Sunday, March 9, 2014

blog post 4

Title: Chronicle of the Death Foretold
Author: Gabriel Garacia Marquez 

1st sentence: Provide a definition of the term classic novel?
A classic novel is a book that has influence and quality even after a longer period of time.

2nd sentence: Explain why your novel is a classic novel.
The book I'm reading is a classic novel, because it thought and shows the consequences of a certain problem, that people can still have today

3rd sent ace: How is your novel relevant for todays 21st Century society?
My novel is still relevant to todays 21 century society because of the way people acted toward the main character of my book

4th sentence: How is your novel irrelevant to todays 21 Century Society?
My novel is irrelevant to the 21 century society because of the consequences in the book. If a murderer or anything similar happened in the 21st century, the punishment would be much different.

5th sentence: Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?
This book is a bit complicated and tough to understand because the beginning of the book starts with the end, but apart from that, the book is good, and I would recommend it :)

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