Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Stranger - Albert Camus (Blog Post No. 3)

The Stranger
Albert Camus

Genre: Existential novel, crime drama
Pages read: 123/123

The cultural/social norm I wish existed and was widespread today is always being on your friend's side and protecting your friendship at all costs. My character is a person with no emotions, a psychopath, who does not express any feelings towards cultural/social norms or other characters. If my character was transported to the present day, he would not get shocked by any norms, for he shows a great adaptability throughout the book and understanding for all the rules without questioning the cause or morality. My character would probably embrace all of the social/cultural norms in his environment today, for he would adapt to them easily and would not question if they are right or wrong. A social/cultural norm that today's society shares with my book is that everyone who violates a rule/law, has to suffer the punishment. 

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