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Jane Austen

Provide a definition for the term "classic novel."
A classical novel is a novel that has been around for a,long time and still remains poppular till this day and many people know about it or learn about it in school. Explain why your novel is a classic novel. 
My book is set in the nineteenth century and published in 1816 and still remains a popular book that is enjoyable even today. How is your novel relevant for today's 21st Century Society?
One this that is relevant till this day that also occurs in Emma is that it is very common for rich people to act snobby and rude to poorer people, and this still happens today.
How is your novel irrelevant for today's 21st Century Society?
The book is set in the ____ so they did not have similar technology like we do today. They have no advanced technology such as computers or phones. They have no cars and travel by walking or with carriage & horse. All the women wear dresses and everyone tries to look and act elegant.  Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?
Yes, I would recommend this to some of my friends because it is a very interesting and quite funny book, it is about matchmaking which is seen as a very odd duty in the past and even now days. The book has difficult language and is probably for higher level readers. I would mostly recommend the book for females because it is in the point of view of Emma who is a very elegant and witty young lady. 

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