Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blogpost #3

War of the Worlds
Si-fi, Adventure
  • 1st sentence: I just like the fact that goes by so fast and the days are finished before u know, I would and wouldn't like this because it would speed up the time in school etc. But it would also speed up your life.
  • 2nd sentence: The main character likes bieng alone and having only his thoughts and that is shoen by the way takes care of his kids in the beggining.
  • 3rd sentence: My character would be shocked how much more advanteg he would have his philosophies.
  • 4th sentence: My character would embrace the social norm being around people more than usual.
  • 5th sentence: There is still a thought and belief that aliens exist and in our time and in the book of course they do exist.

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