Sunday, March 2, 2014

Count of Monte Cristo #3

Title: The Count of Monte Cristo
Author: Alex Dumas
Genre: Classic, Historical Novel, Adventure 
Percent Read: 67/100

1st sentence:

One social norm that was present during this period of history was that political prisoners would be forgotten in prison and would simply spend the rest of their life in prison. This was a product of a poor law and judicial system.

2nd sentence:

One norm that Dantes really liked was that there where many ships sailing in open water because after he escaped from prison he was rescued by a smuggling ship.

3rd sentence:

I think Dantes would be very shocked to find that people communicate over phones and such because the only way to communicate over long distances back then was by letter.

4th sentence:

I  think Dantes would exploit modern day businesses and technology and the way we communicate with each other in order to get his revenge on those who put him in prison.


5th sentence:

One norm that is present in the novel and in 2014 is that people are still put in prison as political prisoners or in some cases they are put in prison as enemies of the state.


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