Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Great Gatsby #3 post

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

1st Sentence.
When Gatsby lived everything was different from nowadays. People used to look different, dress different and talk different and something that I love from the classic that I wish could stay the same today is the people, and the way they looked and the way they spoke and just to be like they did in Gatsby's life period.  

2nd Sentence.
Gatsby lived at the other side of town where every rich person lived and he loved to throw his big parties every saturday, because very often he felt alone in his gigantic mansion.

3rd Sentence.
I think that if Jay was to be transported to present day, he would be shocked by the fact of how kids and adults function better with the huge amount of technology.

4th Sentence.
Big parties and celebrations happen often in this time period and I think that Gatsby would embrace that, knowing that old party traditions never stopped.

5th Sentence.
In my classic novel, Gatsby is doing everything he can to meet again with his one true love Daisy and he would do anything for her, people today still have affairs like they did and people would still do anything for love. 

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