Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ender's Game blog post #3

Ender's game
Orson Scott Card
Science Fiction

Since the technology is more advanced in the book than today, Battle School, the school that Ender attends is in space and can control gravity hence having no-gravity training rooms which I would love to play in.

Ender prefers living apart from his family in Battle School, because he can forget about the fact that he is a "Third" and be acknowledged and recognized as himself and achieve higher status with his excellence.

In the book, being a "Third" child like Ender means being a burden on his family and having to live with the status of a "Third" you were born as which is a culture not present in reality today so if Ender were to be transported to the present day, he would find this very shocking.

He would gladly embrace the equality that exists today in 2014 because there will be no discrimination towards a "Third" or Ender himself therefore releasing him from the restraint of his status as a "Third".

One cultural/social norm that the book and the world today shares is the hierarchy based on one's ability or greater status based on one's capacity to accomplish certain things.
  • 1st sentence: Select one cultural/social norm from your text that you like/love and wish was present in 2014. Explain why.
  • 2nd sentence: Identify one cultural/social norm from your text that your main character really likes/loves and why. (For example, a female character from the Regency Era in the UK (1811-1820) might really enjoy attending balls because it is an opportunity to find a husband and speak with friends.)
  • 3rd sentence: Your character has been transported to present day, 2014. Describe one cultural/social norm that he/she would find extremely shocking and why. (For example, Jane Austen's character Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice), might be shocked to discover that anyone, male or female, may inherit a house, since in her time, once her father, Mr. Bennett, dies, their family home can only be passed on to a male relative, not his female blood relatives.)
  • 4th sentence: What one cultural/social norm do you think your character would embrace from 2014? Why?
  • 5th sentence: What one cultural/social norm is present in your classic and in 2014?

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