

In the little i've read of this book the protagonist is a famous harvard professor studying symbols. The protagonist is on a trip to paris and is staying at the Ritz, 5 star hotel. After a day of giving conferences, he goes back to his hotel since the professor he had a meeting with didn't come. He is awaken at 12 oclock in the evening by a police man, that tells him that the very same professor he had a meeting with, also studying symbols, has been killed few hours ago. Our protagonist is brought to the Louvre right after and is questioned and asked to help with the search.
I think this is a very good book and look foward reading some more.

the beasties (week 3)

Title: the beasties
Author's name: William Sleator
# of pages: 198

When Doug and Colette was out of sight from the logger site they drew what details and everything they could remember about the machines, houses, and weapons. They made a final draft of both and threw it down to the family (the beasties) so that they exactly knew where to go on their mission. That night Doug was pretty sure that Colette would sneak out and down to the family, and she did. After some time Doug found some courage to sneak down in the tunnels and get a hint of what they are doing. He walked through the tunnels and got to the operation room and saw one of the loggers on the table, about to get his arm cut off. He continued through and followed a high noise of the family. They were taking all kinds of stuff down from a trapdoor in the logging site. He was hiding so no one could see him and he watch until they were finished and closed the trapdoor. Fingers (Colette's beastie friend) could smell Doug and out of nowhere two beasties hold his arms. They dragged him to a room and the queen came to give some orders on what should happen to him. She ordered that they should kill him, because he could not be trusted and he sneaked in to their tunnels during a mission. Fingers had to take to the operation room. Halfway they stopped and got something to drink. Doug tried whatever he could to make Fingers trust him. Doug had to answer some question that was about the family and he had to guess right. He got the most important on right, which most other people did not understand. Fingers really started believe in him and started to think if he should let him go or not. She demanded two smaller beasties to not tell anyone about what she was about to do. Fingers silently took Doug and Colette up to the trapdoor behind their house and let them go home. Doug and Colette went to bed as before they knew it and slept rapidly. The next day there were three men in the living room sitting by the table; it was the men from the logging site. Doug and Colette got very nervous. The three men insisted that Doug and Colette had something to do with all their broken machineries. Demanded them to them who did all of it. Right when Doug was about to say who it was Mrs. Sloan (Like a nanny) said that it was the beasties and she knew how to get in their tunnels.
This book is just getting better and better and I can’t stop reading more and more. I think this book could be for everybody so far and if you like what you have read, then don’t hesitate to read it. Thumbs up all the way!