Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog Post #3

Jane Austen
  • 1st sentence: A norm in Emma that I really like is that the lower classes respect the people in the higher classes and that the high class has the right to be snobby and pretty much boss the lower classes around. It is very interesting to read because the higher classes make a huge deal out of grace and elegance and everything they say must be said in the most complicated words and they must not betray feelings. 
  • 2nd sentence: Emma, the main character, really likes the norm that everyone respects her because she is in the high class so she can convince other people to do most things. She also likes being very elegant and graceful.
  • 3rd sentence: Emma would be shocked by the lack of grace and elegance we have today. She would find us uneducated and disgusted by our lack of proper language. 
  • 4th sentence: I think that Emma would embrace the norm that women are allowed to inherit houses after their fathers, she would like this because sh really loves their mansion in Heartfield and would probably never let it go. 
  • 5th sentence: One norm that is still present today is that everyone trise to look their best and always wants to impress others with their beautiful looks.  

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