Saturday, March 1, 2014

pride and prejudice blog post 3

Blog Post #3: Title, author, genre, number of pages/week (150/200)
Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austin
One social norm that is constant in "Pride and Prejudice is woman's reputation and the expectancy for them to behave in a certain way, which could be a really good thing because manners and education is very important in life especially for a woman. 
In Pride and Prejudice, Miss. Bingley never excepts when a woman shows up in a dirty skirt and when her manners are not always perfect. 
If Miss Bingley was transported to 2014 she would find other woman shocking because of their rude use of words, inappropriate clothes and many other manners that were never present in the 19th century. 
A different character Elizabeth Bennet would be shocked with our society but I think that she would embrace in the social norm of spending time with family on certain holidays, which I think she will love. 
A norm that is mostly present in the 21st century and definitely was in the late 19th century, is respecting family members. 

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