Monday, March 3, 2014

Quarter 3 Post 3 ~ Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Emily Bronte
Historic fiction/Gothic fiction

One cultural/social norm that I found in the text that I wish was present in 2014 is that people typically speak very politely and respectfully. One of the social norms that the main character, Heathcliff, likes is that a man's estate goes to his son. A norm that Heathcliff would be shocked by is that it is illegal for guardians to beat their children, because he was beaten by his brother a lot out of jealousy and contempt. Heathcliff would readily embrace the cultural/social norm that we have today of people not normally being racist or prejudiced against people of colour, because Heathcliff has dark skin and he was always shunned by his adoptive siblings because of it and so he would feel more welcome in our society today. A cultural/social norm present in both my classic and today is that rich and/or great families are waited on by numerous servants. 

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