Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court #3

Author: Mark Twain
Pages read: 150/3 328
Genre: Classic

Norm from the book that i wish is still present today is that people respected higher social groups and even though people were gossiping ,unlike from today, they respected and were scared from the people in the higher classes. Yankee really likes being at the top after the king, even though he fells bad for the nobles that wanted that position their whole life, he likes how people admire him and want to see him. If main character transports to Serbia at present day, and he becomes a president of Serbia or something lower than that he would find shocking how people would hate him and try to embarrass him all the time, some people would even try to kill him. From 2014 main character would embrace that everyone has technology to help them, because it would help Yankee a lot in his life.  Cultural norm from my classic is that people respect the king and people in higher classes while in 2014 they wish all the worst for the president and people in higher classes.

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