Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, adapted by Mitsu Yamamoto

Title of the Book: The Count of Monte Cristo

Author: Alexandre Dumas, adapted by Mitsu Yamamoto

Genre: Classic

Number of Pages/Week: 237/60

1st Sentence:

The main character of the book, who was treated in a really bad and unfair way and didn't deserve it because he was a great man, finally find the way to "escape" from his unfair life and go back to the life he used to have and liked. I would like this to take place in our world now, in 2014 because many people have a life they don't deserve, a really unfair life and I wish they could have a much easier and better life because they really deserve it. And that's one of the biggest problems in our real life these years.

2nd Sentence:

A norm that the main character of my book, Edmond really liked was that after having a terrible life he managed to escape from prison, become rich and in the end take revenge of the people who destroyed his life.

3rd Sentence:

I think that Edmond would find that how people still treat each other in a terrible way many times shocking, because maybe he would thought that people and life is becoming better from time to time and everything would ave changed from the time he was living in the book to the present.

4th Sentence:

During the book we saw that Edmond was really smart, could be the captain of a ship and in the end he managed to become rich by also having a bank and other businesses. Because of that, I think he would really like that there are many different businesses and he could have done even more things in his life or could choose something better to do.

5th Sentence:

A really important thing that happens in the book and in 2014 is how people treat each other many times in a bad, mean and sad way. I think that this is something that will never change because all people will have things that they will disagree on and this might make them fight and treat each other in a bad way.

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