Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court #4

Author: Mark Twain
Pages read: 310/328
Genre: Classic Novel

Classic Novel is a novel that is judged over a certain period of time to be at its highest quality. This novel is a classic novel because it was written in 19th century and it the main character goes back in past in the time of king Arthur. This novel is relevant to 21st century society because people there and now wanted to be at the top, and tried variety of the things to get to that position as in the book Yankee tricking people into being magician. This novel is irrelevant to 21st century society because people had different lifestyle in 6th century, where now everyone is familiar with new technology. I would recommend this book because even if its classic its more of and adventure, and also its really fun to read and there are also funny moments happening in the story.

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