Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where the Red Fern Grows #3

Title: Where The Red Fern GrowsAuthor: Wilson RawlsGenre: ClassicNumber of pages read: 183/245

One social norm from the book that I like is that all of the people from the town know each other, I would like that because then you would have many people to count on. One cultural  norm from the book that the main character likes is hunting, that is his one and only major passion in life. Billy would find extremely shocking how everyones life now is on the computers, since he is very active and can't stand still not even for a second. I think he would enjoy the vary of people that live in the surrounding, because he likes to learn from everyone and that would allow him to get different perspectives on situations. One social norm that is still present in 2014 is how the family functions and how families are still as close as they were then. 

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